Ed Redard, MD.

Jul 2, 1960 - Mar 10, 2016


“Your wings were ready but our hearts were not”
Our loving brother, doctor, and caring friend, Ed Redard MD passed from this world and entered eternal life on Thursday March 10th, 2016, at the age of 55.
His sudden departure has bruised the hearts of his family, his beloved soulmate Mary, and patients who will miss his smiling face, beaming personality, and sage wisdom.
Doctor Redard grew up in Ventura California as the youngest of four wonderful children. He adored and cherished his brothers, Mike and Steve, and his sister, Cheryl.
Ed received his Doctor of Medicine from the UC Davis School of Medicine in 1987. As a family physician for more than 27 years, Doctor Redard will always be remembered for the individual care and consideration he extended to his patients. He treated each patient with respect, offering them his full attention. He took the time to really listen to what was bothering them. In doing so, he showed his patients that they have inherent worth. He helped them recognize the impact emotions can have on physical health and taught them to be mindful of taking care of their own emotional state. He offered his patients a shoulder to cry on and encouraged them to heal themselves with self-help books, articles, and counseling, before prescribing medications.
He rarely wore a white doctor’s coat or a tie, preferring a more casual, but still very professional look which also put his patients at ease. If he had it his way, he would have worn shorts to the office.
Ed was a remarkable educator with a passionate curiosity. He appreciated the insights and innovation of Einstein, Joseph Campbell, Richard Bandler, Anthony Robbins, and Steve Jobs (just to name a few). The world of science was exciting to him and he enjoyed watching TV shows like Brain Games, How it Works, and Nova. He savored listening to NPR and “99% Invisible”, a podcast about the thought that goes into the things we don’t (typically) think about.
As the co-founder of Personality Lingo, Dr. Redard embarked on the hero’s journey to uncover a person’s unconscious beliefs and how to align these to influence health and disease. By melding the fields of Jungian Typology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnotic Therapies, and Behavioral Psychology he was able to teach others the importance of self-knowledge and help them shift their perceptions and behaviors toward healthier habits and lives. He wrote books, training programs, and articles about human nature and personality.

24/7 doctor:
Whether at work, home or play, he always ran full throttle. Besides being doctor by day, as well as by night when he was on call for his patients, doctor Redard made himself available to family and friends when they needed his medical advice or reassuring mental health guidance. In addition to “doctoring”, he was a fabulously incredible webmaster (evenings and weekends). He researched, coded, maintained and updated several websites for the Personality Lingo community he co-founded with his beloved partner in life and business, Mary.
In recent months, he would repeat a mantra inspired by a gift from his stepdaughter, Crescentia—a license plate frame that said, “To go faster you must slow down.” When he was gearing up for the next marketing campaign, instructional video or product launch, he would coach himself by saying, “I am slowing down to speed up.”
Personal activities:
Ed enjoyed searching the Internet, listening to music, exercising, cooking, dancing, family reunions, laughing, playing basketball and magic.
Ed was blissfully enchanted with music. He played the tuba in his junior high marching band and had the ears to hear the individual rhythms of instruments in all kinds of music. He was especially captivated by melodies and songs that brought him on an auditory joyride. Quite frequently he would roll up his sleeve to display the goosebumps on his arm, saying, “Look, that chord change gives me the chills every time.”
Ed loved animals, from the dog he rescued from the pound, to the stray cats that followed him home when he found them crying on the banks of the levy. Even after those pets passed, he couldn’t resist stopping to pet any dog that crossed his path.
An avid exerciser, Ed rarely missed a workout. He frequented the gym, jogging trail, treadmill, stair-stepper, and dance floor. Even if he felt a cold coming on, he would want to “blow out the cobwebs” by working up a sweat.
Ed loved to cook. During his teen years he eagerly helped his mother with her catering business. Throughout subsequent years he would have cooking contests with his brothers and theme events on New Year’s Eve sharing recipes and tips for cooking such as Moroccan night, Greek, Italian, or one of his favorites- Thai food.
Family reunions were a tradition his mother started and the family carried on. Ed was always excitedly counting down the days, even months before each one. He would swim with the kids, play tag, and do magic tricks. His interest in magic started as a child. He would collect cereal box tops to save up enough to get a magic trick. At one point he bought an old brown briefcase to keep his magic illusions together in one treasure trove of fun. His mother was often his “beautiful” assistant as he would entertain his family and neighbors with his magic shows. He would haul that suitcase full of rings, scarves, cards, and other props to family reunions where he would delight and amaze his nieces and nephews to awes and giggles.
Speaking of magic, the Internet was a magical portal that Ed used to transport his mind and ever-pondering thoughts to where he had access to the boundless information available at his fingertips. When something intrigued him, he would search the Net to find the information behind the information- to infinity and beyond! You could ask him a question and it seemed he knew something about nearly everything.
Ed rarely missed returning an email, especially to his lifelong friend Russ who he originally shared an office with back in the early years of working for Mercy Medical Group. Ed and Russ shared a unique witty repartee. They enjoyed wordplay and inane puns – the kind of clever satire that makes you chuckle remembering it hours later.
Ed enjoyed dancing where he knew the steps such as East Coast Swing and the Argentine Tango—and he was an incredible, strong, centered, joyful partner. He was also known to break out in dance to celebrate the triumphs of his patients with the classic “Cabbage Patch.” Bouncing his shoulders and smiling broadly in jubilation as he circled his arms, he called it his “Happy Dance”.
Ed was one of those rare individuals who dared to be his authentic self, open his heart, and bring out the best in others. In his late 40s as part of his contemplative practices, he took up “moving meditation,” a more free-form style of dancing which combined his proficiency in formal dance with more improvisational moves. With his unique dance, bubbly spirit and his irresistible smile, he brought delight and adoration that was contagious on the dance floor.
Many of Ed’s friends affectionately called him “Go-to Guy” – it was a nickname, an honor, and a reality that he enjoyed and wore well. He truly was the person to go to for help with anything- from an extra flashlight battery or zip tie to help with your homework, figuring out which herbal supplement to take for what ails you, or even a supportive hug.
With his big heart and compassionate listening ears, Ed was an extraordinary communication “translator.” Even if a person was spewing with negative aggression, Ed could detect the sadness, guilt, frustration, or fear behind the hostility and would offer a compassionate, sincere, often calming response.

