Ham Tuyen Banh

Dec 29, 1924 - Apr 9, 2012


Banh, Ham T.

12-29-1924 – 04-09-2012

Age 87, born in Hubei, China on Dec. 29, 1924.  Entered into eternal peace
in Sacramento, CA on Apr. 09, 2012 surrounded by his family.  Survived by
his loving wife of 69 years, Anh. He was a beloved father to five sons: Hai
Sanh, Viet Sanh, My Man, Khanh Sanh and Xuyen Sanh; 3 daughters: Huynh Phuong,
Hue Phuong and Thuy Phuong. He will also be missed by his 7 sons and
daughters-in-law. His memory will also be cherished by his 32 grandchildren and
18 great-grandchildren. Friends and family are invited to the visitations on
Friday 4/13 from 4-8pm and Saturday 4/14 from 1-5pm.  The funeral service
will be held on Sunday 4/15 at 10am.


  • tho vinh banh says:

    te te, thank you for blessing me with my name having been lucky enough to share your birthday month & day. te te, we exist as family because of you and pho pho. to be the sole breadwinner for your mother, grandmother & younger brother at the tender age of 13 with your father’s passing is more than what most of us can comprehend, let alone experience. thank you for your sacrifice. for the courage to bring your family to viet nam in search of a better life and greater opportunities in your early twenties & without knowing the language, without the structure and security of a home or a job, you built a business and a family from the ground up. thank you for your sacrifice. for quietly sending each of our names to add to the book of our family tree that now runs 142 generations long and deep. the hardship you endured and sacrifices you made will not be in vain. your wonderful legacy lives on in all of us. may you rest in peace. love you, te te. your grand daughter, xu.

  • Huyen Ha says:

    Chung con xin chia buon cung toan the gia ddinh.

  • Minh ly says:

    Sorry for your loss in your family. I will not be able to attend cemetery on Saturday. Rest in peace mr Banh. We will miss you!! I am Minh, a friend of Vo’s . Mr banh’s grandson.

  • Van Hy Ly says:

    I am please get to know you for the last 30 years, I had a good visit you last Summer. I am proud of you that you have raise the wonderful children/grand children. You will be miss and rest in peace.

  • Jerry Willie says:

    I am very sorry to hear about the Banh family and my friend Binh’s loss of Mr. Banh. Please accept my condolences. I would have liked to be there Saturday, but will be unable to make it to Sacramento.

  • Jerry Faustino says:

    To The Banh and my friend Binh, I’m very sorry for your lost in your family. I may not be in the viewing and service schedule due to work this week, my thoughts and prayers go to those he left behind. God Bless Mr Banh and your family.

  • Hanh Chung says:

    Rest in Peace, and I’ll miss you,Te Te!

  • Keith Dughi says:

    Rest in Peace

  • Ngo Minh De says:

    We are deeply sadden to learn that your father passed away on Monday. Minh De and family

  • Thao Nguyen says:

    Rest in peace, Te Te!

  • 刘旭东 says:

    姑妈,您好= 今早获悉姑父因病去世,国内亲坋深感悲痛,但远距海外,无力剝赴坊唝,特坑此件略表心愝,在此,我代表全家坑您致以最亲切的问候,请您节哀,保針身体,并坑所有耝表致以深切的问候=希望他们来国内旅游! 舅侄:刘旭东上敬 2012年4月11日晚

  • liuxuan says:

    Dear Te Te,we fell into deep grief on the news of your sudden passing away. you will be long live in our memory and the world will remember the great contribution you’ve made.we had the previlege to be tied with you by blood. And the past memories with you and your family always come to me.

  • Vo Tran says:

    Dear Te Te, I miss you! Loving and caring for all of us made you busy. I want to thank you for all that you have done for me and our family. The memories about you will be remain in our heart. I love you, and I wish you will in good hand of God. Rest in peace, Te Te.

  • Alan Banh says:

    Dear Te Te, As I’m sitting here thinking back on all the great times we had with our big family gatherings, I can always picture you walking around with your camera taking pictures of everyone. It makes me smile each time. Pictures can bring our happiest moments at the times that we have forgotten them. You have taken so many pics that at one time you asked why the camera couldn’t take anymore and it’s because you never take out/delete those years of pictures. So much memories. In my lifetime, you were the king of our family. You grew an army of a strong, proud family. You motivated us to live our life one happy step at a time. You were always so calm and you always tell us to eat healthy, exercise, and never give up. One change makes way for the next, giving us the opportunity to grow. We will continue to fill in your life journal with our lives. We have future kings to take over what you have left, but will never be forgotten. I will miss you forever. Always in my heart. Thank you.

  • Brice Ngo says:

    Dear Te Te, Words can not express all the hardships you have gone through to get to where you were. You’ve been an inspiration and I am thankful for the strength that you have given this family. You shall always be in our memories and our hearts. 88 Years young and a fighter till the end. Rest in peace. Love you.

  • Brian says:

    Dear Te Te, Although you have departed from this world, your legacy still remains. Within a lifetime that spanned across three different countries, there must have been plenty of hardships and struggles you had to endure, yet you were still able to raise a large wonderful, happy family. You set the foundation to how a family should be and instilled those values in me. I know you loved to pull out your camera to take pictures, to capture and remember the moments throughout life. Now I realize how important those moments in life can be. Snapshots once taken, shows a point in time, that can never be retraced, yet those snapshots are moments that last as our memories. I will forever cherish my memories of you te te. I hope you have a reliable camera with you, and I wish you the best within your next journey. I love you, and want you to know that you will always be in my heart.

