Nina Oliveira

Aug 14, 1984 - Jun 11, 2021


On Friday, June 11, 2021, Nina Oliveira (Née Kapoor), loving wife and mother to one son, passed away at the age of 36.

Nina was born on August 14, 1984 in Sacramento, California. After completing degrees in economics and political science at the University of California, San Diego in 2006, Nina returned to Sacramento to work in the state legislature as a fellow and then legislative staffer. After leaving the legislature, Nina continued her work in California state government as both a contract and in house lobbyist until her death.  On October 5, 2019, Nina married Jason Oliveira. They have one son, Sawyer.

Nina had a passion for life that rubbed off on those around her. In addition to her unfortunate early taste for drum and bass music, Nina enjoyed hiking, trips to Disneyland, Taco Bell, and spending time with Jason and Sawyer. Nina could always be counted on to brighten up a room with her enthusiasm, mastery of inadvertent humor, and a relentless optimism that our dreams can be achieved.

Nina was preceded in death by her father, Harjit Kapoor, and lifelong dear friend, Annie Wiederanders. Nina is survived by her husband Jason, her son Sawyer, her mother Sunita, her brother Robby, and several aunts, uncles, and cousins.

A funeral service will be held at East Lawn Funeral Home Greenback & I-80 (5757 Greenback Lane, Sacramento) on Saturday, June 26th, 2021 at 11am. A viewing will be held immediately preceding the service from 10 to 11am.

A separate viewing will be held at East Lawn Funeral Home Greenback & I-80 on Friday, June 25th, 2021 from 5:30-7:30pm.

We encourage you to join the family for a gathering Ardaas (Prayer to One Creator) on Saturday 6/26 from 1:30 – 3:30pm at the Sikh Temple Sacramento 2301 Evergreen Ave West Sacramento, Ca 95691

For those that cannot attend in person there will be a streaming link available and sent out the night before the service. Please be aware of this option.

In lieu of gifts or flowers, donations to a 529 college savings account set up by the RNG Coalition for the benefit of Nina’s son Sawyer Singh Oliveira. Contributions may be made by check (please include Account No: 52022450 on the check). Contributions can be mailed to:

Edward Jones (Andy Cobb)

Financial Advisor

707 Lamar Avenue, Suite A

Paris, TX 74560 

Suggested Attire for the Funeral Home:

Since the event is called “Celebration of Life” we would prefer that you wear regular colored clothing as opposed to black or white.

Suggested Attire for the Sikh Temple:

Your head and legs must be covered while at the temple. Shoes are not allowed inside the prayer hall. Sikh temple etiquette and suggestions can be found here: Visiting a Gurdwara – SikhiWiki, free Sikh encyclopedia.

Here is a link to Nina’s digital memorial guest book where you are encouraged to share photos, memories, and stories of Nina. Please click the link to contribute


  • Meeta Uberoi says:

    Very sorry for your loss Sunita didi
    Nina will be remembered as an ever smiling happy and welcoming person. We had the opportunity to be a part of her wedding and she surely was a very charming bride
    Rest In Peace Nina
    May god give strength to the family for the untimely loss .

  • Justin Wilhite says:

    Losing anyone is terrible. I hope during this time you are able to find peace and celebrate life.

    – The Wilhite Family

  • Neelam & Prabhjot says:

    We have known Nina for most of her life.
    Our memories with her are many. We traveled and cruised together on several occasions and we will always remember her spunk and zest for life, her energy and intelligence.
    Rest in peace dear sweet Nina. We will cherish our memories together always

  • Jahmese Myres says:

    I went to elementary school with Nina (knew her as Nina Kapoor then). I remember her being really vibrant and funny- mostly in the form of wit abs sarcasm. We drifted a part over the years, but I am so saddened by her loss. Wishing peace and comfort to the family.

  • Ryan Kenny says:

    I worked closely with Nina for 4 years and share the heartbreak of our colleagues. When I think of her I think of her constant smile, and what was described here as “her enthusiasm, mastery of inadvertent humor, and a relentless optimism that our dreams can be achieved.” That was her. As her colleague, I knew her as someone exceptionally gifted at her profession, with an unrivaled work ethic, who built good relationships, and was always professional even in trying times. One of the last times we talked she discussed her love for Sawyer, even sending me a picture of them both. She was beaming in it. I will really miss her. My condolences especially to Jason, Sawyer, Sunita, Robby and your family. Nina will be remembered fondly.