Sweetheart Mary:
Ed was a big-hearted, tender, caring, dedicated romantic. He loved being in love, feeling loved and sharing love with his beloved sweet Mary. Over the 20 years of life they shared together, he kept every love note, card, decoration, and sticky message she ever wrote—and there were plenty! They unabashedly and excitedly showed their love for each other by always holding hands and speaking affectionately to each other. They were known at the gym, local grocery store, favorite restaurants, and even in work communities as the “love birds”. An entire wall of Ed’s private office at work was covered with “Ed and Mary” memorabilia of events they attended, photos taken together and endearing love notes. These two love birds enchanted onlookers everywhere they went, lifting spirits and offering hope yet for humankind. Their love lifted them up to the highest heights as a reflection of his eternal spirit.
The love and acceptance received from his parents and siblings cultivated Ed’s natural-born sincere character.
Ed cherished the love of his sister, Cheryl, who was unwavering in her adoration for him. It was obvious to all that Cheryl was diligent in safeguarding her dear brother from harm, always wanting the best for him.
Ed’s eldest brother, Steve, inspired Ed to walk the road less traveled. Ed described Steve as the “James Dean” of the family, ever so cool, handsome and independent—standing up for what he believed in despite what anyone else thought. Ed’s love for Steve was boundless and inexhaustible.
Ed idolized his closest-in-age brother, Mike. If Mike played basketball, Ed wanted to play, if Mike listened to a certain kind of music, Ed did too. From sharing recipes and the latest exercise routines, to emotional support though illness and disease—Mike and Ed shared an everlasting deep love and kinship for each other.
His spirit is carried on in the hearts of his soulmate and “love of his life” Mary, his sister Cheryl and her husband Rich, his brother Steve and wife Cathy; brother Mike and his wife Betty, his cousins Jennie and Sandie, his nieces Dana, Kinsey, Brianna, and Vivian; nephews Matthew and David; his step-daughter, Crescentia; and by the multitude of lives he touched as a physician and a friend.
All are invited to celebrate and remember the life of Doctor Ed Redard in a public memorial service to be held on Saturday April 2nd at 1:00pm at the East Lawn Andrews & Greilich Mortuary Chapel 3939 Fruitridge Road, Sacramento, CA 95820.

Funeral Home:
Andrews & Greilich Mortuary
3939 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, CA
US 95820


  • Jenifer Stewart says:

    Dr. Redard, how can we continue without you, you were so wonderful to everyone and working with you was wonderful, you always made us feel appreciated, so hard to know I won’t see your smiling face at the office. You touched so many lives with care. This is life, we have to continue but will always keep you in our hearts.

  • Kim Bentz says:

    Dr. Redard, I cannot even begin to measure the overwhelming grief and sadness I have in your absence. It was an honor to be your colleague, a privlige to be your friend, and a blessing to be your patient. Through the years you have helped me cope with so much, I will always be grateful. The conversation we shared the afternoon of your passing will forever sting in my memory, and your laughter and advice will echo in my heart indefinitely. I have never met a more caring or happy soul on this planet and without fail- you proved that up until the very end. I will miss you so, so much. See you on the other side “Doct-uh” {in my best British Ed accent 🙂 }

  • Annette Taylor says:

    To Dr. Redards’ family, friends and colleagues, I am so sorry for your sudden loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

  • Harold Price says:

    I learned today that you were gone to be with the Lord. You were not only a great doctor but a great friend to both me and my mother. You are truly missed by everyone who knew you may the Lord bring peace and comfort to your family during this difficult time. Much love many prayers

  • Sheena Sharnil says:

    Dr Redard ! Golden heart stopped beating and two smiling eyes are at rest. You were so wonderful person and have cared for so many lives.You will be missed. My deepest condolences and prayers to family and friends .

  • Debra Mahnke says:

    Prayers to your family. You made my life so much better. You took great care of me and my husband. We could always count on you when life threw us a curve. I just can’t imagine my life without you. The hugs you used to give me always made me feel so much better. You were the most compassionate person I ever knew. Your love and understanding was unwavering. I had a medical crisis the last few years and your support and advice got me through the most difficult times. You were so loved. I will miss you so much. I can’t comprehend that I won’t see that smiling face again. You will never be forgotten. I love you Dr. REDARD

  • Robin Eplett says:

    My prayers are with your family and friends. You were such a wonderful person. I will truly miss hearing your positive thoughts and care for me as a patient and as a coworker. I was so shocked and sadden to hear that you had passed last Thursday. You will solely be missed by everyone you touched. Unfortunately for us, GOD had different plans for you on the other side. I guess it’s your turn to spread your smiling face and golden heart to those who have passed. You will be as popular in your new role as you were here with us. I will miss you so much!!! Thank You for everything!!!” Love always

  • Karen Deering says:

    Dr. Redard, I can’t imagine not seeing your wonderful smile and sparkling eyes again. You cared for Ken and I for over 20 years. You were always so positive and saw us through good times and bad. After so many years, you became our friend. You helped me get through my grief after Ken’s passing, as your words were so comforting. My heart breaks for your family and I will pray for them to get through their grief. You spent so much of your life caring for others and you left this world too soon. I know Ken will be there to greet you on the other side. I will miss you more than I can say. You are loved, rest in peace “doc”.

  • Gerry Alvernaz says:

    Dr. Redard, You cared for my mom. You were the best Doctor see ever had. You always felt like a second son to her. I will always be grateful for the times we had with you. It’s heartbreaking on so many levels. I find my mother crying the other day and she gave me the bad news of the lost of her second son. We lost a great Doctor and one hell of a man. Thanks Ed We love you!

  • Nancy Lavin says:

    Mrs. Redard my heart breaks for you and your family. Dr. Ed Redard was a gentleman and one of the best doctors I have ever known! He was more than a doctor, he was a friend, a brother, someone I could confide in. We had many wonderful conversations. He was my husband and my doctor for many, many, years. You were blessed to have him for 55 years. May Jesus wrap you in His arms and comfort your heart today and always. I am praying for you dear family. Heaven gained an Angel! God Bless you,

  • Alma Caldwell says:

    You have cared for me and my family for over 25 year. I will always be grateful for the the way you cared for us. You were more then our doctor you were a friend and like a son to me. You always went the extra mile for everyone. I know your in a better place but you will truly be missed down here. I will miss your smiling face and the great care you always gave to me. You taught me to think positive and be grateful for life. My God be with your family Thank You, We Love you!

  • Andrew Sot says:

    Dr. Redard. I received the phone call the morning of your passing. I had my appointment that day and was really looking forward to the visit. You have always been a caring and compassionate doctor and I will truly miss you. Thank you for being an Awesome doctor.

  • Linda Howell says:

    Oh what a sad day it is for me.:( It is difficult to process the fact you are no longer here . How can this be true? My husband and I saw you Monday, March 7! We feel blessed we were able to see you before you left us. As I recall now, you did say good-bye to me, I just did not know it was forever! Thank you for being a wonderful and caring physician!!! Our deepest sympathy to you Mrs. Redard and family. We feel your loss, and your beloved husband will be dearly missed.

  • Chuck Coppage says:

    Dr. Redard your leaving us will leave a hole in our hearts forever. You were equal parts friend, confidant, healer, all around good guy and so much more. Just thinking of trying to fill your shoes is unfair to every other licensed physician out there as they just can’t match up. We will keep your family in our prayers as they will surely miss you more than we will. The good lord himself must of needed a good doctor to call you home so soon in life. RIP Ed.

  • Jennifer Bertram says:

    My dad told me and my sister last night that you’re no longer here. Needless to say, we are heartbroken. I took great comfort in the fact that you were still taking care of my parents. You were my doctor for all of my youth and the way you took care of Sarah and I has never left my mind. We are absolutely heartbroken we raised a glass to you last night, souls like you are few and far between. You left too soon and my love and thoughts are with you, Mrs. Redard and the family you left behind. Thank you for all you gave us Doctor!

