Florence Yip

Jun 19, 1940 - Apr 24, 2021


With humble acceptance of God’s will, Florence Yip passed away on April 24, 2021. Born in Los Angeles, California, on June 19, 1940, she was our beloved wife, sister, mother, grandmother, and aunt. She was also a good friend to many, having developed lasting friendships through her commitment to her church community at the Laguna Chinese Baptist Church. She was the church’s organist for many years and served as the church librarian updating the library system. She had a passion for ministering and mentoring young people. For over a decade, she was a librarian at several local elementary schools. And then she worked at a Christian Bookstore for many years before she retired.

Florence is survived by her husband, Chiu Man Yip, to whom she was married for 51 years. Together in Sacramento they raised a large blended family. She is survived by her three children, Julie Leung, Matthew Yip (Kanani), and Stephen Yip (Angela), and four step-children, Alice Eng (Kim), Clifford Yip, Diana Yip, Eddie Yip (Lisa). She is also survived by her siblings: Fanny Sun (Sing Wai), Pauline Yim, Sherman Yip (Helen), Henry Yip (Judy).

Florence was preceded in death by her parents, Betty Shok Jun and Seung Tzee Yip. Widowed at a young age, she lost her first husband, James Leung. She was also preceded in death by her siblings, Raymond Yip, Jennie Yip, and Tracianne Hoffman, and her step-daughter, Betty Hardley.

Florence loved spending time, texting, and facebooking with her grandchildren: Earnest Eng, Emmanuel Eng, David Hardley, Stephanie Hardley, Natalie Yip, Tessa Yip, Isaiah Yip, and Nathaniel Yip.

Florence appreciated simply joys and had inner strength. She was known for being present in people’s lives, sharing her wisdom, providing encouragement, and always thinking of others first. In her free time, if she was not helping or spending time as a friend, she enjoyed listening to the Gaither Brothers, Sandy Patti, and other Christian artists. She also enjoyed singing, playing the keyboard, and painting.

Florence and her siblings Pauline, Sherman, and Henry remained close. Pauline remembers that their father passed away when Florence was only nine years old. Their mother had to work two jobs to support the family leaving the four siblings to take care of and rely on each other. Pauline also remembers that Florence was very popular in high school. Sherman shared that during their daily walks home from elementary school, after finishing his own ice cream, his beloved sister would always give the rest of hers to him. He recalls that Florence as a high school senior ran for student body treasurer. Her campaign slogan was “A Yip is worth a thousand barks!” He canvassed for her and she won the election. Henry cherished the many late night conversations he and Florence had where they would share with and encourage each other. They were each other’s prayer warriors. He saw Florence as a “paraclete” or someone who walked beside us as an advocate or helper providing comfort and support.

We will gather together at the following places, dates and times to honor, celebrate, and remember Florence:

Viewing will be held at East Lawn, 9189 E. Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove, California, on May 10, 2021, 5-8pm. Attend in person or via link. The link will be available at EastLawn.com.

Graveside service will be held at Mt Vernon Cemetery, 8201 Greenback Ln, Fair Oaks, California, on May 11, 10 am. Attend in person.

Celebration of Life will be held at Laguna Chinese Baptist Church, 9215 Neosho Drive, Elk Grove, California, on June 19, 10 am. Attend in person or via Zoom. Zoom link TBA.

Temperature monitoring and social distancing will be observed at these events, and masks will be required for those attending in order to keep everyone safe.


  • LEUNG, DAVID M says:

    Thank you for providing a very distinguished history of your mom, Julie. To those who don’t know, James was 2nd of 7 children of Yuk Maan (died 1976) and Grace died 1959). James was a very hands on mechanical engineer. He passed away when I was around 12 years old. Sincerely, David Leung

  • Devonna Wong says:

    To my dearest friend and encourager for the last near 19 years although we knew each other for 50 years. She had such a sparkle of joy in your life and loved people and cared so sincerely. Florence also prayed for so many youth and elderly in the church and had deep compassion for each one. And prayed for me.

