Frank Javier Chavez

Jan 19, 1979 - Oct 4, 2022

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery
5810 Midway Road
Dixon, CA, 95827



  • Tracy ramirez says:

    I miss my Franky.

  • Sheryl Winter says:

    I’ll miss you my dear wonderful friend. Rest peacefully with our Lord and Savior, Jesus!

  • Marco A. Alarcón says:

    I miss you brother. Los vemos pronto.

  • Mellisa, Malachi and Albert says:

    Franky you were an amazing person. Malachi has been practicing your favorite song you always wanted him to play on the jukebox “neon moon”. He wears the jersey you bought him and tells everyone you were his best friend and you went to heaven. And he wrote something to say at your funeral as well. You made a great impact on everyone’s life and made sure you left the room with everyone smiling you will be missed always

  • Dougie says:

    I am so grateful to have known you and call you Brother. You always lifted my spirits with your goofy jokes, generosity and sincere friendship. It is hard to say goodbye. Farewell Brother until we meet again.

  • Divina says:

    You’re dearly missed Compadre. Holidays, birthday parties, and sleepovers won’t be the same without you. See you someday. I love yooooouuuuuuu!

  • Eva says:

    Frankie what the heck!?! I still can’t believe you are gone. Thank you for always being a great friend, brother, dude im not singing “holllaback girl” again 😁😭 I love you bud . I know I will see you again ❤️ So I’m not saying bye 💔

    Ps thank you for listening to Jenny Rivera songs with me

  • Mario says:

    Compadre we love you so much, take care of us from heaven.

  • Robert Castellon says:

    Compadre, your God son & all of us miss & love you. We will be there next week to see you off on your next chapter. Until we meet again in Valhalla brother.

  • Lopez-Gutierrez says:


  • Mau Samayoa says:

    ¡Frank! humanamente nos faltó tiempo para cumplir el sueño de unir a toda la familia y celebrar juntos la vida. Pero espiritualmente sabemos que siempre te tendremos presente con nosotros. Gracias por tus detalles, por consentir tanto a tus sobrinos y por siempre saber sacarnos una sonrisa con tus chistes y ocurrencias. Permanecerás vivo en todos esos recuerdos y nos encargaremos que Ignacio sepa el grant tío que eras y lo mucho que lo querías.

    ¡Un abrazo hasta el cielo!

  • Rob Matey says:

    I will miss this proud Artilleryman. RIP Nightstalker.
    Let’s Go

  • Cheryl Costamagna says:

    Frank, you always had a great smile whenever I saw you at work. Rest in Peace.

  • Andrew Matthews says:


    Still hard to believe that you’re gone brother. Thanks for all of the great memories. You’re missed.

  • Juan Gonzalez says:

    RiP Frankie glad I was able to meet you and alway gonna call you my hermano still can’t believe it. I’m always going to cherish the hangouts we had with all the gang at My sisters house. Again RIP Maduroooooo miss you carnal

  • Sassy Güera Claudine Schneider says:

    Dang, my dude! I’m so sad inside for you. There was still so many amazing memories left for us to share. Gracias por ser un gran persona y amigo. I will cherish our friendship forever, you’re irreplaceable. 💔💔💔😢🕊

  • Julian marroquin says:

    You will be missed Big Frank. It was always good to see you. You always had a funny story to tell. Always so animated with a positive attitude. Rest In Peace my brother.

  • Rick Hanson says:

    It’s always hard when one of our brothers or sisters is taken from us far to early
    Frank you are alway a positive mentor so many. R.I.P brother see you in Valhalla

  • Art Becerra says:

    Rest In Peace Redleg!!

  • Sylvia says:

    Frank, what a wonderful, kind and friendly person. A great Soldier who cared deeply about the troops and civilian staff. You will be missed by so many because it’s not often we meet a person with a heart as big as yours! Rest well,
    BG (retired) Sylvia Crockett

  • Caro Rodriguez says:

    Fuiste mas que el padrino de mi Dominik, mas que solo mi compadre. Te combertiste en familia. La marca que dejas en mi familia es enomer y quiero que sepas que siempre te vamos llevar en nuestros corazones. Aun sigo esperando que entres por la puerta y me digas ” que paso comadre”
    We love you Franky algun dia llegare y te dire ” MIRAME”

  • Guillermo Barron says:

    Frank hasta el día de hoy todavía no puedo creer que te fuiste, se que ahora descansas en paz y tranquilo, nunca olvidare cuando me veías y decías ya llego Tony stark mexicano, descansa en paz my friend

  • Marisol says:

    Love you and miss you very much Mr. Chavez.