  • Nancy Coppage says:

    My husband and I were devastated at the news of your passing. Having been patients of yours for over 20 years and your having seen us through some difficult times, you will be greatly missed.It was always uplifting to see that warm energetic smile when you entered the room. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family, friends and associates who will miss you terribly. You were a special caring person and a one-of-a-kind doctor. We miss you!

  • The Singh Family says:

    my brother informed me last night of your passing, we are so sad. You were my first doctor and an amazing on at that. You were our family doctor for 10+ years. We will miss you dearly. Our heart felt condolences to Mrs Redard and the rest of the family. RIP Dr. Redard

  • Robyn L. Craythorn says:

    I found out about Dr. Redard’s passing the day I was supposed to have seem him. I cried and the person that was calling me from his office cried knowing that we would never see him again. He was an AWESOME doctor. He got me through the highs and lows of my life and challenged me to take care of myself!! I still have to pinch myself each day to make sure this is really happening, and regrettably, it is. Thank you Mrs. Redard for sharing him with us. We will forever miss his smile, his laugh, his kind words, and his vast knowledge he always afforded to his patients. You will be forever missed Dr. Redard. I am so blessed that you were a part of my life.

  • Patti Hughes says:

    Doc. I’m going to miss you. You have seen me through many things in the last 16 years. I felt blessed to have an angel in my corner all these years now your my angel in heaven. I was shocked when your office called today. You were one of life’s blessing. So many of us will miss you. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

  • Lolita Johnson Hopkins says:

    I learned of Dr. Redard’s passing the morning after his tragic, untimely death. Actually during the intake at a referral Dr. Redard had made when I was asked, ‘and your primary Dr. Is Dr. Redard’, I responded, ‘yes, the BEST.’ I was SO NOT prepared for what came out of the nurses mouth next, ‘I am so sorry to have to tell you, Dr. Redard passed away last night.’ To say I totally lost it after that is a major understatement! NO, NO, NO! How could this AWESOME man who had been my primary care doctor for over 20 years be gone! So much more than a doctor, a confidant, a true professional who ALWAYS had a smile, an uplifting remark, a high five or fist bump when the progress was good BUT a serious, caring demeanor when I had NOT done what I needed to do for the results WE were attempting to achieve! Always PRESENT! Always respectful! ALWAYS a JOY to be in his presence. I thank GOD for having the opportunity to know Dr. Redard for so many years. Our joke was we started out with NO grey hairs and over the years this changed for both. There will NEVER be another Ed Redard. He blessed all who had the opportunity to know, work with and be served by him. He truly had a servants heart. My husband and I, who was also a patient of Dr. Redard’s send our sincerest condolences to to his family, especially his wife who he mentioned often as HIS SWEETIE. My heart goes out to you especially…HE WAS THE BEST. May he rest in paradise and remain in our hearts forever.

  • Brenda Madrigal says:

    What a wonderful person doctor Redard was. He was always in such a good mood. Such a friendly smiling happy person. I will miss him so much, as I am sure everyone who ever meet Ed Renard will. Such an awesome man

  • Marcia Wigingtonyee says:

    I don’t even know where or how to begin with my story of love for you. 25 years ago I had a doctor’s appointment with my new doctor on Timberlake Drive not far from Methodist hospital. I walked in and there you were this young smiling faced man just barely in practice. Within 5 minutes I knew you would be my doctor and friend forever. I knew without a doubt that God had placed you in my life and that you would take great care of me until one of us was gone ( I just never thought it would be you first). Man ole man, I loved you even then. You always, always took the best care of me. Your kindness, caring, compassion and understanding coupled with good strong advise (that always hit home), your patience and sincerity were more than I could have ever expected or hoped for in a doctor and we became friends instantly. You saw me through so many illnesses, ups and downs, hard times and times when I wasnt really sick at all but just needed advise or an ear or a shoulder to cry and/or lean on. You saw me through everything and even when I moved away to Michigan you were still my doctor long distance and over the phone keeping well any way you could…who does that…only a person specially touched by God. You knew all of my secrets and you held them in confidence and never ever judged. Then when I moved back to California you didnt miss a beat and made sure i was right back under your care. Then when my mother became I’ll with End Stage you took her on as a patient and she loved you as well. You took GREAT care of her and was even able to get her to stop smoking after 55 years of smoking like a chimmey (GOD in you). You cared for her until her passing and we were both very grateful as you always put a big smile on her face and extra laughter in her heart. I’m truly going to miss you Ed and I know there is no doctor who can ever replace you in my life or heart…don’t know what I’m gonna do without you my doctor my friend. My tears and sadness flow like a river for your untimely passing but I take comfort in knowing that Our Father has the biggest smile in his heart for you for a job well done and a life well lived…(my great grandmother used to say only the good die young now i know what she meant). I know I am but a grain of sand in the oceans of people whose lives you’ve touched and made so much better for having known you but I am TRULY GRATEFUL THAT GOD ALLOWED ME to BE a GRAIN WHOSE LIFE WAS MADE BETTER BY KNOWING YOU. I’LL FOREVER REMEMBER and MISS YOU and I’ll ALWAYS HEAR YOUR LAUGHTER IN MY SOUL as I’LL ALWAYS CARRY YOUR SPIRIT in MY HEART. I will continue to pray for your family and loved ones and I’ll ALWAYS, ALWAYS THANK GOD FOR HAVING HAD YOU in MY LIFE and HEART. I DON’T KNOW HOW to SAY GOODBYE to YOU MY DOCTOR, MY FRIEND SO I’LL JUST SAY… SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU. REST IN HIS DIVINE PEACE and know HE will take loving care of your Sweetie and family. FARE THEE WELL.

  • Olyvia Flynn says:

    Dr. Redard was one of the kindest men on this earth who took a special interest in every one of his patients. I was privileged to know him. My love and prayers go out to the family. This is a tragic loss and we will all miss him terribly

  • Vanda and Tommy says:

    My deepest condolences going to the family,my husbad and I were shock to hear that you were gone,this is a tragic loss,on Thursday I called to make appointment,friday I was happy and wanna see my Primary dr, the bad news I got early in the morning from the nurse,I can’t believe,when I talked to the nurse that you were gone I feel like to cry and can not believe,he is my primary dr since 2002,it’s so sad sad….my primary dr who are very kind and caring to the patient,very pleasant doctor,Dr Redard is very honest and he is an angel for our family,we love you Dr Redard,but God loves you more …………

  • Bernardo & Theresa Jaime says:

    Oh Dr Redard We will miss your smile, laughter, kindness, gentle heart you have seen us threw our lows & highs for 24 yrs + what will we do without you. We will continue to Pray for your family cause it’s just as hard for them as it is hard for your patients & us May God comfort all of those who new you. You are truly missed RIP Dr Redard

  • Joe ayala says:

    I’m still in shock…will be for a long time…over 20 years we became patient and friend…my most humble condolences to the family…

  • Karen & Irvin Stoneburner says:

    Our hearts breaks over this news. One of the finest doctors we have ever met. He gave excellent care and was deeply compassiobate. We feel like we lost a member of our own family. Our condolences to his beloved wife and othet family.