  • Ben Gerber says:

    I am deeply sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure of traveling with Nina to a few conferences. She was so full of life. At the last conference in January 2019 she was so excited about her recent marriage and could not stop talking about how excited she was. She also had visited Minnesota on many occasions to visit a friend and we talked about Minnesota. I also enjoyed giving her grief for being at a conference at Steamboat in January 2020 (right before COVID nonetheless) and not wanting to ski and hating the cold. We still had fun even though I could not convince her to ski. I am shocked and deeply saddened, she was so full of life.

  • Daniel Zamani says:

    I went to both elementary school and middle school with Nina. She was always someone who connected people even despite (maybe because of) her acerbic wit. I remember being intimidated by her near encyclopedic knowledge of music (I called it “techno” once and got a hefty dose of education).
    She was always someone I admired, especially as she continued to make a large impact in her professional career.
    My deepest condolences.

  • Tom Mosher says:

    I was Nina’s soccer coach (on The Monarchs) for 7 years. I remember her as being a very nice girl and a pretty good soccer player! I am saddened to hear of her way-too-young passing. Best of luck to Jason and Sawyer.

  • Sahar Kamali says:

    There’s a common theme amongst everyone’s comments because Nina was unapologetically herself and I enjoyed her company every time we met at conferences. She was so smart, so intuitive, so funny (in that dry, no-nonsense way that makes it even funnier) and I feel a deep loss just knowing her as a colleague. But she was a friend and caring person with everyone she came across. She always shared her time with me, invited me to join her at the next meal, and would sit next to me and check in on me. She was the kind of person who would take a picture when I was speaking on a panel and text it to me minutes later so that I had it to share with my company. Nina, you are so deeply missed and I will cherish the moments I had with you, thank you for your caring soul and patient wisdom, always given with a smile and sometimes with a raised eyebrow. My condolences to your family.

  • Yuri Kouchnir says:

    Nina was the most enthusiastic person I have ever had a pleasure of being friends with. She had so much natural excitement about everything in life that just hanging out with her made you forget about your problems. This is a terrible loss but Nina will be remembered and missed forever. Rest in peace.

  • Melanie Townley says:

    I’m so sad to hear this. I went to high school with Nina, she was always such a positive and energetic presence. Sending all my love to her husband, son, family, and friends. People like Nína have a presence that will live on through their loved ones. She won’t be forgotten.

  • Richard Kelly says:

    I was lucky enough to know Nina for a short while. I was introduced to her by Jason, and she immediately became a help to me by offering house music suggestions (I was interested, and out completely of the loop). I was touched that she reached out to me during this difficult time, and deeply saddened by her loss. I feel especially badly for Jason and Sawyer. She and Jason had been married such a short while, and her son will never know her. Her loss is so incredibly sad.

  • Harpreet Kohli says:

    We remember Nina’s joy and energy whenever we met her. It is so sad to lose her and we are thinking of the family at this time.

    Harpreet and Kate
    Glasgow, Scotland

  • Cajun James says:

    I worked with Nina while she was at CLFA. She was a very creative lovely soul. I am so sorry for your loss. I will pray for your family-especially for her husband and young son. Hopefully, he will learn that his mother was an extraordinary soul with tons of vision and creativity. She had such passion and love for music, her work, friends, and most of all her family.

  • Gary Dymski says:

    Nina was one of the most beloved members of the UC Center Sacramento family as dedicated staff and motivated students created a new academic unit of the University of California in the state capitol. She was an outstanding scholar-intern and was always ready to give advice to the cohorts of students who followed hers. We were proud of her subsequent career in the California governance community. All who knew her will mourn her loss; we will treasure our memories and be glad she brightened our lives.

  • John Cheney says:

    Losing Family

    Losing family obliges us to find our family. Whether it is the father who used to guide us, the mother who would love and inspire us, the daughter who would become us, the sister or wife who would keep track and love us; and if we are lucky enough to open our hearts and minds to others, we will find new family to help us bridge our past and our future. The bridge that we thought once would be lost forever, can be found in the family we have and the family we find.

