The Importance of Pre-planning Your Funeral and Cemetery Arrangements

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The Gift of Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Five years ago I went with my grandmother to pre-plan her funeral arrangements. She was always so level headed about these sort of things, I, on the other hand, felt very uncomfortable sitting in that room, and I work in the funeral industry. I remember sitting across from the funeral director thinking this is so dumb, why are we even here? My emotions were running so high I even had that thought – Grandma is never going to die, she is in great shape, still driving and always has a full social calendar. Fast forward two short years. Grandma got sick and eventually ended up being placed on hospice care. Because she had set everything up in advance my dad knew exactly what to do the day that grandma passed away. He knew which funeral home to have hospice call and within a few hours, they lovingly carried my sweet grandmother out of her daughter’s home.

Some days later I went with my father to the funeral home to go over the plans she had made a few years earlier. Emotionally this was an incredibly difficult experience for the entire family, losing our matriarch. However, taking care of grandma’s physical remains and working with the funeral home was effortless because of the pre-planning that she did before her passing. My dad didn’t have to question if he was making the right decisions on her behalf. She had made all those choices herself. He was gifted the peace of mind knowing he was carrying out her wishes with exactness. Taking the step to walk into the funeral home and plan her funeral was the last selfless act my grandmother gave to her children. There is no price tag for that gift. It relieved emotional and financial stress and allowed her family to focus on celebrating her life and begin the very necessary grieving process

What Not Pre-Planning Looks Like

Jane and I sat across from each other in one of our arrangement rooms and began discussing her mother’s funeral. She told me she had no idea if mom wanted to have a casket burial or if she wanted cremation. It wasn’t something they ever thought to talk about. Jane was terrified of making the wrong decision on her mother’s behalf. She was already struggling with the loss of losing her best friend, her mother. Now she had to make huge decisions and was lost on what to do. After some time she decided not to have her cremated. Then came more decisions… Now it was time to choose a casket. She sobs as she looks at the options. All these decisions were emotionally draining and she didn’t have much left in her tank. Three painful hours later we have all the big decisions made. This common scenario about Jane is one that I see time and time again. It is such a different experience than the one that my father experienced laying my grandmother to rest and drives home a very important lesson, we have the power to make those decisions for ourselves and save our loved ones from further heartache when we die.

Unfortunately, in my experience as a funeral director, I see Jane’s experience far too often. People have different reasons for not wanting to plan their funeral. Death is the one unknown that no one living has experienced. The reality is the unknown is scary but it is inevitable. It is the one thing that each person on this earth has in common, we will all die. There is a tangible difference between meeting with families whose loved ones pre-arranged their funerals and the ones that didn’t. Having sat with hundreds of families during my career I can say that it is almost always more difficult for the families whose loved ones didn’t pre-arrange.

Benefits of Pre-Planning

For me, the starkest benefit of pre-planning is the financial one. At the time of death, payment is due in full and during this already incredibly stressful time that burden can seem overwhelming to people. With advanced planning, you can make smaller monthly payments which are less stressful and more manageable for many families. An additional financial benefit is that it helps against the cost of inflation. Things like the service, the casket and other merchandise we guarantee the cost at the time the arrangements are made. I have other grandparents who did their pre-arrangements in the 1970s! The amount they paid then verses the costs today is pocket change. 

The benefits of pre-planning your funeral service are numerous. One I hadn’t even thought of was the benefit it is to you after the task is complete. I asked Josh Tuttle, current East Lawn President, and former Advanced Planning Specialist what his thoughts were on pre-planning and this is what he had to say: “In my experience working with families to accomplish their pre-arrangements, there was something that would happen that they did not expect, a feeling of relief washed over them once it was all taken care of. I would end all of my appointments, once everything was complete, by telling the person “you did a great thing today and now you can take that brick you’ve been carrying around (which of course was the knowledge they needed to do their arrangements) and set it down because you’ve done it, congratulations.” I watched people physically relax after I told them that! I would say it was amazing but the more people I worked with the more I realized it was common, their mortality is on their mind, they know they need to take care of their arrangements but it is emotional. If they pushed through and completed everything they felt great. The people I felt bad for were the ones who “shopped” because they were having the necessary thoughts and confronting the emotions but not seeing it through to the end denied them the feeling of satisfaction not to mention failed to accomplish the goal, leaving the work undone.” It is often physically noticeable in one’s countenance when they have completed this difficult yet very important task.


