Ernest E. Motley Sr.

Feb 4, 1952 - Jul 7, 2019


Ernest Eugene Motley Sr., transition on July 7, 2019 @ 8:30 am in his Elk Grove home with his wife Beverly Motley beside him.

Ernest was born on February 4, 1952, in Cleveland Ohio to the late Ernest and Mamie Washington Motley. Ernest attended Glenville High School, and graduated in 1970. He then went onto Cuyahoga Community College, in Cleveland Ohio for a year than onto Kent State University where he earned his Bachelor’s Degree in 1979, then proceed onto earning his Master Degree in Social Services from California State University Sacramento in 1999. After graduating, Ernest went onto work for California Department of Corrections for a few years. However he later realized that his heart was not in the Department Of Corrections and therefore pursued his heart’s passion which was working in the social service field. Ernest took over a nonprofit Organization, known as The Gifted Healing Center, a program offering rehabilitation services to those suffering from drug addiction. Ernest was also a great advocate in the community for those whom struggle with alcohol addiction and also was employed with RX Staffing Health Care Services as a Social worker. On November 16, 2014, Ernest suffered a major stroke which led him into early retirement from the Gifted Healing Center and RX Staffing. For five years Ernest battled with Vascular Dementia.

Ernest was predeceased in death by his Sister, Patricia Motley in 1988; his Father Ernest Dan Motley and niece Keisha Motley in 2004; and then his mother, Mamie Elizabeth Washington Motley in 2017..Ernest will be deeply missed by his Wife of 16 years, Beverly Motley of Elk Grove California. Ernest and Beverly married into a blended family which produced Five Adult Children and Three Grandchildren and One Son-In- Law as follow: one biological daughter, Katia Stephanie Motley of Hayward California: two biological sons, Brandon Lewis Motley of Seattle Washington: his eldest son, Ernest Eugene Motley Jr. ( Cashern) of Crescent City California: one Step Son, Tavis Thomas Of Elk Grove California, one Step Daughter, Tashonda McCray, and Son In Law (Kurt McCray) of Charlotte, South Carolina and Four Grandchildren: Chloe Motley Kaye: Haley Motley: Zimira Harrison and Sedrick Thomas and two God Children: Josiah Aaron Daniel and Isabella Camp.
Ernest will also be greatly missed by his seven siblings, his sister, Myra Motley Mingo of St Petersburg, Florida: his brother, Donald Motley and his wife Emma of Cleveland Ohio; his sister Ernestine Collin (Tina) of Tampa Florida, his sister Linda Motley(April) of Sacramento California and his brother Anthony Motley (Tony) of Sacramento California. His step sister Betty Jean Motley of Anderson, Indianapolis: his step brother, Carlos Motley of Anderson, Indianapolis. His three brother in laws, Bruce Berry Sr. of Valdosta Georgia; John Berry (Tony) of Valdosta Georgia, John Clemons of Quitman Georgia: his sister in law Greta Berry-Glen of Valdosta Georgia, Mother -In -Law, Minnie Berry of Valdosta Georgia , God Mother Bessie Davis and a Host of nieces and nephews.

Several special spiritual daughters and sons whom have shown nothing but genuine love towards him : Shawnreeca & Jason Daniel of Sacramento California, Dr. Sherrod & Shantel Cotton of Sacramento California, Geraldine Camp of Newcastle California, Michael & Elizabeth Huston of Vallejo California, Frank Bennett Jr, Sacramento, California ; Tamishia Clayborn , Sacramento California , Willie Duckett , Sacramento, California.

Caregiver /Care providers throughout the five years of his care ; Timika Jackson ; Sereatha Johnson; Neetlfer- Dogan ; Onay Drayton ; Yolanda Galloway ;Earline Smith ; Danyawn Burnett ; Hospice Staffs : Poonam Singh (UC Davis Hospice CNA); UC Davis Hospice RN Victoria Betancourt ; Hospice Social Worker Rebecca Long ; Hospice Chaplain Faith Gilsson ; Dr John Bias MD ; Dr Christopher Young MD along the UC Davis Medical Team

Special associates: Bishop Mario & Lady Gaines, By Point California, Apostle Anthony & Jeri Shannon, Palmdale California.

