George Arthur 'Dr. RV' Cross, III

Nov 24, 1941 - Jul 28, 2014


George Arthur Cross III

Aka R.V. Doctor George

Born in Cleveland, Ohio on November 24, 1941, to Gizella and George A.Cross Jr.

Preceded in death by his parents, George descended into Heaven on July 28, 2014, to join them and other relatives who have gone on before him. George left behind his partner and love of his life for 26 years, Ginny Shaw; his brother, Michael of Sacramento, CA; two sons, Eric Todd Cross of Sacramento, CA and George Arthur Baldwin of Knoxville, Tennessee; and 5 beautiful grandchildren, Erica and Allie Cross of Sacramento; Anthony Baldwin of Knoxville, TN; April Baldwin now residing in Redding, CA; and Austin Miller of Citrus Heights, CA, currently serving in the U.S. Army at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.   With all his heart, George loved and cherished his sons and grandchildren.   Many other family members are left with only pictures and memories of George…..the man of the day….the go to man….the giving, kind man to all who knew him, generous to a fault….the favorite Uncle of Jason Johnson…. and the man who loved giving hugs.

George was always the life of the party, the scuba diver who always went the wrong direction under water, the one who attended his brother’s 50th birthday in a diaper with a binky and a huge baby bottle (it was a costume party, but George was the only one who wore one), the rest of the guests were dressed up….it didn’t bother George.

George was the sole owner of R.V. Doctor George, a recreation vehicle repair shop in Sacramento. His business always flourished because of George…he was the heart and soul of the business. He lived and breathed R.V.’s. His business was called the R.V. Stockyard of Sacramento, serving customers all over the United States and many foreign countries. If George didn’t have the R.V. part requested, most generally no one did. He was very fortunate to have an exceptional crew, he always said. George was able to go scuba diving and travel with Ginny thanks to the support and dedication of his crew.   He trusted and cared for each and every one of them.


  • Susan Leonard says:

    I only met George within the last two years of his life through his son George. This man welcomed me into his family as if we had known each other for years and for that I am thankful. His joy for life made me open my eyes to life, to smile, to be happy, to treat others with kindness, to work hard, but also to have fun in life. How blessed I am to have known him for even this short time.


    Hi Ginny my sinsere Condoldences. You are in my thoughts and prayers.And I have my arms wrapped fully around you ! If there is anything I can do or if you need help with things, I will be more than happy to come down and assisist you in any way I can ok. Please call me any time 916)969-3825 Sandra

  • Sid and Martie Rubenstein says:

    Sid and I have done business with George for the past 18 years. He was always down to earth, happy go luck type of guy. I Martie only met him personally twice, mostly over the phone. To the Cross Family we are sorry we did not attend the services. We just learned of Georges passing today. George, your husband, father was a wonderful man, a blessing to Sid and I when we first moved our business from So. Calif to the Sacramento area, he helped us with hard to find parts for our Tent Trailer Business. We are truly sorry for your loss as well as ours and everyone that works at RV Dr Georges. George you will forever be missed but never forgotten. We love you and thank you for all you have done for us over the years.

  • Gene booen says:

    Miss having you around. Hope you and Joyce is having a giOod time playing cribbage. Love you.

  • Eric Cross says:

    My dad, the hero in my life! the one guy who had an answer for everything that was put before him throughout my life! Big and strong and a heart the size of New York! Anyone who crossed his path through life would never forget him, for he touched the hearts of many. from day one in august of 1965 till July 28th of 2014 this man has taught me everything I needed to know on how to survive in this world. And although I may not have listened at times he was always there to pick me up when I fell, but made me understand the reasons why i fell! he was the most understanding individual one could ever meet, he was kind to everyone he knew, didnt have a mean bone in his body, unless you crossed him! at that point look out! He was loved by many, and be missed by all! I feel that he was taken from us sooner than need be, but I’m sure it was for good reason, he was needed somewhere else that was more important in guidance from the powers above. Not a day will go by that i wont say THANK YOU ILUVU

  • Susan Johnson says:

    George always said his hellos and goodnights with the warmest smile and hugest hug which I will truly miss. He and aunt Ginni made me feel like close family from the start and quickly became my favorite uncle and aunt despite the fact that I was technically only a “neice-in-law”. We had many good times eating, drinking, and playing poker or dominos together acting silly and laughing a lot. I really miss you Uncle George, Love Susan.


    Such great times growing up when we were all kids. Cousins that got along so well. Phyllis, ARTIE back then, Danny and Michael Cross and David and Judy Love. His name was Art till he went to the service. Our Mom and his parents and our grandfather Geo all worked at Dobeckmun Co.up the street,west,side of Cleveland .My brother and Art, Geo. were best of pals and he was my age and Dave and Phyllis were the same age. Played on 38th and Baily and Greenwood playground as our parents worked. Then we moved to Parma. George Arthur Cross will be so very missed by all his family and friends. Such a wonderful guy. I an so happy that he had such a great life with Ginny and that they got to travel so much and see so much of the world. How wonderful. Our hearts go out to all his family and to such great friends. We will MISS you Art the —-. Such a tragety for everyone. Love you always, see ya later buddy. Miss your E mail. Cousins, Dave Love and John and Judy Girard and Aunt Margie of OHIO.