  • Maria Cruz says:

    May my God open his hand to welcome you to haven. Guide you always in the palm of his hand. 🙏❤

  • Maria Cruz says:

    Hits hard to loose a friend😑

  • Ralphie says:

    My biggest hero and role model. Miss you uncle

  • Kasey says:

    Squirrel checks for life man!!! This is crazy man! RIP brother. Till the next battle

  • Diane Mardones says:

    Frankie, you were a great leader and someone who taught me to be better. You were an amazing person to hang out with. Definitely never a dull moment as we were always 😂 laughing. My kiddos adored you including “Taz” with you always spoiling them with candy and including them in everything! You touched the lives of so many in different ways. You will be greatly missed; a true hero that touched many hearts for sure. Fly high battle, watch over us as we hold down the fort here. Till we meet again…

  • Brandon M. says:

    Definitely have some good memories hanging out. Of which I will always have. Take it easy battle.

  • Diego Morales says:

    Always had a smile on your face and had good vibes no matter what predicament you were in, you were very kind to me thank you for all the good memories, laughs and candy haha. May your soul be with god; till I see you in the next chapter my friend.

  • (Ritred) CSM Gomez says:

    RIP Nightstalker

  • Jeff Dern says:

    Frank, you are a one of a kind, positive, uplifting spirit and I’m grateful to have known you. Your love and bright light in this world endures through your friends and family. I will miss you dearly.

  • Tyson Soren Barth says:

    Happy to know you, grateful to serve with you, honored to call you my friend, joyful to know we will meet again after this life. You changed lives, impacted others, made us laugh, showed us brotherhood. Miss you dearly my friend.

  • Vmo peacock says:

    You was so good to me and raven. Best uncle to her . Treated us like family. Didn’t miss an event. You will be missed truly 💔😭

  • Dana Almora says:

    Frankie!!! We shared so many laughs and good times. I wish we could have more. I will cherish our time together and know we will see each other again. Go Dodger Blue!

  • Frank Goehringer says:

    Frankie – I miss you Brother, Rest In Peace

  • Melanie Lizama says:

    You were a real cool guy you will be missed here on Earth. Keep doing your good work up in Heaven <3 Much love to the family and close friends…big loss.

  • Jessie Fails says:

    Frank, this hit me. you will be miss fellow service man. Really going to miss our talks. R.I.P Angel, watch over us all, Until we meet again. Go Niners. LOL

  • Kim McDowell says:

    Frankie, we shared some funny and serious moments. We had great talks and through them I got to see your big heart for your troops, family, friends and local charity organizations. I will miss you!

  • Ketan says:

    Franky, you were an amazing person. You will be missed. Rest In Peace.

  • Mitch Rubinoff says:

    We were so fortunate to have you as long as we did, but somehow feel cheated that you have left us so soon.
    All of the great memories, starting off with the big smile and warm hug. The laughter, the tears, all of the silly shit. What I wouldn’t give for one more dinner, party, raft trip, karaoke night with you.
    One of the most selfless, compassionate, giving, and loving individuals any of us will ever know.
    Rest In Peace Soldier. For we will never see the likes of you again.

  • Amy Knight says:

    Your candor, your collaboration and partnership made such a resonating impression on me Frankie. I love that you weren’t afraid to bring any of this on at any time. To trudge through hurdles with you was a true honor. I miss you. I miss your random IM calls. I miss seeing you on my screen. You were a true teammate. Thank you so much for YOU!

  • Charlie Brown says:

    Best friend to many, will be missed by all!! Frank, you touched so many of us that it’s hard to describe what words to use without getting emotional. As Tammi packs for our trip, I sit here in Disarray as tears fill my eyes. Hoping that this is just one bad dream. I miss you brother!!!

  • Amanda Apodaca says:

    Frankie, you had a positive impact on so many. Thank you for your service to our country and for your kindness that shined through during every conversation. You will be missed!

  • Cynthia Munoz says:

    Heaven has gained another Angel.
    When they broke the news of your passing I couldn’t believe it. You always managed to make me laugh with your jokes and stories. I loved how you’d teach me how to make drinks and claim you’d taught me how to bartend. I always felt comfortable talking to you. I saw you as a caring loving person (even though you were tough). Every time you walked in the restaurant I knew I was going to have a fun time with you there. I still can’t believe you’re gone and I hope one day we meet again. You’ll forever be loved and missed Frankie

  • Albanita Erebia says:

    They say the best humans don’t belong to earth, they belong in the heavens. That’s you. Your passing has been the hardest to accept. Your voice, your laugh and smile will always be with me.