Supporting long time Friends /Mentors: Dr. Cynthia Bankston, Decatur Georgia; Pastor Betty Smith, Las Vegas, Nevada

“A page in a book of memory, silently turns today, making no outward show, for what it meant to lose you, no one else will ever truly know that the love we shared were beyond feeling, you are missed my love but it was only death that could separate us here on this earth with grief in my heart and tears that roll down my face you are missed. Your laughter and smiles will always be remembered and the joy you brought to my life. Be at peace now my love, no more pain or discomfort, rest well. “
Your Wife Beverly


    • Beverly Motley says:

      You will be missed my Love Love Your wifey Beverly Motley

    • Beverly Motley says:

      Well as reality has begun to set in that you aren’t here with me and the day is approaching that I will lay your hollow shell to the ground .The nights seen longer and silence in our home increase .I can’t hear your voice, feel your touch or see your smile but one thing I can sense is our love we shared for 16 years and 2 months. You are greatly missed my love .Many will never understand or be able to relate to our love story because it was ours and it was unique and surely orchestrated by the Father hands from the beginning to end . When we said our marriage vows 16 years previous “To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, til death do us apart and WE promise our love to each other forevermore, it was just that it was only death that separated us . It’s 3 a.m in morning and I am so custom to getting up to give you a glass or water or take care of your personal need but this morning as I enter your room you wasn’t there with tears rolling down my face. I could hear you say” I am not here but I am near in your heart” . With those few words brought some comfort to my heart. It’s been one week and 4 days since you transition but knowing you are near within my heart I can say rest well my love. This isn’t goodbye because knowing I will see you again one day on the other side .I will use this time to celebrate your memories and thank God you are at rest without any more pain or suffering..I can be assure you are well because the father has given me that assurance . You are miss my love RIP Ernest Your wifey ( Beverly)

    • Timika Jackson says:

      Pop I will truly miss you. I will miss hangout with you. I will miss going to get our coffee and donuts I will miss Asst with your care. I will miss you.

  • Beverly Motley says:
  • Rayetta says:

    Rest In Heaven….. Prayers and Condolences to the family with the Lords comfort to you all. My greatest memory is being able to to spend the day with father and son this day #2015. Truly a Blessing.

  • Pastor Erika Toney says:

    1 Cor 15:55-57 “Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting. The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Your bright smile will be missed. Sleep well.

  • Frank says:

    RIP Pops we Love you and already Miss you!!! Frank, Daitawn and Valerie

  • Timika Jackson says:
  • Geraldine Camp says:

    For My “Pop” I’m going to miss your big Smiles every time I Stepped in the room and your arms out waiting for your hug and you saying theres my girl I have alot of great memories that I will always Remember in my heart about you I miss you so much even as I write this to you tears run down my face I Love Me Some “Pop” from The beginning when we met until the last day when you took your last breath and Mother Made Sure even then you were Clean and Shaved and Dressed for your last ride here on This earth No one Can say that you weren’t loved or cared for because you were from your first diagnoises to the End when it all came to a Complete Stop Take Rest Now i send My Biggest Hug and Kiss for your Forhead and say good night!! 🌹❤❤❤With Much Love your Spiritual Daughter Deaconess Geraldine Camp, and Family

  • Mrs. McCray says:

    Let me find out that you are dancing off beat again. Don’t be up there embarrassing me. I taught you how to properly two step on rhythm 😁. Thank you for sharing your love and space with everyone. We love you.

  • Patrice Terry says:

    My 1st memory was giving Mother Motley a respite referral for you and I instantly wanted to make sure that everything went right. And when it didn’t work out my protective side came into play….Mother Motley knows exactly what I am talking about. I am so grateful to the Lord that I met you and Apostle/Mother Motley. Rest in peace in heaven.

  • Beverly Motley says:
  • Beverly Motley says:
  • Beverly Motley says:
  • Timika Jackson says:
  • Bev Epling says:


  • Earline Smith says:

    Pops Motley u will be missed especially when i come to church and u tell me i look very pretty today and ask me wheres mom at?I will miss sneakin u a piece of candy in church and seein your Big smile on your face.Rest in peace Pops.Love u.

  • Enjoy your rest with God.

