Darryl Lamont Jack

Jan 13, 1967 - Oct 6, 2022

Sacramento Valley National Cemetery
5810 Midway Road
Dixon,, CA, 95620




    My love, biggest supporter & BFF ~

    I know,
    Your MORE than just a TEMPLE
    MORE than just a MAN
    MORE than just a PHYSICAL BEING

    Darryl I miss you, I’ll love you forever and 1 day! Forever yours ~

    Anna Lissa Jack

  • Thank you very much. Lamont Pettigrew and Donnelle Pettigrew will be attending the memorial services.

  • Revonda williams says:

    Brother you were a very dear friend and brother whom I held dear to my heart this at times can be a bit much to bare but the assurance I have is this ” you are healed” and I will see you again, now that brings me great joy.

  • We miss you cousin. You were like a brother to me. We were born on the same day and same year and we share the same name Lamont. Paradise Awaits Us All.

  • Mayra Armenta says:

    Thank you love you huge hugs

  • Limeale Brice says:

    My Bro for life and beyond. I still don’t want to accept this. There’s not a day that passes that I don’t think of the laughs, cries, I love you Brothers. 30 yrs. You grew to be more than a barber and friend. You became my true Brother! I’ll see ya again. Shalom!!!

  • Dathan says:

    Love you brother, you were so honest and real. My Brother your love was felt from the day I met you, and I understood you, even through that stern face of yours. I was glad that I got to speak to you one last time. Love you brother, miss you Dearly.

  • Destiny McCall-Taylor says:

    I love you so much unc! Im forever greatful that I got to be apart of your journey (life). I appreciate you so much for all the love you’ve shown me and India throughout the past couple of years! I appreciate all the wisdom you’ve embedded into us! All that good food you cooked, the car rides to/from the shop! The serious talks we’d have if/when needed! You were a great role model and im just really glad that we got the chance to cross paths! Forever in my heart Uncle Darryl, til we meet again 🙏🏾

  • Regina "MalkaYah" McGee says:

    I am still in shock! When I met your beautiful wife, she became my sister, and by extension, you became my brother, my ach! Thank you for the laughs, biblical discussions, and true friendship! Thanks also for your hospitality and the good food you always prepared (wish I coulda gotten that lamb recipe 😀). You were a great cook, a gentle spirit, a true brother! We will miss you, but what is most comforting is the memories and laughs we shared, and knowing that we will meet again my friend… in the new Jerusalem! I will continue to pray for your beautiful wife and children. May the Most High Elohim Yahuah wrap His arms around them, and bless, comfort, and keep them as they walk through this. Rest well, my brother 💞

  • Aunt Carolyn Williams says:

    Nephew it’s hard to believe you’re not here anymore in the physical world. I’ve known you all your life from the day you were born on our birthday. We were alike so many ways. We celebrated life together I will remember all the memories for as long as I live on this earth. I will cherish all we shared, laughs, jokes and knowing were always there for one another. Rest in Peace Nephew until we meet again one day💔

  • Lawania Moore says:

    Dear Brother,
    When I received word that your journey on earth had been completed, it brought tears to my eyes. We had just saw each other a few weeks earlier, when you surprised my husband (Charles Moore) with that beautiful art piece of my Mother in Law….. Your smile was infectious and you brought your brother to tears. And now, the “Best Barber In Richmond” and elsewhere has been welcomed in to continue his service beyond what those of us who are left behind can understand!!!! Rest In Love ❤❤❤

  • Harolina Dickerson says:

    I can’t believe I’m writing this but here we go. Cuz from the first day I meet you on your wedding day to my favorite Cousin I knew we where family it saddened my heart to get this news that you had gone to Glory. God makes no mistakes even though we love you he loves you best rest easy ♥ Cuz Gone but never forgotten.

  • Yahudith Ya’acob says:

    Brother Darryl, you were such a good friend to my late husband and myself. Your words were filled with encouragement and most of all – laughter. It has been my pleasure getting to know you during the Feasts, an how you welcomed us so warmly. So rest now, until we meet again.

  • Chanell Nell says:

    Heyy unc it’s been a minute since I’ve seen you. I remember the weekend I spent with you and my TT Lisa , I had a good ole time we went to church , you gave me so much candy it was crazy and you came to my rescue killin those awful bugs called spiders lol but I’m gonna miss you so much and too my auntie Lisa I love You more than anything and I hope your heart heals ❤️

  • Calvin Owens says:

    Our friendship began 46 yrs ago. We came from the same place and it was a real blessing having you as my friend. I am really proud of the Brotha that you grew up to be. This was absolutely devastating for me. I will always cherish the times we bonded. I’m really going to miss you man.

