Eva Angelina Schrepel

Apr 10, 1961 - Dec 2, 2019



  • The very second that I first laid eyes on Eva, something happened that was bigger than love at first sight. I remember feeling the tumblers of my life “machine” click into alignment, as if she was the missing part that I was looking for so I could finally begin my journey on my true path (even though I wasn’t even aware that part was missing). For about 21 years of my life, Eva was my wife and my best friend. She showed me how to live my true life, with self respect and dignity, something that was lacking inside of me for many years. After making many mistakes in past relationships, she showed me that I DID have the ability to choose the right person for me. She made it easy for me to learn how to love someone more than myself, and in doing so also learn how to love myself in the process. She showed me where my confidence was hiding, and taught me how to drag it into the light, kicking and screaming. She helped me see my intelligence and gave me the confidence to return to school and complete my Bachelor’s AND Master’s degrees. She helped me obtain a career with the State so that I would not only earn enough to live comfortably when she passed away, but also so I could retire comfortably someday too. She was everything to me, my happiness, my focus and my future. I cry every day without her and I miss her every minute of every day. But I also thank God for every minute, every hour and every day I had with her in my life too. My life will never be the same without you, Bop.

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