  • Shawnreeca Daniel says:

    When you married my Pastor, I asked you “So what do you want me to call you” ?? And you said “You can just call me Ernest”. And I said ” No, No I cant just call you “Ernest” your part of my family now so we gotta come up with something special…a name between you and I”…and then I said ” how about Pop”?? And you said “Pop huh?? I guess thats ok”. You gave me the best smile ever that day. And then you looked at me and said “Why are you staring at me like that”?? And I said ” Cuz you look happy, you look great like movie star” !! Then on the day that I got married, I was nervous as can be and I remember you standing off to the side starring at me. And I said “What do you think Pop, do you think I look pretty”?? And then you shocked me and said something I didnt think you would say or had even remembered. You said “You look happy, you look great just like a movie star”!! I have so many precious memories of you Pop, i will love you forever!!!❤❤❤❤ Love, Shawnreeca Daniel

  • Pam Reed says:

    Pops the times that I saw you and had to opportunity to spend time with you was nothing but wisdom and knowledge. You will truly be missed by me and others. One day we will meet on the other side. God gained an angel. Love u dearly and Apostle Motley you truly showed me the true meaning of love. Love u Pops and mother

  • Mrs. McCray says:

    You will be missed! Now, who is going to waste potato chip crumbs all over the kitchen floor? No worries, I will stand in the same corner and eat potato chips on your behalf. I’ll even go the extra mile and leave droppings of crumbs… Shhh, don’t tell mom LOL! Love Shonda

  • Geraldine Camp says:
  • Geraldine Camp says:
  • Geraldine Camp says:
    • Rosemary Brown says:

      Waiting in the Light – When you wake up tomorrow, and grief takes your breath away; know that I {Ernest E. Motley} watch over you and walk with you each day. Though unseen, I stay close by; we’re never far apart, the love we share gives true testament, to all that’s in your heart. I see the way you struggle now, to hold your head up high, I’m proud of you because I know, how very hard you try. I wish that I could hold you close and ease the pain you feel; I want too much to talk to you, I promise that you’ll heal. One day you will see me again, once more within your sight; I’ll be right there to walk you in, I’m waiting in the Light! Lady of Grace & Motley Family – Tenderly may time heal your Sorrow – Gently may friends ease your Pain – Softly may Peace replace Heartaches – AND – may Warm Precious and Sacred Memories Remain!

  • Prophet Q. E. KELLY says:

    I am so grateful to have been given the privilege and honor to know Elder Motley. He was always so kind to me.

  • Janessa says:

    Always smiling and spreading love peace and joy u will forever be missed love u pops.

  • Apostle Cedric Williams says:

    I’m going to miss POPS. Bro Ernest Motley was a jewel in his own right. We are going to miss you. You cant crown him until we get there. Love you POPS. Love you Apostle Cedric Williams💕💓❤

  • Sherri Murphy says:

    To My Graceful Apostle Beverly Motley, Words cannot Express the live that I extend to you during g this precious time in your life. However, please know that God is with you during your hours of sorrow in the homecoming of your beloved husband of whom you loved unconditionally. My prayers are with you now and always as you lay his body to rest, because his soul is with the Father. Wishing you Godspeed and love always… Pastor/Prophetess Sherri & Prophet Walter Murphy

  • Onay Drayton says:

    Pops there will never be another like you. Me and the kids truly miss you. We were blessed to be able to to have fun and crazy memories with you….. from coming up with money plans to coffee and donuts and you hiding money in your pockets…. We love you always pop and until we meet again rest easy.

  • Bishop Dr. Eddie Wright says:

    It is with the deepest sorrow that we express our condolences for this Great Man of God, wonderful husband, father, and friend. Never will the days get easier, but they will get better. Apostle Beverly “Lady of Grace” Motley, myself, Lady Shajuana Wright, Destined for Purpose Ministries and the New Deliverance Fellowship Church Family are praying for you and your family in this hour of sorrow. Pop made a great impression on me the very first day I met him and I know the love you both shared with each other throughout your 16+ years of marriage. I love you with the Love of Christ and will continue to pray for you and the JLM Family. +Bishop Dr. Eddie and Lady Shajuana Wright

  • Iva Tanner says:

    To Pops and Apostle Motley… There’s so many emotions racing thru my heart and mind and have been for several months now. I remember the first time I met Pops was when I first met Apostle Motley she graciously came and ministered at a women’s prayer dinner I had on behalf of my husband who was in transition himself o how she blessed us, but him especially. We visited your church as often as possible and I remember distinctively Joe saying Dude is just cool cool like me with this sideways grin on his face ☺️ He was such a mess, but as time went on I remember Pops smile. It was a genuine smile and he always made us feel welcome as did your church. I didn’t say a lot to Pops, but always observed how he interacted with Apostle and you could tell without a word spoken he loved her I mean truly loved her. As time has gone on I saw the photos posted every now and then and it became more and more difficult as I saw his decline one I knew all too well. But one thing in those photos I could see was his love for Apostle and he fought so hard not to leave her. I know how hard it was to watch him journey thru Apostle, but you’re one blessed Woman Apostle Motley. Not every marriage experiences true love even if there may have been issues we all experience some, but the love still remained in his heart and his eyes. I have so much respect and admiration for anyone who can endure what you did Apostle. His journey wasn’t 10 months like my husbands but over 4 years… You my beautiful Apostle are indeed his priceless and rare Jewel. Pop will be so missed 😢 and I know it’s gonna take you some time to walk this out, but know this Apostle that I am but a phone call away… 24/7… No one knows how you feel right even if we’ve lost our spouse everyone of these losses are different… I am praying for you as I’ve always done, but sometimes you may just need to take a break from us all and know that it is ok and it is normal… People may not understand it but it’s not theirs to walk thru it’s yours and it’s personal and private… Rest in Yeshua’s caring arms. He will carry You this I know. I love you Apostle, Apostle Iva Tanner