  • Denise Charles says:

    I am still in disbelief that you are know longer with us .You became my cousin before the I do’s and after the wedding it just made it so much better I will definitely miss your greetings with you yelling out CUZNNN along with a big HUG love you from day one and forever.
    Your cousin-in-law Denise

  • Shaprice N Butcher says:

    I still don’t want to accept this dad…you were the only father figure that I had left. I just want you to know that I appreciate the serious conversations we would have and also, the jokes and laughter. I will forever and always carry you in my heart I love you so much! Until we meet again❤️

  • Dassah Williams says:

    Uncle Dee its crazy im writing this right now but your one of the biggest and best warriors up in heaven right now❤️ You were one of the only people who stepped up as a man to mentor me after my father passed, now i lost my 2nd one… i love you forever and always unc keep watching over me and the girls plus aunty lisa they missing you.❤️

  • Ed Reed says:


  • Michael Bell says:

    My big brother and mentor. As all things in life, we tend to realize the best things, once we no longer have access to them. Not that I took your wise words and counsel for granted but I definitely thought I’d have access to you for the remainder of my time on this early plane. In time I expect the years to dry up, however, the place you held in our lives and in my heart, will remain vacant forever.

    The one thing you installed within me was to have faith in The Most Highs plans for each of us. I’ll see you when it’s my turn big brother, Rest Peacefully and watch over us all.

  • Jacqueline l Joseph-Veal says:

    Although you have transitioned from this earth… your spirit and heart will be a presence among those who had the opportunity to be within your company.

    I thank God for the Sundays that I spent with both you and Anna Lissa. A forever lasting impression that I hold dear.

    This is not Goodbye… This is “Til”

  • Brianna Ashley brown says:

    Dad this is so crazy because never in million years I would thought it would be you I love u soo much thank u for always loving me like your own I will always cherish and appreciate you ,the kindness the jokes lol and the wisdom you were amazing in all aspects and this is so hard to except your we’re an example of wat father is even though you were my last father figure in my life I will always cherish and love you always we miss you so much 💔
    -love your daughter in law

  • Ruby/less says:

    We are at a loss for words to say DARYL will truly be missed. His smile and how patient he was with my husband for the past 30 years as his barber. DARYL loved the Warriors and with me loving the Lakers we would always argue about our team but all in the name of love for basketball. I will really miss that time with him.

  • Meda Williams says:

    My prayers and condolences are with the family at this time. God I ask that you please give them strength, peace, and patience. Amen!

  • Anica “Aniyah” Broussard says:

    Uncle Kepha (Darryl),
    I’m at a lost for words to describe how I’m feeling. What I can say is thank you. Thank you for your genuine friendship and brotherhood. Thank you for the heartfelt conversation. Thank you for the laughs and great food. Thank you for your realness unc. I’m missing you and will forever miss you. I thank The Most High Yah for meeting your beautiful wife, my sister. Cause I got to meet you, I’m forever thankful to Yah for knowing you in this lifetime, my brother. I will continue to lift your family up in prayer. Love you family!!!

  • Charles Moore says:


  • Charles Moore says:

    Family4Life, We Luv Y’all

  • Janea M Odom says:

    UNC!! Been trying to find the words for days now. Guess I’m still in disbelief. Not quite sure how to process such an unfair loss. I felt like we had so much more to talk about, so many more laughs and Karaoke nights, so many more dinners. I feel cheated and heartbroken for my Auntie and your girls. But I also am SO grateful just to have known you! I will cherish our talks and your words of encouragement. You just had a way of looking at stuff ya know. So Authentic and Strong and Genuine!!! I am going to truly MISS YOU UNC!!! Loving and Remembering you, Always & FOREVER your NIECE!!

  • As sorrowful as we are, we also have amazing memories, and the hopeful anticipation of the family reunion to come in Our Father’s Kingdom—HalleluYAH!
    Until then ahava & shalom

  • Daz says:

    Daddy, I’m not ready. I love you so much.

  • Kevina Mays says:

    I Love You Big Brother. Words cannot express the hurt that J feel in my heart. I wish we had one more time to sit & talk, to laugh out loud, and cook in the kitchen. You will be truly missed
    Daryl Jack.

    I love you Anna Lissa Jack. My Sister you are in my prayers. To Daddy’s Girls Auntie love you all

  • Dej says:

    Dad you left us and we weren’t ready

    I love you more than anything old man

  • Charnae Odom says:

    Unc!!!!! I love you!!! I’m so glad for the times we shared, the laughter & you know what else! Lol Thank you for loving my Auntie!!! I’ll cherish our memories and know we got her! I love you

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