  • Debra Mahnke says:

    Dr. Redard you will be missed by so many. You took such good care of all of us. You were my rock as I went through spinal surgery. You have helped me through such emotional times. Your hugs will forever live inside of me. I truly loved you and made sure I told you. My last visit I made sure to tell you how much. We all will miss this amazing man and we will never have a doctor as Dr. REDARD! Prayers to his wife and family. I love you Dr. REDARD

  • Mickey Jones says:

    Dear Ed, Moments that seem small and insignificant can effect people in the most profound ways. When I first met you I was meeting many of the Miscisins for the first time. I was nervous about meeting the people that would become my family. You made me feel very at ease and welcome as a new in-law to the Miscisin family. From the moment we officially became brothers in-law, you were such a good friend. Kind to my children, always joyous and ready for laughs, open and welcoming to your home. Thank you. Please rest in peace. But maybe keep doing some magic tricks and having some laughs too. Mickey

  • Mary Collins says:

    I am in shock. I just called his office and heard the news. I have been his patient since he started at Mercy medical group. I am more than sorry for your loss. I will miss him also. He was a WONDERFUL PERSON. My prayers go out to his family.

  • Elaine Wallace says:

    I never met you but my elderly Aunt was one of your patients. She told me,” It is like losing a family members. He has been my doctor for 20 years and he was so kind and thoughtful. He was an excellent doctor.”

  • Evelyn Massaro says:

    Ed, you knew how to make my sister Mary happier than anyone else on earth. Her face lit up every time you walked in the room or she talked to you on the phone. You helped bring out the very best in Mary and she brought out the best in you. You were truly each others better half. For that I will always dearly love you. I’m so glad you were able to share the last 20+ years of your life together.

  • David Turner says:

    Dr Ed, I just learned if your passing this morning and it saddens me deeply. You help me with all my Heath issues since early 1989 and then you became my children’s doctor too. They are grown now and chose to keep you as their doctor too. For Your Family and Loved Ones I Wish All Of You Peace For Your Hearts and To All The Medical Staff The Same. May You Rest In Peace Always, Thank You For Everything. David

  • Gary and Carol Mikaelsen says:

    Prayers to Dr. Redards family, friends and patients. Doc has been our doctor for over twenty years. And loved him like a son. We will miss him. He will be hard to replace. Hard to replace the best. May he rest in peace and peace to all of us.

  • Bobby Dean and Michael John says:

    My prayers to the family, Dr Redard was our Dr for 23 years. He was the best and the kindest man I have ever known.. He always had a smile and a kind word. He is greatly missed

  • Carol says:

    Loving the pictures!

  • Carmel Junglas and Christine verrett says:

    Our prayers and thoughts are with, Dr.Redards family, co-workers and friends.Please know how much you were admired by my mother Carmel Junglas.She was ALWAYS so scared to go to the doctors, until she met Dr. redard !!! finally a perfect match.Always very attentive to all of my mothers needs, she could talk to him about anything. Thank you to his parents for a wonderful person you raised, he was one of a kind, please know he will always be in our thoughts and prayers.He was the BEST !!!!

  • Michele Valencia says:

    My condolences to the family of Dr. Redard. I remember working with you and how you made me put things in different perspective. I will always remember you telling me its ok just let it roll off. I will miss seeing your smiling face. You will be truly missed and please know you made a huge difference in the lives of your patients and staff.

  • Janice Whiting says:

    So incredibly sad that we lost you while you were so young and had so much life left to live. You are and will be missed “Go to Guy”

  • Tiffany Bass Bukow says:

    Ed was such a sweet, gentle and caring man of so many. I will miss his smiling face and beaming personality. I grieve for him and for Mary who has lost her soul mate. I am sending love and light to all who are suffering from this surprising and difficult loss of such a special man.

  • Marilyn Guerra says:

    Dr Redard was my doctor for over 20 years and I feel so blessed to have been in his care. I will miss him terribly. I followed him everywhere he relocated and at one point drove over 50 miles to be treated by him. He helped me through several serious health crisis and for that I truly owe him my life. At one point my insurance changed and rather than lose him as a doctor, I paid out of pocket for 2 years just to continue to be his patient. When my premature twins were born over 18 years ago I immediately brought them to him because I trusted no one but him to take care of their health needs. They loved him so much. They still talk about the times he would check their ears and say something silly like, “I see Barney in there” and they would giggle. Dr. Redard you were truly an exceptional man. Your kindness and compassion towards your patients was beyond compare and you will truly be missed. I will miss hearing you make your rounds with your patients before me, as I waited patiently to be seen, listening to your boisterous laugh and corny jokes. I will always be grateful for you teaching me the importance of keeping my mind, body and spirit in balance and for laughing with me instead of at me because I was such an over-thinker in everything I said or did. Thanks for everything Doc. The world is not as colorful without you in it. My sincere condolences to his “sweetie”, who he always mentioned in such an endearing way and to his family and staff. I pray you all will find some comfort during this most difficult time.

  • Deb Mc says:

    Doc Redard taught me so much about my health and how to care if myself. He would walk into the room with a smile so bright it made the sun look dim. He would be so excited about your results that he had you encouraged to do even better next time. He may never know how he impacted me, but I will always be grateful to him. I loved the Doc. I pray that God will keep his loved ones well. God bless you all. Deb Mc.

  • Naomi Dotson says:

    My deepest condolences. I was a patient over 20 years and he will be sorely missed by many. He always made his patients feel as though each one was special. His infectious smile was truly genuine and would put your mind at ease. He was a special kind of doctor in many ways. To his family, thank you for sharing such a caring soul with so many. I pray God will give you strength and peace.

  • Dawn Akel says:

    My heart immediately goes out to Ed’s family and friends. Ed had been my doctor since he first went to work at Mercy and was located on Valley Hi Drive. Like so many of Ed’s patient’s I followed him from place to place. Ed and I were a few months a part in age. After a few appointments he said, ” I am going to treat you like a sister,” and he did. He became a friend and a confident. He became my husband’s and a daughter doctor, and eventually my mother’s. I trusted him, believed him and immensely respected him. He is a gentleman to aspire to in regards to his care and his ongoing concern for his patients. I will truly miss his wisdom, his wit and yes his charm. He could make you smile during the worst of times and be gentle and caring at the same time. On my last doctor’s appointment with Ed in December, he saw that I had lost over 60 pounds in the last six months. He came into the room, and said, “Hey, look at you!” and started doing the Cabbage Patch dance. He then twirled me around, and said, “I just don’t do the Cabbage Patch dance for everyone.” You always chose the kind and gentle path Ed, and it made all the difference. I will miss you as a loyal friend and of course as my doctor. There will never be another Dr. Ed Redard. Go with grace you will be missed by many.

  • Lillian Iverson says:

    I loved Dr. Redard! I justed found out today of his passing from one of my other doctors in the Diginity Health System. I just broke down and cried, I couldn’t believe it, my heart goes out to his wife and all of his family members. Dr. Redard has been my doctor from the time he joined the Mercy Group, when he was located at the timberlake office. Just like many of his other patients, I too, followed him from location to location and continued with my insurance, just so that he could remain my physician. I spoke so often of him to my family, that when I told them of his passing, they were just as shock as I was. He was unique as a physician, as much as a person. He will truly be missed by many. Rest In Peace, Dr. Redard!

