Haynes Monroe Hunter

Aug 2, 1934 - Sep 6, 2022

East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park
9189 East Stockton Blvd.
Elk Grove , CA, 95624



  • Lula Denice Lowe says:

    It was my pleasure to have known and loved Haynes for most of my life. A remarkable husband and father….and brother-in-law. His children and grandchildren are blessed.

  • gayla f cranford says:

    Thank God for Haynes Monroe Hunter. You have rescued me from many untoward situations just by being there and speaking a few words to some unsavory people. I love you because you loved my sister so much.

  • Alicia Moore says:

    Freedom!!!! We love and cherish memories of you!!!! The Real One!!!!!!💯💜💜💜


    Love You Unc…and my Mom loved you as well…you were one of a few that called my Mom by her middle name, Dean…we as a famliy truly enjoyed your visits, often impromptu.. I soaked up every word/knowledge you always shared, indepedently but always factually…you and my Dad are my barometer of Manhood…I am who I am because of you…give Mom a big hug for me!

  • Jerry & DelVonne Moore says:

    We praise the Good Lord for your presence and love you shared with us throughout the years. My Dad fell in Love with which made particularly happy & you loved him.
    Jerry said “he loved you from day one”, cousin. You’re one of the reasons I love this family. We taled a lot. Thank you!
    I’m happy that you are resting in peace and thank you for being and exploiting the integrity necessary for young men & women to witness. We love you from the bottom of our hearts & hope we all get to see you upstairs. Much Much love to you and our family. PEACE & LOVE!

  • Mary Joe/Alex Joe says:

    Mr. Hunter a man who raised a beautiful family, we salute you. We will continue to pray for your wife and family. Thanks for giving out standards for our young men. Job well done.

  • Triana Briggs says:

    Words can’t express what I’m feeling I am grateful, honored, and also Inspired by the memories and Influences you have instilled in me and upon your family and love ones “tough enough”was always your quote to me I now truly understand what you meant I love you I know you are having a ball up there please say hi to Mama and Auntie Gloria for me and tell them Thank you for walking with me and all of your love ones till we meet again Rest In Peace I love you Uncle -Triana

  • Rod Morgan says:

    Mr. Hunter a man amongst men strong and blessed. His son James is one of my best friends thru James is how I know how great of a man Mr. Hunter is loving his family always and teaching us all how to elevate our lives.

  • Brent Tuggle says:

    When you Known someone for Almost 40yrs you tend to not Realize the Impact they have in your Life and Around you(especially when it came to Dominoes). Mr. Haynes Hunter definitely Had that IMPACT. He always told me Know matter how many kids I Have, Just do Right By Them….I definitely will be looking for him in the Afterlife for a Game of Dominoes…We lost a Real One
    ..Men Among Men!

  • Tondrick Collins says:

    A great father and great man. I remember the man that made the best Chile in the world. You will be forever missed!

  • Myra Warren says:

    Can’t tell how you have influenced so many lives. Your words of wisdom alway remained with us. Each one has a saying that we obtained from you. May you family keep strong and love tighter. We all love and will miss you dearly.

  • Geno (Eugene) Minniefield Jr. says:

    Heavenly Father thank you for the life of Haynes Monroe Hunter and the wonderful memories and the positive impact he made in the lives of his family and friends. Please heal, comfort and strengthen the Hunter family during this life change. Thank you for making a way for our spirt to live on with you in heaven by way of you Love! -John 3:16-
    Unc…your hearty laughs are etched in memories. The wisdom you shared still speaks, many times has an even deeper meaning as time goes on. The joy and good energy shared between you, and my parents (Dad mostly) during the frequent visits were always welcomed and once or twice needed.

    Love you Unc…

    Love, Peace & Blessings

  • Cherene Briggs says:

    My uncle Haynes is everything to me. MORE like a father, he took my brother and I under his wings, and raised us up, giving us time, love, wisdom, guidance, and so much more, as if we were his children. You see my uncle Haynes was unique. Unlike any other. Standing alone, he single-handedly used two words,tough enough, to inspire, and empower, and for that, I am forever grateful. Forever, I will always love you. You done too well. You’ve done too good. You too tough uncle! Rest now….your special niece, Cherene Lyvonne.

  • LaNeesa Cornelius says:

    Take your rest Uncle. Know that you have done an immaculate job here with your family (immediate and extended). We will never forget you nor your teachings. We will make sure that you will live on forever in our repeated stories and vivid memories that we will continue to share with everyone we come in contact with…especially our babies. I am forever grateful for you to have loved me, and I will miss hearing you affectionately calling me “Niecey” and “NieceyPoo”. LaNeesa

  • You took me under your wide spreading wings when God sent you to me I didn’t know I was protected by an angel,in the form of a giant man.Your stature was mighty and your heart was even stronger.what where and who would I be without you?Everything you did for us looked effortless me and Cherene are blessed to have your live and guidance your time and presence. “IT AINT HARD ITS L.I.F.E” love and miss you uncle(Dad) Rest your job here is done.

    Love Always and Forever your boy Relly Keigh

  • Tony Briggs says:

    Congratulations Unc you made it. I appreciate the work and wisdom you left behind that are in my Dad, uncles, and aunties that will help us keep being the better versions of ourselves. Now it’s up to us to pass that wisdom down and build up our works in this earthly realm until we reunite in the the spirit realm through Jesus Christ. Until next time.

  • Gracie Briggs says:


    I’ve reflected so much on my time with you and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. I think about how thankful I’ll always be for the lessons I’ve learned from you. Important lessons. Life lessons. Lessons that I’ve passed down to my kids to carry them through, encourage them, and guide them like you’ve guided me. You always simplified things for me. Boy. I’d be running a hundred miles an hour -going no where fast- and you’d just laugh (heartily) and fix everything for me with a sentence or two. Whether it was people or plants…everything flourished around you. Everything you touched grew. I grew because of you.

    You’ve planted strong seeds inside of my heart. You showed me my worth when I didn’t see it. My strength when I couldn’t find it, and courage to stand on decisions that were hard for me to make. I still hear your voice talking to me. You left this world but you will always be with me.

    As we celebrate you’re life today, I just wanna say thank you, Uncle. Thank you for everything you planted inside of me. I got it. No more calling lemons, oranges. No more leaping before I look to see what it is I’m getting myself into. I see it all so clearly now. I get it. Thank you for your wisdom and your long labor of love. Thank you for walking me down the aisle to join your Relly Keigh. Thank you for raising him and teaching him the lessons that he needed to navigate our family through this life…to endure…to stand on what’s right.

    I love you uncle.

    Until we meet again, rest in God’s perfect peace.

    Gracie Briggs

  • Lamont says:

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Hunter family.

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