Michael Neal Crummie II

Jun 15, 1993 - Mar 16, 2018



  • Rena says:

    Those special memories of you Mikey will always bring a smile to our face. Watching you grow from a little boy to a young man. We are so thankful that we were a part of your life. From friends to family over the years. All the special times, watching you and lil Bob running around in Creekside playing to the times laughing and enjoying our camping trips . You are our nephew always, we love you and will miss you dearly.
    Love you The Swafford Family (Uncle Rob, Aunt Rena, lil Bob and Ceci)

  • I will always miss and love you brother

  • Terra says:

    Michael, i can’t believe I’m writing a goodbye see you in another life letter to you, everyday I cry I never got a chance to say goodbye I swear I didn’t think you were going to die but ofcourse it’s not up to us, God called you back so soon, my best friend I swear my forever nigga! Every month we would tell eachother don’t ever call me again and ofcourse it would never last, but this time it’s to true, it’s to REAL! Everyday I think of seeing you, then knowing I’ll never beable to see you is so heartbreaking. After you died I couldn’t sleep and never have you been in my dream until that night, and i know it was just to say you’ll always be here! Our bond was unbreakable and i know you know forgetting you is impossible! You made your mark
    A friend so close
    That God has chose,
    His solider to come home
    Even though you left us alone
    I know you’ll always shine in peace
    Forever and ever long live crummie

  • Angie May says:

    Broken Chain
    We little knew that morning that God was going to call your name, in life we loved you dearly, in death we do the same.
    It broke our hearts to lose you, you did not go alone;
    For part of us went with you,
    The day God called you home.
    You left us peaceful memories,
    your love is still our guide;
    and though we cannot see you,
    you are always at our side.
    Our family chain is broken,
    and nothing seems the same;
    but God calls us one by one,
    the chain will link again.

    Love you son forever in my heart
    Mama Angie

  • Angie May says:

    Michael this is your little sis Aniya I hope you know that I really miss you and send love . Always and forever

  • Coleman.manuel23@gmail.com says:

    You will always be in my heart and mind lost but never forgotten

  • Ella and Will Lewis says:

    Gone but never forgotten. We love you Lil Michael.
    Ella, Will and DJ

  • Gone way too soon. It seem like yesterday that you was just here in “Bama” chillin your cousins. You are cool as a cucumber. Im so thankful I got a chance to spend some time with you in the past couple of months including this past xmas. I hate I didnt get the chance to tell you how much it meant to me for you to come way from “Cali” to Alabama just to spend time with the “Crummie” side of your family. I also hate that I never got the chance to tell you bye. You lived life to the FULLEST and now its time for you to rest. I will definitely miss you. With that being said I will see you later. Stay cool “Lil Mike” until we see each other again. Love you always, Jameica Crummie (your cousin who look more like your sister)😘

  • Domonique L says:

    Michael I could go on and on with the memories we made I still remember when we first started dating I was 12 I still remember the first time you came over I can still remember exactly what you had on from the shoes to the watch on your wrist I’m so hurt your gone and I’m so sorry for your parents and your son they have a phenominal son and he has a wonderful father and I pray for them everyday.. I pray that time will heal everybodies pain I still somehow dont believe this but one thing I can say is your safe now and not suffering Im sorry I didnt come to the hospital and I pray you forgive me I could really go on about everything about you, your smile your embrace from your hugs your crazy personality it all made it who you were and I really love that you will never be forgotten I think of you everyday I MISS YOU AND LOVE YOU DEARLY REST EASY BABY 😗

  • Lakeisha says:

    Sending prayers and condolences to the crummie family. You guys have my deepest sympathy. Words cannot express what I’m feeling now. Praying God give you strength and comfort during this time. This is hard for a lot of people that knew Michael 😢 Every time I look at my nephew I see his daddy and my heart hurts for everyone. Fly high baby boy RIP🙏

  • Teresa says:

    I dreamed big things for you … I believed in you always. Although our time was far too short I will treasure the times that you allowed me to be your auntie. I hear your voice saying “Hi Auntie”
    I see your smile when I asked you for a hug walking in the door

    I hear your chuckle when you just couldn’t believe what came out of mouth ..walking away shaking your head at some crazy old fashioned or country cowgirl thing I said or did…

