Ronald Dale Franklin

Oct 25, 1952 - Sep 16, 2022

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Ronald (“Big Ron”) Dale Franklin, 69, passed into the loving arms of his Lord and Savior on September 16, 2022, in Roseville, California, after a short illness. His Celebration of Life service will be held on Sunday, October 2, 2022, at Arcade Church, 3927 Marconi Avenue, Sacramento, California, at 1 PM.

Ron was born on October 25, 1952, in Sacramento, California, to Eleanor and Gerald Franklin. He graduated from Rio Americano High School in 1970. Ron was recruited to play basketball at Boise State University on a full ride scholarship. After three years, he switched sports as a spring walk-on with the Bronco’s football team, going on to start as a defensive tackle his final two years of college. As a teammate recounted, “Ron added a physicality the team did not have, helping them win a Big Sky Championship.” He was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals and graduated from Boise State with a B.S. in Physical Education in 1975.

While in college, Ron met Terri Lucas from Payette, Idaho, on October 31, 1973. The two married August 4, 1974 in Fruitland, Idaho. In 1976, Ron and Terri moved from Payette, Idaho, back to Sacramento, California, where Ron joined his uncle’s painting business. Ron went on to raise 4 children in Sacramento and continued to work in the construction trades for over 47 years throughout Northern California. Ron was the sole proprietor of Ron Franklin Painting and Decorating for 30 years. He enjoyed having his 3 sons work with him during their school years.

Ron was very passionate about his work and strove for excellence in all he did. His customers were not just clients, they were friends, many of whom he completed multiple projects for throughout the years. Ron was widely known for his generosity, extensively donating his work to churches, neighbors, friends, and family throughout the years.

Ron was a member of Arcade Baptist Church for 39 years. He enjoyed his Sunday School Group, Bible study groups, cycling team and mission projects, particularly a construction trip to Haiti. He was active in church life over the decades participating in the Christmas Experience, Church League basketball and softball, and working with the widowed elderly.

Ron was particularly proud of his family. He is survived by his wife of 48 years, Terri, four children, Lucas (wife Yuliya), Kurtis (wife Jessica), Loren, and Avalon (husband Karl), and grandchildren Makenzie (10), Troy (9), Madisyn (8), Stephanie (7), Maksyn (6), Elsie (5), Jackson (4), Maveryck (4), Christmas (3), Mattis (2), Irene (2), and Heath (2 weeks).

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Grace To You ministry by calling (800) 554-7223 or to the Boise State University sport enhancement funds at (donors may select Football or Men’s Basketball).


  • Yuliya Franklin says:

    I was blessed to have a wonderful father-in-law. I admired his work ethic, his love for God and his family, his ability to strike up a conversation with anyone. He was loved by so many. I will miss our coffee dates, our long conversations after breakfast in our home in Ohio, our shared love for this country, our trips that we took together. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy – his family and 12 grandchildren! I am going to miss him very much.

  • Kevin Snider says:

    The last time I saw Ron he repeated several times throughout our chat, “It’s good to be on the Lord’s team.” I believe him to have been a good player. There was not a single word of complaint about the difficult condition that he was in. He was also effusive in his praise of Terri and spoke with admiration about each of his children by name.

  • Garrett Johnston says:

    Ron (or Big R as he liked to be called) was one of a kind. I grew up with his sons in Sacramento as we went to high school together at The Academy and remained friends til his passing. Ron was like a second dad to me…always interested in what I wanted to do with my life, always happy to share advice and teach lessons he’d learned from his own life. Ron, myself, his sons Kurtis and Loren, and his dear friend Bob Kellogg climbed Mt Whitney together in 2002. We shared that bond and talked about that accomplishment for years after. It was always a point of pride for us to bring up in conversation.

    I always liked when Ron would light up when he wanted to talk to you about something. An idea or thought would come to his head and he just loved to share it with you and couldn’t wait to unleash a big laugh once you and him shared his thought or joke together.

    A friend of mine recently told me to think about the lessons your dad taught you about how you can help others. To be more selfless. Big R gave his kids, and in turn all of us, so many good examples of that like the way he and his family served on the We Care program at their church that helped the widowed elderly. That coupled with so many of his other church commitments and sincere dedication to his faith in the Lord are just but a couple examples. He used his painting expertise to help in ministry efforts as well. Think about what Ron shared with you in your friendship and the lessons or takeaways that you can learn from to help others.

    I’ll miss Big R. And I will remember now two of the happiest times I ever saw him. When his first son Lucas got married in 2003 at the reception in Sacramento, Big R was beaming. He mentioned to me there that all of the people he loves so dearly were in one spot for that moment. He then deadpanned that if someone were to drop a bomb on that building that he would not be a happy camper.