  • Nghiep & Chi says:

    Dear Binh, Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved grandfather. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Take care, Nghiep & Chi

  • Serena Banh says:

    Dear Te Te, As I am sitting here thinking of ways to express my appreciation for all that you have done for our family, I realize that there are no words to truly describe much you have impacted each and every one of our lives, how eternally grateful we are for all you have done as head of our family, or how much we all wish you were still here. Thank you for raising such an incredibly strong and tight-knit family. You are the definition of a trooper, because even during my visit when you were at the rehabilitation home, you were still working hard to push yourself and readjust your body in your wheelchair. God just needed another angel in heaven and it brings warmth to my heart to know that you are in a better place. I love you Te Te.

  • Alex Banh says:

    Dear Te Te, You have always been a symbol of strength in our family. Not only that, but you were always so kind and caring to every one of us. I’ll never forget these memories of you, especially during Chinese New Year, when we all saw you as the head of our wonderful gigantic family. I truly feel blessed to have been able to grow up being your grandson. Love you always.

  • Angela Ngo says:

    Dear Te Te, Thank you for being one of the strongest people I know and for absolutely everything that you’ve done for our entire family. I will forever miss your fascination with things and that chuckle you had whenever you found something amusing. I love you and we will all continue to work hard to make you proud.

  • Binh Huynh says:

    Dear Te Te, Thank you for everything that you have done for me and my family. I am so proud to have you as my grandpa and I am very thankful that I have you in my life. If there were an afterlife, I wish that I would become your grandchild again. You are the grandfather that every grandchild wishes they had. I am not going to say “good bye” to you, Te Te because it is not a “good bye”. It’s just a long “I’ll see you later”. I know that I will see you again some day Te Te. Until that day, please take good care of yourself Te Te. I miss you so much and I will forever love you Te Te.

  • Xinh says:


  • Vince Banh says:

    Dear Te Te, We will never forget what you have built for our family. Some of my fondest memories came during Chinese New Year’s, where you would sit at the head of the table watching over all of us with a look of satisfaction and peacefulness. I am so glad I got a chance to visit you before you passed away, and even then you continued to show your strength and courage. I know you will continue to watch over our family from up above. Don’t worry, we will continue your legacy that you have started for us. Love you and thank you for everything that you have done.

  • Jason Banh says:

    Dear Te-Te, You are at a better place now and I am sure you are up there building a kingdom for us. I have a lot of memories of you and I will never forget your strength to go on. One of my favorite last memories of you happened about two weeks ago when you were at rehabilitation, convalescent home; you were in your wheelchair and you wanted to get off and sit on the couch. It sounded weird at the time but after we got you seated, you were a king on a throne. Don’t worry about us here, our time together might be over but our memories are forever. Phat

  • Junelle Banh says:

    Dear Lao Te Te, I love you and thank you for taking care of me. You are really nice and helpful. We will love you forever.

  • Yen Pham says:

    Dear Te Te, I have been very blessed to marry into your family. You are a kind man and a wonderful grandfather to all of us. I wish you well in heaven. You will always remain in my heart. I miss you dearly. Rest in peace Te Te. Love you… Yen (and Jordyn)

  • Albert Tram says:

    Dear Lao Te Te, Thank you for all your hard work and effort to take care of me and my family. You are very nice and kind to all of us. You protect me and make me feel safe. Thank you Lao Te Te. I Love You.

  • Kai Dieng says:

    Dear Lao Te Te, thank you for taking care of me and my two sisters. You always watched over us and made sure that we didn’t get hurt. You always fed us when we were little. You will always be in my memory forever!

  • Caitlin Kim says:

    I wish you will rest in peace really good, Lao Te Te! Also, I appreciate how much you cared about us and we really, really miss you (which is everybody misses you)! I love you, Lao Te Te!

  • Roy Kim says:

    Rest in peace, Te Te!

  • Amy Banh says:

    Te Te, I miss you! I remember how much you love being healthy: exercising every morning, eating a banana every day, and watching your chinese news after your morning workout. I am proud you are my grandpa. I am thankful that you had the opportunity to meet and hold Caleb. I remember you visiting me at the hospital shortly after I gave birth. Te Te, I have always admired your intelligence and knowledge. May you rest in peace, Te Te. Your spirits will always be with us and you will be dearly missed. Please watch over us and bless our family. We will forever love you!

  • Crystal Tram says:

    I will never forget my childhood moments I had with you when you took great care of me. May you rest in paradise,.. I love you so much.

  • Katelyn Banh says:

    I will always remember you, Grandpa. I love you, and may you rest in peace. Love, Katelyn.

  • Courtney Banh says:

    I will miss you, Grandpa. You were always there, I will always remember you, and I hope you rest in peace. Love, Courtney.

  • Mila Banh says:

    Thank You Great Grandpa for taking care of me since I was young until now. I’ll miss you and I love you.

  • Nancy Banh says:

    To our Dearest Grandpa, No words can express the sadness and grief that we felt when you left us. We love you very much…Rest In Peace!!!

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