Rodney David Coleman

Nov 1, 1939 - Mar 4, 2015


Funeral Home:
East Lawn Mortuary
5757 Greenback Lane
Sacramento, CA
US 95841


  • Wil Coleman says:

    Hello all,

    Some of you know this story already, some of you do not but my father suffered a heart attack last December about a week before Christmas. He was taken to the hospital and on the way slipped out of consciousness a couple of times, the longest lasting 16 minutes. Because of this, he lost the ability to move, speak or even just open his eyes. In the hospital he quickly began to regain his abilities and was soon looking, speaking and engaging with us again. He began physical therapy and eventually got to the point where he could get up out of the bed, with help.

    While he was in the hospital the doctors told us that he may have good days but it was extremely unlikely that he’d make a full recovery. They said he’ll eventually get released from the hospital, but usually patients in this state will be in and out of the hospital because they no longer have the ability to fight infections that most people would have little trouble beating.

    We had moments of extreme promise, even shared laughs as Pop continued to crack jokes and cut up. As time continued to pass however, the doctor’s prophecy began to manifest. Pop was beating it and was released to a skilled nursing facility. But he soon began getting sick and started to ping pong between the hospital and the nursing facility.

    He lost the battle this past Wednesday, March 5th at 6pm.

    He was a great man, and a very loving father who always put his family first. He had a remarkable ability to know when to step in and when to just let it ride. “You’ll learn”, is what he would tell me. He saw me thru mad changes as I moved from Nikes to Timberlands to sandals to Chucks to flip-flops to Nikes. He watched my circle of friends shift from neighborhood kids to thugs to suburban white boys and all kinda folk along the way.

    Never judging, always loving and offering advice only in extreme situations.

    He loved to joke around and always had a quick lil dagger to toss at anyone who had something smart to say. Even in his last days as his mind began to slip. The staff would check his cognition by asking him to name people in the room. When asked about mom he said the following…

    Staff (pointing to my mom): Who is this beautiful woman over there?

    Dad: That is my wife Ninon.

    Staff: And do you remember how you two met?

    Dad: She came to this country looking for a husband and there I was.

    That was just two weeks ago.

    My dad, my dude, Rodney David Coleman.

    If you get the urge, feel free to raise a glass next time you have one in your hand. Especially if it’s a coke. That was his drink of choice.

    Thank you,

    Wil Coleman

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