Lois Evelyn Tobias

Dec 10, 1915 - Jan 23, 2010



This is my memorial and tribute to my mother, Lois Tobias. This dear lady I only got to come to know in her later years, since about1978. She had been separated and divorced from my father since I was only about a year or two old.

But as I got to know her and hear her life story, I came to realize what a remarkable woman she was, with grace and courage and a strength of will that was amazing considering all she had gone through from her childhood on.

She was born in the area of Sidney or Glendive MT., where my grandfather had homesteaded. Her mother, my grandmother, was a teacher. My grandparents were divorced, my grandmother moved to Idaho with a new husband. She died of TB. An aunt from Sidney took the two youngsters and moved them to a hardscrabble homestead in Kansas.

They were overworked, underfed and not treated well at all. My uncle joined the Army in the early 30’s, became friends with my father, who met and married his friend’s sister. This marriage, as noted, was not happy or successful. She moved to Colorado, later met and married a man name Crumley and moved to Sacramento.

As always, she worked, took care of her home, and in the meantime had a son, James. Sadly, this marriage also went sour, due to Crumley’s lack of responsibility, and drinking. From that time, she worked and took care of her son James. I believe that during this time is when she discovered that the Hound of Heaven had been looking and waiting for her. She gladly took her place in His arms and turned her life over to Jesus. Sometime after this, she met the true love of her life, a very good man, Simon Tobias. This was a happy and successful marriage with many blessings, which lasted only a short six years or so, when Simon was tragically taken from her by cancer, I believe. She continued on working and raising her son until retirement.

Some time after, James was through school, had set up a chiropractic practice in Grass Valley, I believe. It was about this time that we made contact again. We had some good times together when she visited with us several times. Then in 1984, tragedy struck again, when she lost James.

Through all of this, I have never known her to lose her faith, blame God for her losses, her love for her family or look back at any one who caused her pain with vengeance. As stated earlier, I came to know her as an amazing woman of strength, power of will and grace and deep abiding faith. She leaves a family of 10 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren and 1 great great grandchild, and of course one son and daughter in law. Charles G McKeen


  • Stan & Laurie Bernstein says:

    We are glad that Lois was a part of our church family and our lives. She was a good person and a loving Christian woman. We are sad to lose her, but are glad she is no longer suffering and is with her Savior in heaven.

  • Debbie L. McKeen Sparks says:

    My grandmother, Lois Tobias, loved the Lord and was a strong, determined, and kind woman — and will be missed on this earth – but how I envy her as she comes with certainty into the arms of her Savior and Lord, Jesus…. Hallelujah — see you soon, Grandma!

  • Richard and Isabelle Rohr says:

    Although we only knew Lois for 3 years as a part of our church family, “we loved her” as she was such a kindly woman and know she loved the Lord. We will miss her so much but know she is in a better place. May God Bless her family and Loved ones.

  • Mabel Rohr says:

    My Mother Mabel Rohr sends her sadness for the loss of such a wonderful woman and says she will be missed.

  • George & Penny Emmett says:

    Lois was an inspiration for all of us. She held His banner high! Her greatest desire was to be with her Lord, her wish has been granted, she is now in His loving arms, where we all want to be some day. God bless you Lois! George & Penny

  • Juanita S. Ross says:

    I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love. Leo Buscaglia Although we weren’t able to spend every day together, I feel as though Gramma Tobias was always with us once we were blessed to know her. She was a lady with class, grace and earned her way! We were blessed that she was a grandparent who was a part of the much needed support system for those grandchildren who learn life-long lessons from even one connection. She was that connection! With love, Juanita

  • Lori Vincent says:

    I will miss my Gramma Lois being on this earth with us. I believe the last time she was in Montana was for my wedding. Her advice to me at the time was enjoy every moment and don’t go to bed angry with each other. Time on this earth is short. I’m sad she is gone but happy she is now forever with her beloved Simon Tobias as well as treasured son Jim. She is happy now. Her granddaughter Lori, and Family Jim, Erin and Kyle

  • Victor & Barbara Arnett says:

    We sorrow not as others because we have hope. Hope in Jesus Christ. This is what Lois had. She truely loved the Lord and His Word. It was always good to visit her and share the Word and pray with her. We will miss her and rejoice she is with her Lord. May the Lord comfort her family and friends with His love and peace.

  • Kathryn McKeen, Granddaughter says:

    I walked with her during her visits to Montana…it was always amazing to me how long she could walk down side streets and across parks, spying the gardens and the quaint little houses in different neighborhoods. We shared that intrigue. And the stories she would tell gave me connection to her world, her life, her love. She was a fascinating woman and one I truly wish I could have known more fully. In the end, it is the love she offered without question that wove her into the fabric of our family. But for me, I will always remember “the walk” and the intricate stories of her life. Rest well, Grandma Lois, rest well. You are loved.

  • Patrick McKeen says:

    Peace. see you on the other side grandma , then we can have many more walks together through God’s eternal kingdom.It will be AWESOME!

  • Jennifer Phung says:

    Lois is such a sweet and loving lady. I met her at St Francis and everytime I came to visit, I would read her the daily bread. I miss her so much and wished I was with her during her last days. Unfortunately I found out too late, may she rest in peace.

  • patrick mckeen says:

    grandma, say hi to my dad , your son, there in Gods great kingdom. i know that you two are very likely enjoying Heavens awesomeness together and knowing that when the Lord calls me home someday we all will be together again. miss you , but will see you sooner live,laugh and love

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