  • Camea Lorin says:

    I am so happy for your promoted position. Absent from the physical body and greatly missed you are, but to know you are free of all affliction, pain, and sickness brings my heart great joy. Your smile and spunk I enjoyed. U blessed me every time I’d see you, when I’d ask if you knew who I was, you’d say “yeah, you the dancer, my favorite dancer”. What made this amazing and special to me was the fact that I never told you I danced, nor had you ever seen me dance. Although your hugs will be greatly missed Pop, my spirit rejoices and I praise our God for your release. Rest well Pop! Until we meet again on that great morning, love “your favorite dancer”.

  • Marcus Pickett says:

    Uncle Earnie. We were raised in a close knit family that grew apart too soon. I remember barbeques, lots of reggae and old school music in the air. Your house was home away from home on weekends and summer breaks. You and Uncle Tony stepped up and helped provide fatherly roles in my life and I’ll always remember that. It was tough seeing you degrade over the years, but you maintained that big grin whenever my son and I would visit. Thank you for the memories and love you showed us all. God has you now, but you’ll be missed on earth. Your Nephew, Marcus

    • Katia Motley says:

      Yes Cousin that’s right a lot of memories were shared I would love seeing you guys come over on the weekends.. good times!!

  • Donetta Jefferson says:

    You will be truly missed, not just by friends & family, but by your loving wife & life partner. I had the privilege of watching you two from the beginning until the day you transitioned. Through laughter, pain, trials & triumphs. Marriage is a beautiful thing and commend you two for your faithfulness to God and all that have seen your walk. God bless you Apostle Motley..❤️

  • There’s so many things i can say about my pop’s but one thing i truly know is that my pop’s loved to eat . He touches everyone’s life that he come in contact with with such a great impact am sad to know your gone. But am holding on to are laughters, outings eating togather all of are Good times, funny bad times my pop’s was to much lol… will be greatly miss by your spiritual daughter. I thank GOD for allowing me the opportunity to assist and care for you its was a hounor and prevlieg. Apostle my deepest condolences to you words can’t even express. you where an great wife, leader, teacher,mentor to many thank you for all you done for me. I Love you dearly lady of Grace

  • Minister Veronica Jackson I only knew Mr. Motley through word of mouth, but it was as though I had been around him for years. The love his wife, Beverly had for him showed in conversation and deed. The photos revealed a man that was well taken care of and loved. My prayer is for God to strengthen his wife in the coming days, weeks and months; with each new day brings another memory. Rest on Mr. Ernest E. Motley. Minister Veronica Jackson

  • Katia Motley says:

    My Dad raised my brothers and I, he always put his KIDS FIRST! No matter who he was with or who he helped. He always made sure that we had a roof over our heads.. I was the only daughter he had and he went above and beyond for him being a single parent, he was his kids protector and provider..He did have a whole life before being married and even then he would take up for his kids when others would talk down on his family.. He taught us about the Bible at a very young age and told us always to put God and school first before anything else… we had a healthy father and daughter relationship!

    • Michael Shields says:

      yes your dad was a Big Brother / cousin Always Taught us younger cousins about The rules that we follow that Why I am the Decent man I am today thanks to your dad so if I can help you in any way let me know 440-622-6756 your cousin Michael Shields

  • Beverly Motley @ Children's says:
  • Robert Donerson says:

    I am shocked and saddened. Ernest and I were best friends and roommates at Kent State University. We got together again when I moved to Santa Barbara in 1981 and he was in LA at that time. We also visited one another on occasion when he moved to Sacramento. The man was wonderful… I am so grateful that I was blessed with his friendship for many years, and got to meet a number of his kind and generous family members. Rest Peacefully In Heaven, Dearest Brother. 🙏🏾 Robert L. Donerson

  • Robert Donerson says:

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