Saturnino Borreta Pizarro

May 16, 1930 - Dec 24, 2017



  • Maria Prila says:

    When I met Malou at work and started to be friends with her and then to most of her siblings, you welcome me and became part of your family. I have known you as a very loving and funny man and I even call you daddy. When I met my Love of my life , we even asked you to be our godfather when we wed. You were so kind and we were blessed to know some one like you. You will be missed greatly daddy. May you rest in peace .

    Love and prayers,

    Angel, Tess and Angelo Prila

  • Jim Lester Beleno says:

    I was still little when you last saw me in Agoo, La Union, PH Lolo. I was hoping that you would see me all grown up and to also witness my graduation this coming May 2018. We feel sad for you are a great loss. However, we believe that this loss is a blessing in heaven. Thank you for everything Lolo especially for your help, love and care. Say Hello to Lolo Jesus for us. May God with the choir of angels welcome you in heaven. We love you Lolo. May you rest in peace.

    All the love from Jim Lester, Lita and Jaime Beleno

  • Charissa Zabala says:

    I remember when I gave my dog to them years ago. And a couple years back when we took in great grandpa juanito to my parent’s home, grandpa Ninoy visited us along with his second wife Grandma Helen. Grandpa Ninoy said to me. “Hi Charisse!” (as he calls me, but my name is Charissa haha) and he continues and says, “you know! You’re dog!? She’s fat! She eat a lot!” Haha. I also remember being at their old two story house and sleeping over when I was a kid. I remember the fish tank by the front door with the plecostomus swimming around or was is a shark? And even the millions of snails they used to have in the backyard oh man that was scary lol. Grandpa said they are my pets I am taking care of them and then he told me they were good for me to eat. I ran back in the house. Haha no escargot for me haha.

  • Rochelle Pizarro says:

    Hi Lo.. as we grew up we’ve heard alot about you, about your kindness and how great are you as a person. I feel sorry Lo beacause we didn’t get the chance to meet you again… Lolo we know that you’re happy where you are right now.. Lo please hug Lolo Jesus for us.. Take a rest now Lolo..
    -Thomas Pizarro and family
    – Gloria Pizarro and family

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