    I see you cuddled in the red blanket .., smiling when I told you “you can have it”
    I see you wearing the crazy PJ’s I bought you just because I wanted you to have a special Christmas tradition -me trying to make up for the young years we didn’t have.
    …by the way I was always so thrilled that you would actually wear those crazy PJ’s …. made me proud

    I see you pacing through the house.. Restless with places to explore , questions to answer…
    I see you cooking scrambled eggs and leaving your mess behind..
    and I smile because I was blessed and honored to have been able to see any of it at all…

    I see you in your element -outside,
    You racing around the mountains on your dirt bike at break neck speed, breaking all the rules -just because..,
    I see you jumping in the pool…
    Swimming in the lake.,,
    I see you returning to camp and proudly showing off your catch eager to fry it over the camp fire.

    I see the dare devil and child combined…
    An independent dad’s son, a momma’s boy and a proud father to your own boy.

    Thank you Nephrew for sharing yourself with me… especially for those hugs you initiated before I had to ask. Those were always so extra special –

    Our last days were spent with me watching out over you.. me wanting to protect you and to show you all the love I had accumulated for you. I pray you know I would have been that aunt that would have spoiled you as a baby., taken you horse back riding as a toddler, and to basketball games as a boy… I only got the last few years to be your aunt and by then you were grown, a young man with places to go and friends to be with.
    I always wanted you to know I loved you no matter what… accepted your flaws and your strengths and always know I saw in you an amazing human being. I believe you both felt and knew I was there for you.

    Nephrew I need to thank you for one more thing – your amazing son. This gift you gave to all of us is extra special to me. I want you to know I treasure him like no one else and I promise to watch him grow and guide and teach and be apart of his life.
    I will tell him stories of a fine young man who couldn’t stay on this earth but loved him with his entire heart and soul. I will share smiles with him about you. I will tell him every single time I see him how great his dad’s love is.., I will say it in the present sense so he will know you are never gone – you wil always live – you are a part of him and not even death can take that away.

    Rest peacefully my handsome nephew knowing you are loved and cherished by Auntie –
    You will forever be my nephrew. I am forever honored to be your aunt.

  • Rayna Septinelli says:

    Little Mike Crummie, My heart does not even know where to begin. I will always remember the “kid” little Mike and you “still” being the big O’l kid at heart. I remember camping one of those many times when you were younger and for some reason I was alone on one trip and had to sleep in a tent by myself, I want to say it was your pop up tent, and you knew I was scared. So what did you do? You put those Blaire witch sticks outside my tent and some chicken bones LOL ! Always playin. That’s the lil Mike I remember and will cherish and all the good times we “all” spent together as a family during your time growing up. Your Mom and Dad lost their beautiful baby much too soon and your son his father, the light of his eyes. I am deeply saddened and hurt. You are a beautiful young man and a beautiful angel. Please watch over your family and spread your wings wide. We will miss you on earth but will see you when we come home to the Heavens. Jeanae, Cherie and Bruh bruh will miss you too. There are so many stories and memories I could go on, but I just wanted you to know I’m here and share a little piece of your life in mine. Love you little Mike may you rest in peace .
    Love , Rayna , Jeanae , Cherie Bruh bruh.

  • Samani turner says:

    Hey mike it’s big head mani as you use to call me. I miss you knocking at our front door yelling crummie. Your in a better place now! Love you bro seen you soon ❤️

  • Sugar Rogers Pucci says:

    Oo Mike.. little Mike.. you were so loved and adored by many. I shared alot of laughs with you and Bettie boop too. Sky diving was a thrill, but so was your beautiful smile. Rest in Peace.. Live Sugar

  • Tan Pham says:

    Rest In Peace Lil Mike. We shall cherish our memories until we meet again. The time I met baby Michael was the best time; even better than when we went fishing when you grew up. Uncle Tan loves you! I know that you’re somewhere up there smiling down upon us.
    Death ends a life, not a relationship
    ~Mitch Albom

  • Aniya says:

    Hey it’s aniya a.k.a little girl Nita as used to call me I hope u know that I really miss you and pray you rest in peace #lilmike #luvyou

  • Rayna says:

    Happy Heavenly Birthday lil Mike RIH and watch over Mill your Mom and Dad ❤️ 💜 💖 .

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