Sharon L. Pughsley

Dec 23, 1946 - Jul 21, 2017


Sharon gained her wings on Friday, July 21, 2017, after a long battle with COPD. She will be so tremendously missed by all who knew her. Sharon, was kind and caring, and loved to the fullest. Her husband, Clarence Pughsley, preceded her in death on December 3, 2001. She leaves behind her three children, all of Sacramento, Clarence Pughsley Jr. (Tracey Pughlsey), Monique Dansby (Dana Dansby Sr.), and Michael Pughsley (Debra Pughsley). During her lifetime, Sharon became a grandmother and great grandmother to many, to include, Kevin, Vanessa, Desiree’, Tre’, Christopher, D’Shae, Alije’, Dana Jr, and Jaedon. She was also a great grandmother to Jaslene, Isabella, Ayden, Elijah, Matthew, Leilani, Micah, and the newest member of our family, Naomi. People that knew Sharon, knew of her love for animals. At any time, you could find her rescuing the neighborhood cats. Her love for her animals, was equivalent to her love for people. She leaves behind her dog, Sophie, which in the days leading up to her death, you could find laying outside of her door, or by her side, whimpering because she too, knew she was losing a good friend. Sharon worked for many years at The Sacramento Children’s Receiving Home, until she retired in 2002. Sharon was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia, where she met her husband to be, Clarence Pughsley, and then began the life of a military wife as they traveled abroad, and their family began to grow. Clarence retired in 1981, were they settled down in North Highlands, CA, where Sharon has resided ever since. She was a fighter. Her spirit to live, outweighed her disease, and she was determined to live as much as she could this last year. It was important for her to be present at family events, and holidays. Even on days that she struggled to breathe, she was there. Her laughter was contagious, as she had developed quite the sense of humor. We were often surprised by her wittiness. On her last days, she found it in her heart to laugh, if even for a moment, thus relieving everyone’s sadness as we watched her deteriorating by the day. She lived, she laughed, she loved. She will forever remain in our hearts, and our love for her, undying.


  • Marilyn lisk says:

    Sharon was the most wonderful friend a person could have. I loved her and always will. My memories will carry me though. I know she can breath now and is happy with her husband and mother and others who have passed before her. Rest in peace my very, very dear friend.

  • Monique Dansby says:

    My beautiful Mom. It was an honor being able to walk this journey with you the last few years. To be able to be the primary person in your care. I don’t regret one minute of it. I loved that we were able to spend so much time together, and developing those things together, that we called our own. Whether it was eating out, shopping, movie night at home, or just laughing until we cried. Those are memories I will cherish forever. There is a place in my heart, that only belongs to you. I almost called you the other day. You were such a huge part of my life, and I am going to miss you beyond belief. I am so happy to know that you are at peace, and able to breathe easily. I imagine that it was quite the reunion with you and Dad… your Mom, and Grandma… and all of your friends that went before you. I can see your dogs wagging their tails at the very sight of you. Those are such happy images for me. Mom, you will always be my very best friend. There is no one in this world, other than you, that I know truly had my back, and I am forever grateful for that. I will miss our long talks, and you just allowing me to be me. I love you, and I will miss seeing your beautiful blue eyes. Those were the caring eyes I’ve known and trusted all of my life. I am thankful for our last conversation, and appreciate all of your kind words, but just so you know, I’ve always known how appreciative you were of me, being there for you, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love you, Sweets.

  • Vanessa says:

    Hey Grandma! I miss you so much already , I just keep thinking of all the memories and how funny you were without even trying. My kindred spirit, we shared a love of animals(driving 3hrs for Sophie and adopting cats) and tabloid magazines. You accepted me with open arms when I showed up a broken soul on your doorstep, I always felt so loved and understood. We confided in each other and I shared things with you that I’ve never shared with anyone else and I knew those secrets would be safe with you. You were just loyal like that! While we are sad here I understand that you are now at peace. I’m so grateful that I got the chance to call you my grandma. Without you there would be no us. Thank you I love you and when the time comes I’ll see you again beautiful.