    I found in Nina Kapoor a woman of great talent, beauty and integrity rarely seen in politics. Nina loved politics because she wanted and did change the world for the better. Her political gifts were legendary. Her love of family was legendary. Her integrity and humor were beloved by all, as she loved her allies and even competitors.

    Above all else, I found Nina to be a true and loving friend. Nina would not stop at saving those projects saving the planet, laws and policies she believed in, but she also would leave behind a certain joy when she left the room. The love given by Nina to her friends and family, if returned, would take longer than a generation to repay.

    At last, when we may say I wish I did this, or traveled there, or saw that, I cherish being able to say, I found Nina as my friend and my family.

    John Cheney

  • Prabodh Malhotra says:

    I was fortunate to be Nina’s uncle (Sunita’s cousin).
    I was honoured to attend Nina and Jason’s wedding.
    I was so pleased to learn about Nina becoming a mother.
    I was blessed to know such a beautiful human being.
    I was shocked at the news of Nina’s sudden demise.
    May God grant the departed soul a place at His Lotus feet.
    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!
    Prabodh Malhotra

  • Sandra Franco says:

    I worked with Nina with the RNG Coalition, and was always impressed by her enthusiasm and knowledge of state laws and the legislative process. Since we’re in DC, when we did get to see each other, she was always smiling and brought joy into the room. I am very sorry for your loss, and will continue to pray for her and her family.

  • Mohini says:

    Nina could fill the room just by her presence. She brought joy to people around her and who worked with her. I knew her as Sunita’s daughter but my son attended Gandhi camp with her and worked together in the Indian youth organization called SIYA. She was who she was always in control of her life and making her own destiny.

    She will be missed dearly. My heart felt condolence to the family.

  • Reet Chahal says:

    It’s hard to believe that a vibrant person like Nina is no more. She was effusive and always met with a ready smile and warmth. I will cherish memories of her, especially as my partner on the dance floor at some Indian weddings. May her soul rest in everlasting peace and family members be comforted by her warm, loving memories.

  • Neda Hazen says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Nina a few years ago when I was in Sacramento for work and we instantly hit it off. At the time, she was planning her wedding and we were gushing over the details of her fairytale wedding. We instantly became friends. Nina was like that, she had this way of making you feel like you were talking to an old friend. After that, she became one of the people I most looked forward to seeing at industry events. When I was struggling with an issue at work, she was one of the people I could trust to give me advice and be supportive. The last time I spoke to Nina was in November of 2020. We talked about the struggles of life with a newborn and the joys of motherhood. She sent me a selfie of her and Sawyer and I remember thinking she looked so in love. My heart goes out to her family and sweet little Sawyer. I hope he grows up knowing how loved his mother was and what a positive impact she made on everyone she met.

  • Shivjot Bedi, Rajwant Bedi, Noney Bedi says:

    We will always remember the huge smile Nina wore on her face and how she would bring energy and joy to any occasion. She was vibrant and energetic and always brought happiness to those around her. She was fun to be around and a kid at heart.

    She asked me to speak at her wedding and talk about the religious significance of a Sikh wedding. I had the opportunity to help Jason wear a turban at their wedding (just like the way Nina wanted). These are the most joyous memories that we will always cherish.

    Sad to see Nina depart so quickly – May she always be an angel to Sawyer and watch over him so that he can remember his mom and always feel close to her.

  • Jenny Milovina (Barrett) says:

    I don’t think Nina realized how many people looked up to her.. she was SO captivating- inside and out. I always thought she was the coolest person and I wished I had just one ounce of her confidence when we were younger 🙂 Nina and I knew each other from elementary school through high school and beyond. I will never forget her. My heart goes out to her family.

  • Sushie & Moti Malkani says:

    We are deeply sorry for your loss Sunita. May you find peace, comfort, courage, and cherish the fond & loving memories with Nina. Our heartfelt condolences to you and the family.

  • April Brombacher says:

    Nina was and will always be one of my best friends. Nina had a way of making everyone feel important and valued, like everything you say matters. She was perfection in so many of our eyes. This is truly the biggest loss most of us have experienced in our lifetimes and we will never stop missing and loving her. I will miss her vibrant, energetic personality every day. Nina, you were so amazing in every aspect of your life and you really showed us what friendship looks like. Love to Nina and all of her friends and family.

