Marcia Ann Studley

Jan 13, 1958 - Jul 19, 2022

East Lawn Memorial Park East Sacramento
4300 Folsom Blvd
Sacramento, CA, 95819


Marcia Ann Studley of Sacramento, passed on July 19, 2022, as a result of cancer.  She is the daughter of George and Lucyle Studley, who predeceased her, and sister of Diane Studley, the surviving family member.

Marcia was eclectic in what she did in her life.  Her ultimate aim was to give love and be in loving connection with others. She graduated from El Camino High School, American River College, and attended Brigham Young University, coming up just short of a degree there. She went on to work in insurance, retail customer service, and did a handful of other “outside” endeavors in which she found interest.  Marcia had a passion for travel, writing, and her dogs.

Some of her travels took her into Australia, across the Panama Canal, to Hawaii, England, and other places across America. She was an avid Fan Club leader and participant for several actors.  First was Robert Fuller, who played Jesse Harper in the television western Laramie, Cooper Smith in Wagon Train, and Dr. Kelly Bracket in Emergency; second, was Patrick Swayze of Ghost and Dirty Dancing fame; and third, was Alfie Boe, who played one of the Jean Valjean’s in Les Miserables with his beautiful tenor voice.  She appreciated so much their depth of humanity as individuals, that went far beyond their “actor” roles.  These traits are what held these actors in her heart, as she interacted with them in person, especially when Robert Fuller visited our family at our home.

Marcia did a number of types of writing over the years in the local community paper and in small journals, where she felt free to express her views on current affairs. In the later part of her life, she began a pursuit called “fan fiction,” which is a creative enterprise, based on the fictional characters coming from known movies.  She extended these characters into further fictional lives, always expounding on themes that were positive, welcoming, and accepting of differences.  Her site has almost three-quarters of a million viewers, and many have expressed their appreciation to her for her writing.

Our parents were from a small town and a country village.  They were smart, and they were meek.  They came from that greatest generation, who simply worked hard for what they had and never complained about it!  We were reared without prejudice and without greed for that which we did not have.  Clearly, both of our grandparents were “poor,” but we never knew it.  Rather, we loved to run across fields without fences, catching the fireflies, watching our grandmothers harvesting their crops or doing their master gardening. We loved our family conversations, our dogs, and doing things like the time we went to Las Vegas to see Barbra Streisand at the MGM Grand in 1994. This foundation is what was carried throughout our lives.

To my sister, thank you for sharing the ride of life with me.  You kept the flame of that focal point provided by our parents.  It is seen in all of your writing and in your love for your dogs. Tessa and Gracie miss you.  But, don’t worry! I have them in my arms, as promised.  Remember what Jack said to Daniel, “Go to your happy place!”


  • Irene Gobeli says:

    I never met Marcia live and in person, but I was on her Swayzemania List for many years. Through her I met so many wonderful people. Marcia had a knack for making everyone feel welcome there and we had such a fun time. Those friendships have lasted over the years and for that I will always be thankful. Marcia was one of a kind and a very loving lady. She will be missed but definitely remembered by many. Remember….you take the love with you, Marcia.

  • Leise Martinez says:

    I am grateful that I got to speak w Marcia shortly before she passed ; I understand her connection with her dogs and being Diane’s friend I know that Marcia has always been present for Diane. Marcia’s influence and connections are truly impressive.
    Leise Martinez

  • Lisa Cooley says:

    I first “met” Marcia thru her Swayzemania fan group, where we shared our love for Patrick Swayze. I was able to meet Marcia in Houston for a Patrick Swayze movie premiere. She was just as nice in person. I wouldn’t have met some of the wonderful people I know without her. She will be missed.

  • Crystal Berger says:

    Marcia you brought so much joy to my life.
    Rest in peace, thank you for being my friend.

  • Mary Anne Beaudoin says:

    I also met Marcia on her Swayzemania fan group. She was so much fun and was a great List Mom! There were fans from around the world on her fan group page. R.I.P. she will be missed.

  • Rose Stinson says:

    What a wonderful tribute to your sister Marcia. I’m happy to read how much she was appreciated and loved! She was truly one of a kind who lived her life as she wanted and doing the things she loved. She is in God’s arms now, maybe even starting a new fan club!

  • Lynn McPeak says:

    Diane creates magic with her beautiful words. Her tribute to Marcia is so endearing and her stories paint such a nice highlight of Marcia’s passions.

  • Giannina Santangelo says:

    Although I never had the privilege of meeting Marcia, knowing from your words that she had the same values that
    you possess, means that she was an incredible woman. This is simply a beautiful tribute to your sister. My hope is that the vacuum she leaves will soon be filled with all of the love your friends have for you. May courage and strength take you through this journey in search of peace.

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