  • April "Angel" ❤️ says:

    Grandma, I already miss you so much! I miss hearing you yell from the living room just so we can sit and chat for hours. Given the opportunity I’d take care of you a million times more. Nothing brought more joy to my heart than to hear you tell me how much you loved me. The house feels empty without you but I feel your presence in every room. We all miss and love you so much but I know you’re no longer suffering. I love you ❤️

  • Nataliya Pughsley says:

    Grandma, You are such a beautiful person and soul. I will miss you so much! I will miss all of the jokes we used to crack and how funny you were. You are one of the best people I have ever met in my life and the memories we shared together I will carry with me throughout my entire life. You’ll always be in my heart and I know God will take such good care of you! Your in a way better place and I know you are so happy 🙂 I’m so greatful that Bella Lynn will carry on your name she loves her grandma grandma so much! I’m also so greatful that you got to meet Naomi, I love you grandma.❤️

  • Chris Pughsley says:

    Grandma, I want to start off by saying I love you so much. Your loss has truly been the toughest lost I’ve suffered. I will always remember how you treated your family and friends with love and care. Thank you for coming over to pick me up and making me strawberries with sugar. Now that you’ve made it with God I know your in a better place and you don’t have to suffer so for that I am extremely grateful. Tell Papa and the rest of the beautiful souls that are up there with you hello! Thank you Grandma for the time you spent with us.❤️

  • Tre' Pughsley says:

    My Dear Granny Goose. I still can’t believe I will never see your beautiful face and hear your soft heart-warming voice again. Let me tell you that you are the best Grandmother a boy could ever ask for. We had such a beautiful relationship from the time I was born to the day you passed. I’m going to miss you so much Granny. Thank you for loving me unconditionally no matter what happened. Didn’t matter if I was right or wrong I could always count on you to have my back. Even as a grown man being around you has always made me feel safe and loved. Thank you for stepping up and loving Kevin and I like we were yours. I’m so happy I was here to help you Grandma. It breaks my heart just looking at your Recliner, feeding your Animals, and just knowing that I have to go on in life without you here. Im so happy knowing you are in a better place with Papa, Freddy, Shadow, Max, Orangie, Leo, Baby/Mama, and the rest of our Loved Ones. I know I could never repay you for EVERYTHING you have done for ME and THIS FAMILY. I just want you to know how Grateful and Thankful I’am for having you in my life. I love you, rest easy GMA-P.

  • Brittanny maupin says:

    Sharon, I always referred to you as “Chris grandma”. Even growing up I don’t think I ever called you by your first name, just hey chris grandma and then I would start telling on him. You would always just laugh, like yes I am chris grandma. Then you would tell me to mind my own and stop telling on the kids haha. I have so many fun childhood memories hanging out in your backyard with my cousins. You were always so welcoming, and loved all the kids that came over. I was extremely upset to hear of your passing but we know your looking down smiling. You will be truly missed by everyone– continue to shine from heaven. Rest In Peace. Love brittanny

  • Tracey Pughsley says:

    Mother/Mom, I want to thank you for all of your help with our kids and everything you did for us.I will truly miss the phone calls we had together for hours on end. I will miss hearing your voice and not hearing from you or getting to talk to you but I know your in a better place. You have helped us through a lot of tough times and you loved everyone as if they were you own. We have so many countless memories together and I will always remember you for the amazing wonderful woman you were. I love you so much.

  • Clarence Pugshley says:

    Mom, I’m at a loss for words and don’t know what to do or say.Your such an amazing mom and I know I will meet up with you and dad someday. Thank you for always having my back no matter what and taking care of me with anything I ever needed. No matter how old I grow I will still always need my mom. I will think of you always and you will always be in my heart. There won’t be one day that goes by that I don’t think of you and hear your voice telling me how much you love me. I love you to. Always.

  • Kay McClure says:

    To Monique and family, you were so good to your mom, the love showed everyday. Both of you were so lucky to have each other. Now that Sharon is at peace and with God, I hope you find some peace and calm in your life. Sharon is watching over all of you and smiling because of all of the love. Rest in peace Sharon.

  • Addie L Ellis says:

    Monique my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. May guppy test in the assurance that sheer had God’s eternal peace

  • Addie L Ellis says:

    Monique my heart and prayers go out to you and your family. May you rest in the assurance that she has God’s eternal peace

  • Aaron says:

    Grandma Sharon, you will be missed as you left your imprint on all of us. We hurt for our personal and selfish reasons, but deep inside we feel peace knowing you’re in good hands. We love you!

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