  • Suzy says:

    The more we love others, any others, the deeper our love will grow for all others. Loving lifts our hearts and lightens our burdens. Every day’s tribulations can become triumphs when we carry love in our hearts. Love fills us up, and the more we share it, the fuller we become. We are connected….each of us to one another, all of us together. Thank you Grandpa George for your lessons and your love. “I’ll be seeing you…”

  • Phyllis Cross Johnson says:

    I will miss “My Brother George” VERY MUCH– I will miss his HUGH HUGS– I am still in shock over the death of my beloved husband about one year ago..and now with George passing– I believe they are together possibly playing cribbage. knowing that they have each other.. makes all this a little easier to take.I Love You….

  • Jason Johnson says:

    I saw the end of time last night Within a dream of second sight Where life had finally lost its fight And darkness stood where once was light I saw the seas turned into dust The cities all decay and rust And god’s eyes closed in disgust As no more, love, hope or trust I saw mankind breath its last Saw history fall into the past And future’s end come much to fast As shadow’s shadow had been cast But for all that I saw die One thing alone caused me to cry The look upon your face of why As standing helpless there was I To see your light fade A light which burned brighter than any other, has left my world dark. I have no words to say how much I shall miss you.

  • Jana & David Jenkins says:

    We are shocked at the passing of George. He was such a good friend to us and our business, Donation Station. He always shared hugs and jokes and truly happy to see us come in. I am so thankful I had a lunch-date with him that I will treasure always. We loved this man! Our hearts go out to Ginny and his family. He will be forever missed.

  • Daron Johnson says:

    My uncle George was there for me when I needed him most. He was the best uncle a person could ask for. Working side by side with him and my dad will always be a treasured memory. He taught me so much in between the many laughs we shared. Go Cleveland….Cribbage rules. Ginny, our thoughts are with you too. We will all miss so much about George and he will always hold a special place in our hearts.

  • Rick says:

    I met George in his shop. He greeted me with a smile & called me kid. He always had a smile, offered great advice & provided a great service. He is truly a Icon in my opinion. I will continue to do business with RV Doctor George. God bless this man & his family!

  • Linda Saunders says:

    I was so sorry to read about RV Dr George’s passing last month. I only met him a few times, when I needed help with issues on my little 92 Toyota Itasca RV. George was very helpful on all occassions. He even took the needed holding tank pipe measurements himself, got all of the parts I needed to do the job, and gave me instructions on how to do the repair job. He was a kind man and the expert “to go to man” with your RV troubles. When you would get ready to leave with your purchases, he always handed out some RV Dr George “goodies”, and not many busineses do that nowadays!! Dr George, you and all of your knowledge will be missed…RIP

  • Michael Cross says:

    My hero, never to be forgotten.

  • Leslie Lindsay says:

    I’m so sorry, Ginny. George always made me feel like a very welcome, old friend (instead of the tag along)! He will be missed.

  • Susan Phllips says:

    George hated to have different foods touch each other on his plate. I gave him a compartmentalized tray to end this. He always ended our conversations. Love you Bye I love you too. Susie

  • Jim and Jan Harris says:

    Cherish the memories of one fine man. George will be sorely missed by us and we wish to extend our deepest sympathy to his family at this enormous loss.

  • Naomi Ward says:

    It didn’t mattter where on the continent we were, if emergency repairs were needed to our rig, Ed would say, “Okay, we’ll get if fixed, here, but take it to George when we get home to be sure it’s right”. A man of integrity, great good humor, courtesy, and the kind of friend you can not see for a very long time but slip back into the same comfortable friendship when fate allows. He was our cribbage buddy and many after-work games kept us all laughing. I can see him sitting on a cloud and, with his luck, and skill, be holding a 29 hand and pegging out on the board. George, thanks for the memories, the fun, and most of all, the friendship. We both appreciated it more than you would have believed.

  • Jack Willoughby says:

    I will miss George as my RV mechanic and, more importantly, as a good friend. I hope the shop will continue to operate for all of us who have depended upon it for many years.

  • Donald Russell says:

    George and I met at McClellan AFB IN 1959. We were in the 552nd WING. In 1965 I went into the carpenters union. I worked all over the Sacramento area. In about 1990 I was on the construction team building the Granite Bay High School. George was called out to repair a motor home that one of the subs had on sight. He walked past me as I was coming out of one of the buildings. We both just stopped and stared. We remembered each other. After that I would see George quite often. I had a motor home and needless to say the Doctor was in. George was indeed a legend. I will miss him very much.

  • Terry Bowman says:

    I first met George about 10 years ago and we immediately became friends. Or friendship grew and flourished over the ensuing years. We feasted on each other’s jokes and stories about our lives. I will miss him terribly, but find comfort and honor in being able to say “He was my friend”. Ginny, we have not met, but we will resolve that on August 31. Love and condolences. My prayers are with you and the family.

  • Austin R. Miller says:

    Dear Grandpa George, Not a day in my life goes by, where I do not think about all of the amazing experiences we had together. You were my mentor, my number one, my go to man, and my best friend. You taught me so much more, than I could of ever asked for. We traveled the World together, but our adventures together came to a stop way too early. I have so many memories of you, that I will never forget. The man that would cry at every sad movie, the man that would always be there for me.. You had a love for me, that I will never forget nor stop feeling. You supported everything that I did, and never missed a graduation. I wish I could of saved you a seat at my Graduation from the Military Police School, but I know that you were there with me. You will never be forgotten.

  • George Arthur Baldwin says:

    I miss this man everyday. I only wished we had Known each other a life time!

  • Paula Rae Becquart says:

    George was one in a million. I’m sorry I lost touch & wish I’d known so I could have paid you my respects. I honor you now, you were the best.

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