Ronnie Vargas Eclarinal

Jan 19, 1979 - Apr 24, 2015


Ronnie Eclarinal was born on January 19, 1979 in Olongapo, Philippines. He is survived by his 6 yr old son, Aiden, his siblings Ronald and Rhealyn and his parents, Rolando and Leticia.
Ronnie battled with Cancer for 15 months and he beat the odds. It was a crazy ride of his life, with all the ups and down, but through it all he was always positive and kept his head up high. As a family we fought with him and showed him that he was not alone. Also with great friends who reminded him that no matter the distance and length of time in between, when he needed them, they were there.
At times he would cry and wonder why this was all happening, but he put his trust in God and knew there was a reason for it all. My mom often blamed herself but Ronnie always told her “no, dont blame yourself, don’t blame anyone”. My mom was his rock. His son was his main reason to fight and we’ll always remind Aiden how good of a person his daddy was. We may not know or understand God’s plan right now, but we do know that Ronnie is no longer in pain or suffering.
Ronnie is now at peace and looking down upon us all… we may have lost him, but the heavens gained another angel…

Funeral Home:
East Lawn Mortuary
5757 Greenback Lane
Sacramento, CA
US 95841


  • len says:

    My brother fought a good fight… but he will be missed dearly! Not a day has gone by since he was diagnosed with cancer, that I didn’t think of hI’m and if he was ok. Now that he’s gone, I know he’s no longer suffering but my heart is so heavy and I want to be selfish and ask “why him?” He was a great son, brother, cousin, friend, and most of all a great father. I will always keep our memories alive and you’ll always be in my heart… I LOVE YOU bro and I miss you so much!


  • Ronald Eclarinal says:

    I have shed my tears. thou my heart was in pain of losing you. What ever deal you made with god it’s worth every last breath of your life. Your pain and hardship is nothing to all the support and love of those you’ve been apart of. Friend and love ones know how much you have value each moment of your life trying to pursue your dreams and plan in life. We will tell everything about you as your son grows older so he will continue your goal and make you proud. We will give him everything he need to be somebody he wants to be. Just what a dad would want for his future. I told you while you can still hear me to have a silent prayer to God and tell him your worries and ask him what you want to happen. And being there on your dying bed I see how God fulfill your conditions to him. How God help you wait to see everyone and especially your son how you wait for him to get there. how you have given everyone to say their good bye. You’ve fought a good fight you have run and finish your race. It was a hard battle but you have all your friend and love ones fighting with you. So keep your head up will keep our head up too for our fight is still coming we have our race to win. We still have our battle but knowing and seeing how you have shown us your courage you have shown us if ever this battle do gets too hard and too strong we have us each other to keep us strong. Just how you fought with us. Thank you God for your blessing thank you for the year you have given us with Ronnie. Along with all the moment of joy and celebrations with friends and love ones that’s worth his journey. Keep us safe always and strengthen our faith to believe if what you can do not by man. Rest In Peace Ronnie I love you. I’ll see you again. I Miss You.

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