    When Ron’s second eldest son Kurtis got married in Arkansas in 2011 I thought it was hilarious how much fun he had at the reception. Ron and his wife Terri are fairly conservative like many of their peers about their music choices…but when Pink’s “Raise your Glass” came blaring out of the speakers along with other big hits, Ron was dancing too it and he was ALL IN. It didn’t matter what band or singer was playing, he was going to celebrate with his son and his family. It was a dad’s love that was going to take a back seat for NOTHING! I think there’s a lot to learn from Ron’s celebration there for all of us. There’s a time and a place to really celebrate with your kids, and Ron found it there.

    Best wishes to his wife Terri and the family…and all those grandkids!

    -Garrett Johnston

  • Ed, Bernadette, Nicholas and John says:

    We will forever treasure the memory of Ron, Terri, Lucas, Kurtis, Loren and Avalon attending our baptisms in 1994 at what was then First Baptist Church of Elk Grove. They were 14, 11, 8 and 5 years of age at that time. Terri and Ron had them all dressed up for the Sunday evening event.

    Even though more people did that for Sunday mornings in those days, it was not asked for nor expected on Sunday evenings. That showed their respect for the occasion, for the Father and the Son, for the church and the congregation, and it showed their kind regard for us. That wasn’t the easiest way for them to do –we are sure. It was probably a lot of work to prepare those clothes and then to do extra work afterwards. But we didn’t take it for granted and we sincerely appreciated that act.

    Remembrance of Ron’s life gives us the kind of focal point we all need to see someone apply God’s Word in daily life, and all we truly need that now-more than ever.

    Ron will never be forgotten from our memories.

    In love and respect,
    Ed, Bernadette, Nicholas and John Skalisky

  • Linda Battles says:

    My husband Bill has known Ron longer than he has known me. I started attending Arcade when we married and met Ron and Terri at Sunday School. Little did I dream that when we first saw their new baby daughter, she would someday marry our youngest son, Karl. For those of you who have attended Arcade for a long time, you will remember the Christmas and Easter pageants. There was a full choir, orchestra and actors. Ron, Terri and I were in the acting category. For SOME reason, Ron was always cast as the Roman soldier (grin). Good memories. I thought of him as a gentle giant of a man. He always had a ready smile. Ron, you will be greatly missed.

  • Gary Randall says:

    I’ve known Ron since high school at Rio Americano. I’ll miss having coffee with him several morning a week and our long talks solving the worlds problems.
    Big Ron will be missed!
    Gary Randall

  • Lanette J Franklin says:

    Although religion and politics have driven deep chasms between my brother Ron and I (and brother Greg), I have sweet memories of my baby brother, Ronnie, I’d like to share. He was a surprise to our parents, with only 13 months between our brother Greg and him. He was also a surprise as he was a tow head (white hair) with blue eyes unlike Greg and I. (Our Dad was blond as a child and had blue eyes.)
    When he was a toddler, I would get Greg to help me dress him up in our outgrown baby clothes…laying him on the floor in my room and playing with him like a doll.
    Ron and I were close as children. He had wonder and contemplation. He and I would sleep in the backyard, cozy in our sleeping bags, and talk for hours about the stars and the universe. I took him to Memorial Auditorium concerts and rode him on the handle bars of my bike through the sprinklers splashing onto the streets of Arden Park during the hot Sacramento summer days.
    We built forts in the tall weeds of the many fields that then surrounded our Mission Avenue home. He would help me try to squirt water on wasps that would inevitably invade my playhouse.
    Once, while helping me wring water from the clothes in our old wringer washing machine he got his hands stuck in the wringer…AND…once he got his hand stuck in the checkout conveyor belt when he would go shopping with Mom and I. Yes, he was clumsy!
    Before Christmas, he and I would secretly plan on faking sickness so we could stay home from school the next day to help Mom put up holiday decorations. That was a tradition we had for many years. Mom never caught on.
    He was a worrier and would share his fears about his perceived life’s problems with me, spending time with me on lazy afternoons in the summers.
    Because he and Greg were basically the same size and because they always had to share a bedroom, EVERY school day I would wake to them fighting over their clothes. Let me tell you, it was tough having 2 brothers so close in age and very hard on our mother.
    When Greg moved Ron and Terri to Sacramento I was still close to him. I would go to Drive-in movies with them and spend the night on their sofa often. Terri, along with my sister-in-law Denise and my Mom made apricot jam after shaking all the apricots down from my tree. In fact, my then-partner and I were the first to babysit Lucas after he was born. But then EVERYTHING changed when we came out to them.
    It’s too bad that life takes such detours. As survivors of family member’s passing, it is so bittersweet. So much has changed from our childhood times. It is sad that we can’t keep our childlike wonder and love. Goodbye Ronnie.

  • Rocky K. Lima says:

    “If you want trinkets their on the shores,
    but if you want real treasures you’ll have
    to dive deep into the ocean waters”….

    Ron Franklin was unfearful of any Challenges and
    Impeccable with his word at Boise State U.
    Ron Franklin Loved his Ohana’s (Families)
    with his “Aloha Spirit” in his heart💙

    Your brother in Christ.
    Rocky K. Lima
    “Most Inspirational Player”
    1966 Coach Lyle Smith
    1968 Coach Tony Knap

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