  • Arianna Smith says:

    I have many favorite memories of Nina over the years, but one I truly cherish was the day I found out that I would get to be a Capital Fellow with her, and she gave me a huge, welcoming hug into the program. I was excited and no longer nervous because I had a friend with me. I often felt that way over the years when we were doing things together. She gave me great and helpful advice many times. I keep Nina, Jason, and beautiful Sawyer in my heart.

  • A.G. Block says:

    A heartbreaking loss for all who knew and admired her. I first met Nina when she was a student at UC Center Sacramento. Later, as an alum of the program, Nina often took time from her busy professional life to give back to UC Center with advice and insight to students who followed her through the program. My deepest sympathies to her family.

  • Nalini Mehtani says:

    Heartfelt Condolences. 🙏

  • Manmohan and Palvinder says:

    Our daughter our princess left us so early She was full of energy Nina invited us for dinner 2-3 times She was better host than her mom I used to say all the times When we were stuck in India she was so worried about us We had so sweet memories with her It is hard to express Our daughter whenever visited our place always had small gift in her hand we are shattered God give her peace and she gave us loving Sawyer and Jason Our princess RIP

  • Elisabeth Mathew says:

    Sawyer ( and Jason),
    Sunita and Robbie

    Nina lives in memories of those who live on !
    She is in
    👉🏻Tinkerbell who flits around the blanket of stars that fill the night sky; relighting the stars that have stopped twinkling, so together they shine bright to light up your horizon.
    👉🏻The “bicycle kick” that sends shooting stars into your hearts.
    👉🏻Fireworks of the 4th of July …blasting off, flaying out their many arms into the air proclaiming … “I am FREE”
    👉🏻The birthday candle that blew out.
    👉🏻The voice of those who speak out snd those who cannot.
    👉🏻Your dance partner at your first steps to music.
    👉🏻Your accompaniment in Song.
    👉🏻The breeze ( wind) that wafts (blows) across your cheeks and dries your tears of sadness and makes them dewdrops of JOY.
    So, may the:-
    SUN bring new energy by day,
    MOON softly restore you by night,
    RAIN wash away your worries,
    BREEZE Blow new strength into your being and
    May you walk gently through the world and know it’s beauty all the days of your life/lives.
    Quote:- “If you want to know God, look deep into nature”…. EINSTEIN.

  • Nagina says:

    I have known Nina for decades. I have been incredibly impressed with her accomplishments and desire to follow her passions and strengths. Nina will be so remembered in her work and love for her family. I know my mom and dad loved spending time with her and her mom Sunita Aunty loves her so much.

  • Janice M.Hollowell says:

    Sunita and family:

    I am so sorry for the death of your loved one. Thank you for trusting me with the beautiful family pictures that I used to make the collages. I was honored to be allowed to offer prayer and presence at Nina’s bedside. I pray that your hearts will be comforted during this difficult time.

    Chaplain Janice

  • Sonia Diaz says:

    Beloved Nina,
    We all miss you! I met you in Sacramento when we were in the Senate Fellows. I sat next to you on our first day and I was like, “who is THIS woman? She think she knows it all!” But when I got to know you more, I found out that you were the sweetest, loving, intelligent, and sincerest, and most real person I know. You got me out of my shell quickly. I needed that! A true friend. We lost touch when I left “the building”. Then you became a loving wife and mother to Sawyer. I’m still shaken up by how soon you left this earth. I miss you, girl! You will forever live in my memory.

    Eternal hugs, Sonia

  • E. Kaino Hopper says:

    Heartfelt hope for peace to Nina’s family: Sunita, Ravi, Jason and Sawyer. I met Nina by phone for some soul searching conversations and she was never afraid of deep questions or the act of seeking answers—answers that met her definition of bringing the best of herself to the world in ways that make the world a better place to inhabit. Peace be with you Nina, and with your beloved family and friends.

  • Jane F. Dickson says:

    Meeting Nina and our discussion over fun life adventures was a great time of sharing. I loved the way she probed for angles on all sorts of subjects; her profound intelligence shone in her eyes and in her beautiful smile. I too express hope and peace for her husband, Jason, and her son will surely know his mother by all of what she lived for and by the love for her family. Love to you Sumida, and we are all in a world made better by your daughter’s hard work.

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