  • Mary Coleman says:

    Dr Redard was my Doctor for more than 20 years, Also my husband as well. He was a great Dr and a man of substance. He cared for and valued his patients. I always loved keeping my appointment with him because he would walk in the examine room with a smile that would make you know this world is beautiful and everything would be allright. He was so patience, caring, and he always took time to answer your questions He was a Dr among millions and will be sadly missed. He was one of a kind and will never be replaced. Not in my heart or my memories. To his family, the empty space he left in all your hearts, can only be filled with his loving memories you all shared with him. RIP Dr Redard, the world has lost a great Dr and a great man. Lovingly Mary Coleman, and Willie Coleman.

  • Sonja Goode says:

    The world has lost one of the best, most kindest, genuine, and greatest men I have ever had the honor to have had in my life. I am truly saddened, heartbroken, and devastated. Dr. Redard had been my doctor since I moved to Sacramento in 1998. He always took the time, had patience, and knowledge far beyond any doc I had ever had. Whenever there was something I needed to explain to him he always knew immediately what it was, and what to do. He would always speak plainly and candidly with sincere honesty. I truly connected with him because of our shared focuses on fitness, diet, and running. No one can ever replace him. My heart goes out to his Sweetie whom his love for just radiated every time he mentioned her.

  • Christine Lay says:

    Dr. Redard will be greatly missed. He was the most personable Dr. I have ever known. So very sorry for your loss.

  • Cathy and Dan says:

    Our condolences to Dr. Redard’s family and friends. We were just shocked and deeply saddened to learn of Dr. Redard’s passing. We were very fortunate to have been his patients for over 20 years. Dr. Redard was always a ray of sunshine. Always positive. Always kind. Always generous. He loved his patients, and we loved him. Even at the end of a big day, he was patient, upbeat, and took time to listen. We will always remember his big grin and the great care he gave to us. Rest in peace, Dr. Redard. We miss you.

  • Annabelle and Victor Rivera says:

    Our prayers and thoughts to Dr. Redard’s family. Dr. Redard was truly a good and caring doctor. Our family will surely miss him. He has been our doctor for over 20 years. His smile and good nature will surely be missed. We are still in shock but we pray for the repose of his soul. May God bless him with all the angels!

  • Anna Slaski says:

    Ive been a patient of Dr. Redard since he had a practice with Dr. Wright in Elk Grove. He was such a kind man, I once saw him in Costco, I observed his kindness out in public he treated the clerks with a smile and kindness. I was a grocery clerk and the public can be not so nice. He not only treated the body but also the soul. He would post recommended books to help the spirit and health. Your lovely manner and spirit will be missed. You will never be replaced.

  • Tom Slaski says:

    Ive been a patient of Dr. Redard since he had a practice with Dr. Wright in Elk Grove. He was such a kind man, I once saw him in Costco, I observed his kindness out in public he treated the clerks with a smile and kindness. I was a grocery clerk and the public can be not so nice. He not only treated the body but also the soul. He would post recommended books to help the spirit and health. Your lovely manner and spirit will be missed. You will never be replaced.

  • Louis Britton - Patient says:

    I’m going to sorely miss Dr. Redard. He took the time to listen and did not rush me like other doctors, and, he treated me with respect, kindness, understanding and compassion. He leaves a void in my life and I’m certain in the life of others. My condolences to the family.

  • Denise and Aaron says:

    Our most heartfelt condolences are extended to the Redard family. We were shocked and saddened when we heard the news about Dr. Redard’s passing. In fact, I think we are still in shock. We had been his patients for over 20 years, so losing him is like losing a member of our family. My husband refused to be seen by any other primary care physician. Dr. Redard had a way of making you feel so important with the attentive way he listened to every detail of your ailment. After each visit, you left his office knowing that you had been given the best care possible. His infectious smile and positive attitude, alone, lifted your spirit, no matter what your health issue. Dr. Redard will be greatly missed by all who’s life he touched.

  • Alyce Mitchell says:

    My heartfelt condolences to the Redard family and loved ones. He was my primary care physician for 16 years and I’m going to miss him deeply. I always looked forward to our appointments. His warmth, and infectious smile and laughter made whatever was ailing me feel almost nonexistent. The last time I saw him he asked about how another form of treatment I was receiving was going. When I told him that the professional I was working with suddenly passed away, he flashed that warm smile and said “You better start living, girl.” Live I will Dr. Redard. Live, I will. Rest in paradise.

  • Tom Lopez says:

    Ed, rest in peace my good friend.

  • RG Shannon says:

    Dear Redard Family and Friends, Dr. Redard was one of the best physicians I have ever consulted. I was very blessed to know him and receive his gifts of healing. His warmth, knowledge, congeniality were evident. I had the great fortune of being his patient the last several years. Shock hardly conveys the emotions one feels at his passing. Healers like him are few and far between. He made me well and set me on a path of sustainable health. I can hardly estimate the debt I owe him. I offer my humble prayers for him and all who must somehow move on without him. Respectfully, RG Shannon

  • katrina Cummins says:

    Rip we all going yo miss Dr.redard. We all sad we miss him.

  • Erika Hubbard says:

    My deepest condolences to Mary, Crescentia and Ed’s family. May God bless you and keep you in his arms during this difficult time. RIP Ed Redard.

  • Jack Dermody says:

    Ed was Mary’s collaborator in business every bit as much as in their romantic partnership. I have only had a glimpse of their synergistic masterworks, but what role models they have been for us!!! Thank you, Ed. Thank you, Mary.

  • Irene Anderson says:

    Dear Mary, I am so sorry for your loss – no words can express really – take good care of yourself.

  • Ashween P. says:

    I will miss you Dr. Redard. Thank you for taking care of my health for 14 years. You were a wonderful Dr and can never be replaced. I will miss your laughter and most of all, your time when it came to my health care. I am very sadden and my heart goes out to the family.

  • Mary Butler says:

    Dr. Redard was my physician for 25 years, and in that time, at one point, he was seeing four generations of my family. We all will miss his wonderful way of listening and understanding our needs. He had a wit that was so quick, he would have me laughing at every appointment. I used to love to watch his eyes dance and face light up as he spoke about his “Sweetie Mary”. Mary, may your loving memories of him bring you peace now and in the future. All of our hearts are aching.

  • Deb Dudek says:

    I still have no words and am in shock. Mary you, Cresentia and Ed’s family are in my thoughts. I am so sorry for your loss. Take care, I will talk with you soon. Love you.

  • Charlotte Fuller says:

    Condolences to the entire Redard family and Mary – I totally enjoyed reading more about Ed and his interests, and doctoring, and fam. etc. I only knew him as the handsome, smiling dancer and beloved beau of Mary and I will continue to hold that fond rememberance – much love and grace sustain you as you come to accept this enormous and unexpected loss! Charlotte

  • Sarah Samuelson says:

    I still remember picking up your card at the reception desk hoping to find a doctor who would help me move forward. Little did I know the name on that card would be one I would depend on for the next 13 years. Your absence right now is still incalculable but your life’s work lives on in and around us. Every door you opened every hour, every day, with a fresh smile, renewed energy for the person waiting on that other side did not go unnoticed. Your wisdom, insight, honesty, and compassion still remain with us because you changed the course of our lives with them. That cannot be erased. We are all for the better because you cared. I will always be grateful. Mary, our prayers of mercy and healing are with you.