I have had the true privilege of serving the Bailey family twice in the last two years. I reached out to La Tina and asked her to share her experience when both her father and mother passed. Here is what she had to say:

“Dealing with a loved one’s passing is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. My daddy informed me when I was an adult and he was aging that he had made arrangements for his and my mom’s burial. That was just like my daddy to plan – I didn’t realize how much his Pre-planning would help me. As that heartbreaking day arrived, I was in the middle of talking with paramedics, mortuary, family, and friends about his death…… but when it was time for me to discuss his service arrangements I was comforted to know that the Pre-planning covered the service and the burial details. The arrangements would be just as my daddy (and mom) wanted….not only was I grateful to him for being so wise I am considering Pre-planning for my husband and I. East Lawn has wonderful caring staff (Thank you Jessica & Crystal) that are there to assist you throughout the entire process. I am still mourning the passing of my Dad (2018) and Mom (2019) however; my memories of their burial services make me smile because of how well everything was managed.” –La Tina Bailey-Gago

Author: Jessica Harston | Funeral Director at East Lawn Mortuary – FD # 1242

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  • Kate Hansen says:

    It’s good to know that you can do monthly payments with preplanning. My mom was at my house a couple of nights ago, and she was wondering what the benefits could be if she looked into preplanning her own funeral in a couple of weeks. I’ll make sure to pass this information along to her so that she can know the benefits of preplanning her own funeral!

  • It’s great that you elaborate on how preplanning your funeral can make things easier for your family after your death. I want to spare my family the burden of planning my funeral while they are grieving, so I’m considering preplanning it on my own. I’m going to search in my area for a reputable funeral home that offers preplanning services.

  • I love that you shared that your father didn’t have to question all the decisions he was making on behalf of your departed grandmother because she has already planned her funeral in detail. As a grandmother myself, I know I’m going to leave this world soon, especially since I already have a couple of diseases caused by old age. Maybe it would be a nice gesture for my family if I pre-arrange my funeral arrangements so they can focus on grieving instead of planning my funeral. I’ll talk about this with my oldest daughter so she can help me look for a reputable funeral service in the area. Thanks for this!

  • It’s helpful that you point out that preplanning your funeral can help relieve the financial burden on your family after you die. I want to make sure that my family doesn’t have to pay for my funeral, so I’m considering planning it on my own. I’m going to search for a good funeral home in my area that offers preplanning services.

  • I like how you said that pre-planning a funeral can save your family from having to make unexpected payments that could stress them even more. I don’t think I’ll pass away any time soon, but, you never know when it could happen. I think I’ll go meet with a mortuary and funeral director to pre-plan my funeral just in case.

  • My brother wants to make sure that he is prepared for the funeral and anything that might happen so that he can make sure everything is correct. He would really like to get some help from a professional so that everything will be arranged correctly and will go the way he wants. I liked what you said about how pre-planning can help others know that all of the decisions are already made and they won’t have to worry about the emotional and financial stress.

  • Bob Newton says:

    Thank you for pointing out that preplanning your funeral can spare your family the financial burden of paying for it themselves. I want to make sure that my family won’t have to deal with the expense after my death, so I’m considering preplanning my funeral myself. I’m going to see if there’s a good funeral home in my area that offers preplanning services.

  • Braden Bills says:

    I want to make sure that my funeral is easy for my loved ones, but I’m not sure how to go about it. It makes sense that having my funeral planned ahead of time would make it so that they don’t have to do too much. I’ll work with a professional to help me out with it.

  • Zoe Campos says:

    Thanks for reminding me that death continues to be an unknown experience for living people. This makes me realize that all we can do is honor the memories they left with us when they’re still living. If I were to pass on unexpectedly, I would want a memorial service where my friends and family can relive all the moments that they have shared with me.

  • Big Blue Sea says:

    Absolutely! And the most important thing is your family doesn’t need to worry about anything when you are gone.

  • Wow, I never thought before that funeral pre-arrangements can be a good way to protect myself for inflation. I’ve been thinking about planning for my own funeral someday but I’ve never gotten to it so far. Knowing that it has some financial benefits might make me get one a lot sooner.

  • Aaron Munoz says:

    Thank you for being transparent sharing this story. There are so many reasons FOR getting this done. A few years ago I didnt even know pre-planning a funeral was even something that could be done, but just as we plan all these other different moments in our lives why shouldnt we plan our funeral?

  • It really helped when you said pre-planning your funeral comes with cost benefits. My wife and I heard that planning your funeral could be a good idea to save on costs and the sinking feeling of not being ready for it. We started to think about it, and we decided we do want to pre-plan our funeral, and we think your article will help us with it. Thanks for the tips about the benefits of making your funeral arrangements ahead of time.

  • Alma Guzman says:

    My mother was 83 years old she just passed away. She had pre paid funeral. I am so happy she did that. I took care of her and all my brothers and sisters backed up. When she passed everyone wanted to make decisions, but nobody was willing to put the money where their mouth was. My mother had her stuff paid and I was the one who was responsible for her. I had resigned from my job to take care of my mother being single mom. Thank God he has provided me with everything my son and I need. I am now job hunting and it is hard for me. My point is that it is very important to preplan funeral arregments. My mother knew in her heart that everyone in the family will turn their back on us when needed. She loved me so much that she thought about all the hard things I was going to face at the time of need.

  • Tex Hooper says:

    I like what you said about how some people have pre-arrangements made decades in advance. My grandparents want to have their tombstones ready. I’ll have to consider getting them a plot of land.

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