    I will miss the daily emails from Florence and sharing of her heart. I also could share whatever was going on in my life too. She was a counselor to me and many youth in person and by Facebook . She loved connecting to people. She was a terrific Sunday School teacher and friend and left a huge impact on so many. Most are still in the church and serving the Lord!!
    Even my husband loved visiting with Florence over our many Sunday lunches when we were in Sacramento talking about the church and even politics sometimes.

    Florence had an amazing memory of the church’s history. She was brilliant and had great insight and could see the hearts of people.

    Florence served with the women’s minstry, music with the Gospel Team, special music. She was our wedding organist , 40 years ago. She was also the church organist.

    She loved photography and painting to relax. She also took dance lessons as a child and teenager.

    Florence was my inspiration to love the Lord my God!!

    Florence and I always said “I love you”.

    Florence said I was her confidant – could keep secrets and share private things. Florence also had the gift of wisdom .

    Florence will be very missed by me. But after all her suffering especially with home dialysis I’m glad she is at peace and with the Lord and family in heaven. She would daily email or text and tell me of complications with dialysis. She would text in the middle of the night and ask for prayers.

    A few times late in the evening she called just to talk and express her frustrations. I am glad I could always be available to her when she called.

    Florence also had a lot of joyful moments with the body of Christ at Laguna and the leadership and she praised God all the time!! For the growth at Laguna she rejoiced! I was so blessed to get emails from Florence and wish I had saved them.

    Florence, I love you and hope to see you again soon!!

    You are my purple friend and butterfly friend and musical friend who loved to compose on her keyboard Julie bought her because she could not see the music anymore as her eyes were failing.

    Thank you Jesus for Florence in my life!!

    In Him
    Devonna Wong

  • Tonia castro says:

    I never met Florence in person we have talked on Facebook and messages alot the last few years she excepted our family with open arms and my daughter Angela Yip. I wish I could of met her when Angela and Steve got married. My condolence to the family and friends that knew her

  • Hei Ly says:

    Florence por por knows the inner me and always reminded me to “Hang In There” to things that bothered me. I also missed those dinner chats with you. You are the best fighter for Christ in both of His words and Ministries. No matter who, what, when, where, or how, you served Christ by helping, comforting, and praying for people around you. Now, all your missions on Earth have been accomplished and every word you planted among us will remain in our hearts (Everyone who you have loved) with nonstopable inspiration and love to every living thing. Until the day we meet again, you will be remembered in my heart. May you Rest In Please until the Lord comes. “Hang In There”

  • Betty Schulz says:

    Flo bug was my treasure and my soul we were friends beyond what we could explain. I didn’t know one person could have that many years. I know my precious friend and sister we will be there together with Jesus meet me there with Him I love u and miss you I’m lost I will hold you up in my ❤️ heart Boo, Betty

  • Baldwin Chiu says:

    Mrs. Yip always treated me like one of hers. I was always at the house playing with Steve and Matt. The memories are so fond and she always encouraged my work as I grew up. She always made me feel like what I did was valuable even when others didn’t. I miss her dearly. What a great role model.

  • Diana Yip says:

    I thank you for all the people’s opinions and comments about my mom Florence. You all are such good friends of my Florence .I appreciated all of you for caring for my mom during this sorrowful moment of her passing and going to be with Jesus Christ our Lord! It is a blessing for her to live such long life with so many friends of Chinese Laguna Baptist Church who cared for her, thank you for caring.

  • Betty Schulz says:

    Thank you for sharing all the beautiful blessings and love she passed around.how I miss my precious friend and sister . Just reading all the beautiful words of love from so many made my soul rejoice. May we all be gathered together at that Great White Throne. Love Betty

  • Kyle Yee says:

    Thank you for all your service with youth ministries!

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