  • Debbie Felix says:

    There really are no words to express the overwhelming sadness I’m feeling at this news. As I’m reading all the messages, every one is a perfect description of this gentle soul. He was a “ray of sunshine” and it didn’t make any difference how sick I was, just him walking through the door made everything all right. I’ll never forget you Dr. Sunshine. I’ll look for the brightest star I can find in the heavens and know that star belongs to you.

  • Nancy Greenwald says:

    Poem In Memory of Dr. Redard MY DOCTOR, MY FRIEND… Such a beautiful smile, That special twinkle in his eye, Now all I ask is, why oh why… He cared for each of us in such a special way, Giving his all each and everyday. He remembered everything through all the years, Helped me through all my sorrows and fears. He treated me, healed me, made me well, Whatever I shared with him, he would not tell. He was my doctor but I felt him a friend, And now he has passed just like the wind. He left us too early and I am so very distressed, I know we have lost one of our very best. I’ll always remember that beautiful smile, Special, oh so special, that twinkle in his eye, And I will always forever ask why oh why… Ed Redard, My Doctor, My Friend…

  • Nancy & Darrell Greenwald says:

    We have lost the most incredible person. Dr Redard was most certainly one of a kind. My husband started seeing him when he first started at Timberlake. I was to follow a few years later. Dr. Redard knew everything about us. He helped my husband through his divorce, helped me through my wedding jitters, saw us through all our ups and downs, deaths in the family, treated our children, and oh so many personal problems. He knew everything about us and it amazes us how he could remember all details of our lives as we know he had so many patients. That is why he was so incredible. He was always able to cheer us, advise us and heal us. I don’t think he read our chart & familiarized himself. He just had a perfect memory. I had the difficult job of telling my husband that Ed had passed. His response was that he had just lost his last friend…We cry everyday, especially when reading all the entries on this guestbook. In all these entries, everyone has stated exactly how he was, so we cannot add anything more, except that he was such a compassionate doctor and very passionate about his life’s profession. Our hearts are broken. We have lost the most perfect Doctor that anyone could ever have. Our hearts go out to all of his family and his sweetie Mary. You all know what a special person he was but we pray from all the comments, that you realize we his patients loved him so very much, not only as a Doctor, but as a friend. He will never be forgotten but rather honored as a treasure in our lives. Our sincere condolences, Darrell and Nancy Greenwald

  • Kimberly Woods-Burch says:

    A major loss not only to the medical community, but to the human race. His loving and caring spirit will leave a hole that can not be filled. He helped my husband through his stroke, being not only the voice of reason and sternness, to break through his stubbornness but a cheerleader and understanding ear for us both as we walked through the difficult journey. He was there to listen, to comfort and to “hear” what you were actually saying to him. Your weren’t just a number, a file or a body. You were an valued person, each and every time you visited his office. I trusted him beyond any other physician that I have ever encountered, he will be missed.

  • Angela says:

    I’m so saddened to hear of the passing of Dr. Redard just today when I called to schedule an appointment with him. The news is unbelievable. He was the most caring and best Doctor I’ve ever had. He will be irreplaceable and I will miss him very much. My deepest condolences to the Redard family.

  • Michael Lofton says:

    Over a month ago, I received a telephone call from your office asking me to reschedule my appointment. I told the gal that she was playing a joke on me when she explained to me why. When she broke down crying I knew the news was real. And today, over a month ago your death still brings tears to my eyes. I have been unable to find a new doctor. It will be hard to find a person so committed to my health as you were. I would sit in your office and get mad at you for making me wait so long, and then you would walk in. You have the greatest smile in the world. Just when you walked through the door all that anger went away. I was so glad to have your attention. I’ll miss how you always placed your hand upon my knee to console me. I knew that you genuinely cared about me. I am fighting back the tears right now, I cant sleep. It’s 5:30 A.M. and your service is today. But for your friends and family I would like to tell them about your last phone call to me. You were always straight forward with me and I appreciated that. You had prescribed a new medication that you said I must be tested to make sure my kidneys could handle it. I went and had the blood test done. I waited eagerly for the results. I was reading literature all over about lawsuits involving this medication. So I had to call your office for the results. I could not get you personally on the phone so I told the gal I need to know if my kidneys were okay. I got a call back from your staff telling me that my liver would be fine. I told the gal I wanted to speak directly to you because I was not calling about my liver. So, you called me on the phone. I said dude ” your staff is trying to kill me, she said my liver was great and I was calling about my kidneys” Your response without missing a beat. Well “that’s good news ain’t it?” I will miss you my friend, my condolences to your family!!!!!

  • Maggie and Derek says:

    My wife and I are 20 year members of the Dr Redard fan club, a little thinner, a lot more hair and what seems so long ago.. the last 15 years, living in Folsom, driving to Elk Grove for our visits..not appointments, those are for the dentists, seeing you was a visit..My visits were scheduled in the mornings, my wife scheduled in the afternoon.. sometimes your visits would run a little long, so her visits would start a little later, but she loved that. You would spend all the time needed to catch up and share news about all thing in our lives..You provided us both with the care, support, encouragement and comfort needed face the greatest challenges in our lives.. over 20 years, you were there for it all.. it amazes me how spending 20-30 minutes (sometimes more) with someone, once every 3-6 months (sometimes more) could have such a profound impact on our lives.. it goes to show what an incredible force you were to us as well as everyone in your life.. And now we are faced with our next great challenge, how do we go on? It will be hard, but we have had great coaching.. I just tell my wife “What would Dr Redard say ? “ Peace be with you, your family and all your friends.. Much love, Maggie and Derek

  • Walt W. says:

    A very caring and compassionate Doctor. I was his patient since 1999 and looked forward to my appointments. It will be tough to find another Doctor like Ed Redard. He will be missed by many.

  • nancy A. Higham says:

    Dr. Redard was my physician for many years, always reminding me of how important my health was for me and my family. I last saw him on February 5th. Not knowing that this would be the last time I would see him. always smiling, cheerful with a wonderful caring greeting and handshake. I travel out of town quite often for my work, and was unaware of his passing until I read an article in the Saturday Sacramento Bee. I was so shocked,and spent time with tears in eyes, for he was such a wonderful doctor, whom I put my total healthcare trust in. I liked and trusted him so much, that I referred a long-time friend to him. She also liked Dr. Redard very much, and was also shocked when I phoned her today with this sorrowful news of his passing. So young, so talented, and such a loss to Dignity Healthcare, and all those at the medical facility where I visited Dr. Redard.

  • John and DeDe Panenka says:

    I was so sad to here this about this kind and caring man who loved life. I was stunned beyond belief, in my mind it just could NOT be! He was the BEST doctor I ever had or WILL have! He was also a friend beyond the patient-doctor relationship. He guided me and my wife through health challenges with a confident hand and a presence that I cannot describe! I will miss him dearly and will think about him everyday. He will not fade in my heart as everytime I go to see any doctor I will think of him. My prayers to his family!!! The world is a MUCH lesser place without him!

