May Seem

Feb 5, 1954 - Nov 6, 2019


May Seem, age 65, passed away peacefully on November 6, 2019 at Laguna Park Care Home in Elk Grove, California. She was born February 5, 1954 in Hong Kong to Yuk Wong and Wai Lam. She left Hong Kong in 1972 to study in California and graduated in 1977 from California State University, Hayward. She married Randy Seem on April 12 in the same year in Reno. She worked as a bookkeeper with Burton French Lumbar until 1990. She started to work at Dolan’s Lumber since June that year. She was Controller at the company before her retirement in 2019.
May was a very devoted daughter; beloved wife, sister, aunt and friend; as well as faithful, hardworking and intelligent employee. Baptized as a Christian at 18 in Hong Kong, she lived out her faith as a caring, forgiving, generous, helpful, humble and kind-hearted person.
Since May was a child in Hong Kong, her Mom supported the family by working as a seamstress at home. After school, May worked hard to help Mom sew clothes. After her Dad and Mom immigrated to California, she took care of them during weekends. She lived life to the fullest through simple pleasures such as chatting with friends and family, eating gourmet foods, reading the Bible and novels, watching baseball games and listening to music. She also loved travelling in the US and Canada for vacations.
May is survived by her father; her husband; her dog, Pele; her brother, David; her sisters, Yee and Chi; four nephews and many cousins.


  • May's sister, Yee says:

    You Were a Blessing To Us, My Dearest May! Written by Yee Your life on earth, though shorter than desired, was a wonderful blessing from God to me and many others around you. The Lord created you as a loving, kind-hearted, forgiving, generous, supportive, helpful, trustworthy and humble person. You lavished love on us, catered to our wishes and whims, gave us sound advice, walked with us in bad times, laughed with us in good times, and made sacrifices for our good. I remember when I was in my final year of high school, you sponsored my education even when you could hardly make ends meet yourself. Every weekend, despite your fatigue from work, you would come to our parents’ house with fancy gifts and gourmet foods, and took care of Dad and Mom faithfully after their immigration to California. As a faithful controller at Dolan’s Lumber, you often took up challenging tasks and worked overtime. When I suggested you to ask for a pay rise, you said you didn’t want to increase the expenditure of your boss. You were so fond of your job that you still wanted to go to work despite your frailty in the last few weeks before your departure. Your relationship with your colleagues was so good that you considered some of them your sisters. Since 1972 you and I had been living on different sides of the Pacific Ocean, pursuing different dreams and goals, but our bonds remained stronger than ever. In the last 24 years, you took me and my husband almost every year to explore different national and state parks of America. We hiked and chatted in the parks, feasting our eyes on the amazingly beautiful creations of God and getting a taste of heaven. The sceneries that our gaze took in have become an inspiration of my watercolor paintings. The Bee Gees were our favorite singers. We both liked their song “First of May” so much that we celebrated this day every year as your day by sending each other beautiful greeting cards and listening to the song. With God’s strength in you, you were a strong cancer fighter. When I was anxious about your declining health, you reminded me to pray for you and trust in the Lord. You never gave in to despair however much you suffered from cancers in the last 2 years. Last year, when we took a cruise together to Alaska, you still went for excursions with us at every port our vessel called. In the last few months of your life on earth, upon Chi’s insistence, you stayed at her home so that she, David and I could take care of you. During that period, you hardly showed any anxiety about your illness and slept well at night. Although you had wobbly legs, you still helped out with house chores and hung out with us at restaurants, shops and local parks. We even had a wonderful time together in Muir Woods! “I wish I were your dog!” were often the remarks from many people who saw the ardent love you showed to your canine sons. You pampered your dogs and took them to work every day. Both Trampor and Nicolai were happy dogs who died at a ripe old age. A few years ago, when a neighbor’s ferocious dog tried to attack Pele in the back yard of Mom’s house, your arm got badly bitten by the dog when you were protecting Pele from the attack. What a blessing you were to your dogs! I miss you so much that I can’t help weeping now and then. (Jesus wept over Lazarus too.) The Bible says, “God will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.” I believe Jesus is taking good care of you now and you are having a joyful reunion with Mom and other relatives in Heaven. God be with you till we meet again at Jesus’s feet!

  • Chi Wong says:

    Miss you Chi Dear May, I miss you a lot! You were such a good sister and a wonderful person to everyone around you. I am glad that we spent good quality time together during the last few months you stayed at my house. We ate, strolled in the park, watched TV, shopped, had dessert and went on trips together. It was always a joy to have you around. You were such a joyful person and I really love to hear you laugh or see you smile. You were kindhearted, honest, humble, generous, intelligent and hardworking. You excelled at school and we were proud of you when you graduated from college. You were also humorous. Every time we chatted we always had big laughs. I looked up to you because you were my well respected sister. You always gave me sound advice whenever I had some difficult issue to deal with. You were always positive and supportive particularly when we encountered problems taking care of our parents. You were a devoted daughter, wife and sister. I remembered that one time I was so sick that you took a day off from work and drove a long way to Sacramento and took me to the doctor. You always thanked me for taking care of mom as if it were your own responsibility to take care of her. In fact, I could not thank you enough for taking care of mom on your only day off so I could get some rest. You loved to travel and I had always hope that when you retire we could go on vacation together. It is not possible to travel with you any more but Heaven is the most beautiful place in the universe. It is comforting to know you are in the best place with mom now and resting in peace. Love Chi

  • V Griffin says:

    My sweet dear friend of nearly 30 years. I have been truly blessed. How we have grown together these many years that seem so short a time. What a gift to work with another faithful person these years with similar beliefs about faith and family. For many years every morning we listed to Louis Armstrong’s What a wonderful world to set the mood for our day. We shared the ups and downs of the years with compassion, honor, laughter and joy. Your laughter lit up the room……..such a sweet sound. You love your family and were particularly proud of your nephews. I am grateful for the times we had these past years of hospital stays when I would be with you in the evenings when your dear family had to travel home and I didn’t want you to be alone, the comfort of conversations and just being together were wonderful as part of me was missing, not being together in the days. Dear Lord Bless this family who traveled far and wide to be sure she had the best at all times……….for she is magnificent and would have done no less for them. Peace be with you dear family.

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