    Frankie…you taught me so much, especially how to love and be loved. Our spirits always matched and I thank you for all the 1st time experiences you gave me. Thank you for it all. I’ll never forget the day we met Salsa dancing and how you had me laughing so hard, the pumpkin patch, Kid Rock, wine tasting and Sabroso was our Sunday religion because you knew I loved dancing and I knew you loved wine tasting, that time we pranked my mom, the stories we shared, all the war movies you forced me to watch, that time you defended my honor, and evenings sitting under your porch watching the rain. It all meant so much to me. There is not a time that goes by without me thinking of you over the years. You are the kindest man I’ve ever known, hard working, assertive, and above all humble and loving. I’ve always admired you. We were never deserving of you and now you are with God at peace. You will always have a sacred piece of my heart. It hurts to see you go like this. I Pray that one day I see you again. You have warmed so many hearts! Rest easy Charlie. 💔 With love, Lucy.

  • Cris Bryceson says:

    Frankie you are the friend of friends, it wasn’t the same at kid rock, and having fun with the signs from the lodge, you always had the best joke’s, I am so proud to have you as a best friend, I knew you would have fun driving go karts, so now you and Ralph can drive go karts together. RIP my friend, my Brother, love you

  • Martha Erebia says:

    For 43 years, God shared one of His most Beautiful Souls with us on this earth. I can’t blame him for wanting you back with Him in heaven.
    Your passing has left my heart aching and broken. My comfort will be knowing how blessed I am to have known you and remembering all the great times we spent together.
    You are one of a kind will be greatly missed. Thank you for your Service, your jokes, generosity, kindness, but most of all for showing us how to treat and love people and each other. I will keep your Spirit alive in me and pray that we meet again with our Creator.
    Love always, Martha…

  • William G says:

    Frankie, I already miss you so much, but I know you somehow continue to love & protect all your friends & family.
    Love you always brother

  • Dinora Garcia says:

    Francisco Javier ;Descansa en Paz. Pasastes por esta tierra haciendo el bien.Hasta el día que te fuistes era el día de tu Santo, San Francisco de Asís un Santo que nos enseñó su humildad.Ya estás en los Brazos de Nuestro Señor. Tu familia debe estar orgullosa de Tí porque muchísimas personas te queríamos muchísimo. Te voy a extrañar hijo.❤️♥️.❤️Dinora. Thank You very much for everything. We have a great time at the Winery.

  • Marsha Aranda says:

    You touched so many lives and you had such a presence about you. You were so giving and you loved to help those around you. You are definitely missed. You were an Angel on earth and now you are back with God. Rest In Peace Frankie.

  • Daniel Erebia says:

    Frankie you’re going to be miss buddy, you’re one of the most genuine people that I’ve known. When I’ve talked to you, during our conversations, I’ve always seen in you the happiness that you showed, but hiding some sort of sadness. You’ve touched a lot of people’s in your journey during your time here. I know I will see you someday in God’s Kingdom. So I’m not going to say bye. I’ll see you later. We all love you.

  • Chi ❤️ Chinh says:

    We had to come see u today! We wanted to come to say goodbye and say thank you for the memories.
    May you rest in peace for eternity Frank! U will definitely be missed…. but will never forgotten ❤️

  • In honor and respect to Frankie. Thank you for welcoming me to PRIDE Industries and always giving me a helping hand when needed. I only knew you for two years, and during that time you were always a rock! Thank you so very much for how you touched by life by being such a good human. God bless and may you rest in HIS arms. Peace and love.

  • Felipe sandoval says:

    You showed me alot and I looked up to you all my life. I will never forget all the wonderful memories we shared. I love you uncle, till we meet again…

  • Donna says:

    Oh, Frankie…
    People keep telling me…
    I loved and respected (and admired) you, too, damnit. I hope you knew.
    You made people around you happier despite whatever troubles you were going through.
    Thanks for being your silly self … for us.


  • Juan n Joann Guerrero says:

    I had a great time meeting you in las Vegas with your rounds of crown royal thank you my brother I’m going to miss you and my wife does also thank you for a great time in Vegas brother

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