  • John and Dede Panenka says:

    I was so sad to here this about this kind and caring man who loved life. I was stunned beyond belief, in my mind it just could NOT be! He was the BEST doctor I ever had or WILL have! He was also a friend beyond the patient-doctor relationship. He guided me and my wife through health challenges with a confident hand and a presence that I cannot describe! I will miss him dearly and will think about him everyday. He will not fade in my heart as everytime I go to see any doctor I will think of him. My prayers to his family!!! The world is a MUCH lesser place without him!

  • Mike and Lori Nichols says:

    Beautiful service today for Dr Ed Redard, my friend and colleague. Lori and I will miss him dearly. He has a wonderful family and his beloved Mary. I will always admire him for his devotion to his patients, and his positive outlook towards life.

  • Vicky and Joe Gubata says:

    Damn that Redard! This was the loving endearment that my husband and I would use after finding out that Dr Redard has made another accurate diagnosis. After the many years I was fortunate enough to have Ed Redard as my doctor I developed a total respect for his valuable opinion. I just knew if he said it, I could 100% believe it to be true. If you knew my pessimistic nature when it came to doctors, you would be astounded by my total trust in Redard; he made me a believer. As mentioned at the memorial service today, the walls in the various offices Redard worked in were notoriously thin. In one of my visits more than a dozen years ago, Redard could be heard in the room next door having one of his famous Mary calls. Of course at the time I didn’t know it was such a famous event I was hearing. The walls were not thin enough that I could hear the words just the tone. He spoke with such love and enjoyment in his tone, I actually wondered if he was speaking to a wife or girlfriend; little did I know at the time that Mary was both. I recently had my first visit with my new doctor. In the same facility. I actually had to blink away the tears because it did not seem right to not hear Redard’s laughter ring out. Dr Redard leaves behind a big whole in the many lives he touched. But we must all take a leaf from his book in life and look on the bright side. We are all the lucky ones because we got to experience life with this wonderful man in it. We can feel sorry for those who never knew him. As he leaves us all behind I can only say, “Damn that Redard”, you will be missed but never forgotten.

  • Michelle Jackson says:

    Prayers for the family Dr Redard leaves behind. He was our family doctor for many years. He had a remarkable talent for seeing the whole picture. He would help us make sense of things, refer us to specialists, and order tests, but no matter how many specialists we had been referred to, Dr Redard was in charge, overseeing, managing, instructing, coaching. He was such a joy to be around, no matter how awful everything else was. He must have loved his job. And he was incredibly cute, too.

  • Marie Davis says:

    To Dr. Redard’s family, please accept my deepest sympathies on the loss of an amazing, wonderful man. I was but one of his many patients that loved him and are heartbroken that he is no longer with his family. I am forever grateful that I had the joy of being his patient. He helped me in so many ways, and I will never forget him. I always joked with him that he could not retire before I did, ( I’m older by 7 years) but I never, ever expected him to pass away before me. I am so sad I did not know of his passing and his service until today, I’m so sad that I missed the service and opportunity to pay my respects in person.

  • Francy & Pete Fox says:

    How does one express all the emotions and thoughts swirling inside about the ONE person other than your family you have come to love and trust with EVERYTHING in your life when he is taken away so abruptly? I remember our first appointment. It was your first week at “The Med Clinic”. What would this guy be like? Would he be a fit for our family? I heard the papers rustling outside the door as you reviewed my chart. Then comes a knock on the door and in walks this incredibly handsome, baby faced YOUNG KID!! I thought oh my God he’s a child, he could be my husbands son and my younger brother!! What were we to do now with such an inexperienced, “brand new” doctor. Surely he can’t know anything. Swiftly and unequivocally he touched me in such a way I knew he was an extraordinary man and doctor. He became not only our doctor, but our friend. Our daughter was in middle school and she adored him. He has remained her doctor all this time as well. Dr. Redard you brought so much love and joy to us each and every time we saw you. Your warmth could be felt the instant you opened the exam room door. You made us feel safe and secure discussing anything with you. As with so many others you saved both my life and my husbands life. This last decade you saw me weekly for a few years, then every two weeks and I recently graduated to every 6-8 wemeks. During this time you have been guiding me through a difficult time with such patience, wisdom AND your ever present smile, off beat humor and laughter… our time together was not done. Your time with Pete and Kate was not done either and yet here we are… We are missing you terribly, you are irreplaceable. Thank you for for always being there and taking such wonderful care of us. We were truly blessed to have you spend almost half of your life with us. It’s strange that not too long ago we were talking and you said “we’ve grown up together”, you were right, of course. We will never forget you and more importantly we will try to honor you by doing the things you taught us. Rest now dear one, enjoy your long nap. May Mary and all your family know and take some comfort in how much you were loved and how many lives you had a profound impact on. We will always hold you in our hearts.

  • Danalee M. Lavelle says:

    I remember the first time you walked into the MedClinic for your interview with the executive director and medical director-I was the executive assistant and did credentialing of new docs. We knew we had a winner with you, Dr. Ed, and we weren’t wrong. You were the epitome of a caring, competent care giver and family practitioner. My friends who were among your patients must be devastated by your passing. You will be missed by many. Requiscat in pace. My prayers are with your family at this difficult time.

  • Mary E Fifer-Pierce says:

    Doc. Redard you will always have a special place in my heart my caring Doc. & friend. Thanks for helping me through 2 near death experiences to still be here with my grand kids. I wish you were still here. Gonna pick up the piece of my broken heart & do everything you taught me to do. This little old lady loved you like son. RIP

  • Don Lowry says:

    Dear Ed, We all miss you, my man. You have been the backbone for what we are about, in life. You have inspired all of us to be the best we can be. My life is fuller because of you. You have been our champion. You are part of our identity—who we are. There is no greater gift, than to be part of your legacy. You will always be in our hearts and our soul. While it hurts that we have lost you, we will be forever grateful that you are who you are. For all of us, we were privileged to know you. You will always be part of us. I know for myself that every time I feel discouraged, all I need to do is know that you are with me. You have made the world a better place for all of us. I love you deeply, my friend. Don

  • David Dodd says:

    Dr. Rdard was a great doctor. He and I got a long great. I had only seen him a couple times and will miss him

  • Norbert Davis says:

    I will miss him tremendously. The best Dr. and a one of the best friends I have ever had. I started seeing him back around 1992 or 1993. He was practicing at the Med Clinic on Valley Hi Drive with Russ. He always gave the best advice, had the greatest attitude, and I always left feeling better than when I went in. I hated to disappoint him with a bad test result because he gave me 110% all the time. He was so smart and cared so much. He would always ask how I was doing with my hobby and how things were going in my life other than my health. I figured that we would retire sometime within the next 10 years and I would hate that because I would have to find a new Dr. I had just seen him on March 7th and he was smiling and happy for the improvements that I had been making. My heart goes out to his family, his friends, his coworkers, and patients that loved him so much. He was inspiring and did influence me to improve my health because he cared so much. I will miss you Dr. Redard. I will never forget you and always remember your kindness and your smile. Thank you. Norbert Davis

  • David Melis says:

    I was extremely saddened to get the letter from Dignity Health today that told me of Dr. Redard’s tragic passing. He’s been my Personal Care Physician for about 15 years. He was always so positive and easy to talk to. I had an appointment with him just a couple of weeks before his untimely death and always believed that he genuinely cared about my health and well being. My condolences go out to his family and friends. I will genuinely miss having him as my doctor.

