Milton A. Reichenberg

May 13, 1929 - Nov 23, 2013


What to tell about Milt.  Well he was born in Lodi, California to Toby and Lucille Reichenberg on May 13, 1929, right before the great depression.  Being brought up in those times instilled in him a great respect for hard work.  He passed those traits on to his four children; Dean, Randy and Mick, all of Elk Grove, and daughter Stacy of Sacramento.  Milt settled in the Elk Grove area and worked in the construction industry in northern California area all of his life.  He worked on many of the iconic buildings in the Sacramento area, including Jim Denny’s Hamburgers on 12th Street when he was a very young apprentice carpenter.  He also supervised the construction of Expo Center at Cal Expo. 


Milt was a grandfather to Randall, Jamie, Robyn, Dylan and Kevin.  He was an avid fisherman, boater, hunter, master mechanic and welder.  He was an exceptional horseman; taming several wild mustangs over the years.  He passed that trait on to his granddaughter Robyn.  One of Milt’s great joys was flying his own small airplane.  He and Mom went all over the country in that plane including Wisconsin and Alaska.  We won’t mention too loudly the unfortunate incident in Mexico when he overshot the runway!  Milt raised cattle, he was on several bowling teams, he rode motorcycles, free dove for abalone when he was in his 70’s, and was an accomplished bee keeper.


Most of all, Milt was a mentor and provider for his family.  He was a hard man that pulled no punches but always did the right thing.  He taught his kids how to put in a hard day’s work without complaining and taught us to take pride in what we did.  He represented and displayed the very essence of what it is to be an American.  Self reliant, hard working, a Korean War combat veteran, and true to his word, he was a genuine American bad ass.  Milt passed away at Sutter General Hospital on November 23, 2013, at 0326 hours, in a room that overlooked Sutter’s Fort and the Capital building; a fitting tribute for this favorite son of Sacramento.       


The Reichenberg family would like to thank all of you for your kind words and thoughts during this difficult time.  We would also like to thank the staff at Sutter General Hospital for the care they provided Milt in the days leading up to his passing.  They were caring, compassionate, and incredibly professional.  Milt is in a better place now; back home with Mom, Robyn, Aunt Jay, Grandpa and Grandma.   We’ll miss you pop, but know you’ll be in our thoughts always.  Please know that we will always remember to measure twice and cut once!!


  • Max Flores says:

    Our deepest sympathy for your loss. May time heal the pain leave only the good memories behind.

  • Steven middleton says:

    Dean, your dad was quit a man. He has done so many different things in life that the majority of us will never do or accomplish. I respect a man with true values and hard work. He must have been an awsome father. He will be missed!

  • Mike Zayas says:

    Great friend, beloved neighbor, valued mentor.I grew up next to Milt..their wasn’t any thing the man couldn’t do he loved to teach,he had every tool ,welder ,power tool,He let me use them that was way cool.He had pipe ,fitting,nuts bolts screws,lumber let over from his job sites he brought home it was like having Home Depot next door but better and always had helping hand I will always be thankful for knowing Milton.He had a nice family too! (Last of the old school) ~ Mike Zayas, Elk Grove ca.

  • dolores adamson says:

    My husband and Milt had so many great times fishing at Fort Bragg and funny times putting on those wet suits for abolone diving. Looked like a couple frog men walking down the road. Hope they are fishing and hanging tegether talking old times, and repairing their boats when needed.

  • Jerry Kenny says:

    I was a boy on Shasta Avenue about 5 yrs older than Dean. One day walking on the road I saw Milt with a shotgun aimed at the ground, leaning on a porch post. I asked what he was doing, and he told me he was going to get rid of a gopher. He had a hose in one of the holes to force him out. Some time later, it wasn’t real soon, I heard a blast in the distance. I guess that’s how he handled pest control. My condolences to the family. Glad he’s with Connie again.

  • Isabel Leong says:

    Everytime I get honey from beekeepers, I am reminded of Milt. He has the best honey around Sacramento. Knew him through Connie.

  • Jean Ryan says:

    I taught with Connie at Elder Creek Elementary School and met Milton at our various social functions. He was such a nice, down to earth man much like my husband and they used to get along so well. Later when Connie and I traveled together I enjoyed talking to him as we planned our trips. He seemed to know so much about so many things. You had an amazing mom and dad.

  • Wanda Green(Gautier) says:

    The Hoyt and Mary Green family lived on Shasta avenue close to Milton and Connie and their children for many years. The people there were all good neighbors and friends to each other sharing the good and bad as it came along.i appreciated Milton visiting my dad and helping any way he could during dad’s last days .

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