James C. Roberts

Mar 14, 1944 - Jan 14, 2019


On Monday, January 14, 2019, James C. Roberts, loving husband, father, and grandfather passed away at age 74. James was born on March 14, 1944 in Kermit, TX to Mary Jane and James C. Roberts IV. He attended Texas A&M and served in the Air Force, spending most of his career as a civilian communications specialist for the U.S. Navy, following that as an electrician at various sites. He married Nam Thi Thai on September 8, 1973. They raised four daughters, Hong, Nga, Sandy, and Michelle. James was preceded in death by his father James and his mother Mary Jane. He is survived by his wife Nam, his four children, Hong, Nga, Sandy, and Michelle, his brothers George and Michael, his sister Sandra, and his grandchildren Anthony, Johnathon, Marissa, Maxwell, and Alexander.


  • gwhaile@cox.net says:

    James and I went to junior high and high school together in San Antonio, TX. I have known him for over 60 years. He was quiet and smart with an easy-going personality. Our group was interested in auto mechanics and he was a mainstay of the group. He probably still owns his Chevy Camaro. My wife, who went to school with us, remembers his great smile and the chuckle that went with it. We are both terribly saddened by his passing but are glad he was part of our lives. He and his family are in our thoughts. Gary Haile

    • Sandra Herrington says:

      Thank you Gary for being my brother’s friend. He always said that you and Don were his best high school friends. Did you and Don go on the Route 66 trip? Did you race with him at the San Antonio Speedway? He had to sell his yellow Camaro to get out of a bad job in Guam to get he and his family back to California. Apparently, the job wasn’t what the contract said. Our dad didn’t know until after he sold the car for passage back. My dad would have helped him but James didn’t want my dad to have to know about everything until later.

    • gwhaile@cox.net says:

      James and I made the transcontinental trip together…Don was not along for this adventure. He and I did many trips to the dragstrip together in San Antonio.

  • Don Mahoney says:

    I met James when we were about 14 years old and we both had a paper route with the San Antonio News. After school we would meet at the paper drop and he would load up the sidecar on his Allstate scooter and deliver his papers. We both attended Longfellow Junior and Jefferson High School. We spent our time working on cars and playing cards. James had a 57 Ford that used oil as fast as he could pour it in. After James got out of the Air Force and returned home we spent weekends water skiing at Canyon Lake until life and work sent us in separate directions. James was a great friend and would do anything to help a friend out. My son’s middle name is James after my good friend James Roberts. Thanks for the memories.

    • Sandra Herrington says:

      Don, You and Gary were his best high school friends. He also said that. Thank you for being a true friend to him. Ok off the record. Who was driving my parent’s boat when it was wrecked? Also, did you go on the Route 66 trip with him?

    • Don Mahoney says:

      James was driving the boat but it was not wrecked. We were just cruising across the lake and I was sitting in the back when I noticed water coming in. I told James we better get back to land before we sink and we were lucky to get back to the boat ramp. I don’t think we had any life vest. I guess it was just an old wood boat with a weak transom. I did not go on the Route 66 trip.

  • Tara Jacobs says:

    My husband Jay and I have known Jim since 1972 when we were apartment neighbors in Sacramento. He was at our wedding and we were at his one month later. We eventually moved to Southern California, but always remained in touch, and called back and forth whenever my team The Rams played his team Dallas Cowboys. We would trash talk and bet. Jim was a man that handled anything that came at him and then moved on. He loved his wife and family and fixing things. He got a kick out of simple things that happened in every day life. He dealt very well with his cancer these last 3 years and fought the good fight. He is pain free and looking for things to keep busy in heaven. Glad to have been your friend James.

  • Abe Lewkowicz says:

    I was the very last ElectronicsTech to work with Jim at the Navy Comm site where he’d retired, Jim and I had worked the Mid to 8am shift together. He was a great guy to work with and mentored me on a few pieces of equipment and brought me up to speed. He was bar none, one of the sharpest individuals in the field I’ve ever known in my career. In our downtime at work, our conversations always had laughter, we both shared the same political views and joked all the time over stuff … anything. The day of his retirement party, deep down inside I felt hurt to see him go, what a great guy! He made going to work something to look forward to and I feel very obliged and honored to have been his co worker on the mid shift. To his family, I’m deeply sorry for your loss, They don’t make guys like Jim anymore and I will miss him. Very Respectfully Abe Lewkowicz

  • I want to thank everyone for your kind words and flowers that were sent for my father. Nice tributes to a man that was respected, loved, and liked by everyone who had the privilege of crossing his path. He passed peacefully, all his wishes were followed, and he was surrounded by the people he wanted at his bedside. We shall never forget him, will always love him, and miss him for the rest of our lives.

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