  • Pam Long says:

    My husband and I are in shock today after receding the letter from Dignity Health about the passing of this amazing man. Truly in shock. Dr Redard was our family Doctor since 1990 when he was located on Timberlake and we followed him every location from that point on. He always had a smile on his face and always gave us answers with a smile, occasionally a dance. He mentioned his sweetie at times! We once saw a short video of him on one of the local stations at a New Years Party, we thought we he’s a celebrity! He treats our three daughters for bicycle crashes and everything under the sun. I just saw him about 2 mos ago for a thyroid test, he was amazed I had lost 150 pounds and I definetly got one of the best dances and smiles. He will surely be missed. I am so very sad.

  • Sallie Agosta says:

    I am so very sorry for your great loss. Dr. Redard has been my Dr for many years . when my son turned 18 he started going to Dr. Redard as my husband does. Beside the fact that he was a great Dr.. he had such a kind heart..he always remembered facts and silly stories I would tell him about my family and animals. Although he was only 55 i always called him my small town Dr.. I swear if he had time he would have made house calls! Just simply a very kind soul. Again I am so very sorry for your loss..he did wonderful things while here on earth ,,now God got another angel,…Bless you all

  • Douglas Richards says:

    My heart broke today with news about Ed. I don’t have the words to express how deeply saddened I am for your loss, our loss. I hope that the knowledge of what a great person he was brings you comfort in the days to come. He was my doctor. My caring, funny doc.

  • Susan Snow says:

    My heart hurts from the loss of my most wonderful and cherished doctor, Dr. Redard. For someone like myself who does not trust most, he can win the heart and soul and is caring enough to know how to mend a person inside and out. His wit and charismatic smile can win anyone over. He knew my fears, my thoughts and secrets and knew how to make someone feel “worth it!”. I will miss him as my doctor but also as such a caring person. My last visit with him in Feb, he reminded me to “focus on myself and to remember his sweet voice” and he laughed. The world has lost a wonderful man, a caring doctor, his family knows this loss and my thoughts and prayers are with them all. For me too, I have lost the best doctor I have ever known and a shining light. God bless you Dr. Redard, we loved you and you are truly missed. No one can measure up. I will miss your smile. Such a great loss.

  • Scott Shafer says:

    Such a great person. 17 years as your patient. You will be missed. Rest in Peace

  • Morgan White says:

    I was heartbroken to hear about Dr. Redard’s passing. He was an amazing physician to my husband. There is one story in particular that I would like to share. My husband was started on a medication and had a bad side effect. All of the triage nurses on the telephone said to go to the ER. It was late at night and the nurses did not think the physician on call need be bothered. However, Dr. Redard called us and put our minds at ease. He came up with a plan, counseled us on what to expect and checked in afterwards to make sure everything was ok. His compassion and love for his patients is unfortunately becoming a rarity in the time-crunched bottom-line driven medical profession. He will be sorely missed. I hope that more physicians take a page from his book as he was, without a doubt, one of the best doctor’s I have every had the pleasure of interacting with. Rest peacefully, Dr. Redard.

  • Marke says:

    Really sorry for. You lost dr. Redard was my doctor years ago. Best Doctor I’ve had. Hugh lost to everyone.

  • Juan and Yuri Almanza says:

    I am lost for words on Dr. Redard and his passing. I visited Dr. Redard twice and new I had the best Dr. and best person for my wife and me. His aura of care and love shined through and I know will shine on. God bless Dr. Redard, all his family and his closest friends.

  • Lisa Webster says:

    Dr. Redard, I thank God for putting you in my life. I’m a better person now than I was before I met you. I’m proud to have been your Medical Assistant and also your patient! You touched everyone you came in contact with. I can still hear your voice at work and I find myself looking for you to come down the hall. I miss working with you. You always said “my patients are my first priority” and you sincerely meant it. Rest easy my friend! Lisa Webster

  • Tracy Hunter says:

    I’m just sick. I couldn’t finish reading the letter received in the mail. Dr. Redard was my primary care physician at Kaiser for a year. I followed him to Mercy Medical Center and well……21 years later, the rest is history. He gushed every time I said “Edward, get in here”, after his knock on the patient room door. This man was the best, and only doctor I had. There is no replacement…..I’ll miss the fun, fun, fun, we had before he provided medical care.

  • Deepest sympathies, AD says:

    My dearest condolences to you and your family, though I didn’t know him I would like to leave a message of hope for you and your family.This comes from John 5:28-29.

  • Helen McFalls says:

    My heart is heavy as I join in mourning the loss of my friend and long time primary care physician , Dr, Ed Redard. I truly appreciate the treatment , care and courtesy I received while under his care. He will be sorely missed. Sincere condolences and sympathies for our loss..

  • Jose R. Sanchez MD says:

    He was my friend and MD. He reminded me when we were a team during his rotation and the ICU and how he learned about respirators during that rotation. We shall meet again amigo. For it is written: “Grave where is your sting? Grave, where is your victory?

  • Mary C says:

    My Mom loved Dr. Redard. She is very elderly and always looked forward to her visits with him. He has a special place in her heart. With Love, Mary-her daughter.

  • Cheryl Stern says:

    God must have really need a Doctor in heaven, because you left us so young and so quickly. My list will be ready for you when I meet you there one day. I am sure you are rejoicing to know the Gulf War Study I am participating in is going well for me. You are a hard act to follow, Dr. Ed Redard. Lonn and I miss you. He practices the skills you taught him every day, and our relationship is better for it. Thank you.

  • Magnum Steele says:

    Ed was a great man, he introduced me to new ways of thinking. I will always cherish with fond memories sitting in his living room with him and other guests at his home in the 90’s, having some of the deepest most thoughtful philosophical conversations. He was truly a real thinking man. I lost touch with him over the years, and now I’m truly saddened by this news, and wholeheartedly regret not reaching out sooner to reconnect, and share with him the profound effect knowing him has made in my life. His love and acceptance was always unconditional without judgement and focusing always on the future potential of his friends was his uncanny strength. Thank you Ed Redard, and May You Rest In Peace, knowing your life and presence in ours will never be forgotten. I loved you man, from afar. Adieu . . Adieu

  • Richard Perry says:

    During a very challenging period in my life Dr Redard was there for me. He was a GREAT doctor. He made an impact on my life far beyond the norm. I will never forget his caring, involved, committed demeanor and his insistence on seeing me through to the desired conclusion. He was, and is, a very important factor in my life. May he rest in peace.Thanks, Ed.

  • Nellie says:

    He was a genuinely caring person, and a great doctor. I am still so saddened by the loss.

  • Jim D. says:

    Dr. Ed, Just thinking about you today. I miss our conversations during my appointments. You are such a special soul. I finally found a new doctor but he is no Dr. Ed. Rest in peace.

  • Crescentia Woods says:

    Think of you often, Edee.

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