Daniel Norman Miller

Jun 12, 1941 - Oct 7, 2021


June 12, 1941- October 7, 2021

Daniel “Norman” Miller was born June 12, 1941 in Des Moines, IA. to Samuel C. Miller & Alcynetta Olivet Miller. After graduating from high school, Norman joined the Navy and moved to San Francisco. In December 1971 Norman married Lola Jean Ward and together they raised 6 children. After leaving San Francisco the family moved to Benicia, CA, and finally settled in Wilton, CA in 1991. Norman studied the bible with Jehovah’s Witnesses, dedicated his life to Jehovah, and was baptized in 1973. Norman was a member of the Black Professional Firefighters Association and after 26 years of service, retired as a Captain with the San Francisco Fire Department.
In December 2014, Norman married Sharon Montgomery. Although they found each other late in life, they were able to travel the world, take road trips and go on cruises. He especially enjoyed flying first class and staying in suites while cruising. Norman enjoyed listening to the Blues and playing guitar with his friends. Norman was affectionately known as “Big Daddy” and “Stormin’ Norman”.
Norman was preceded in death by wife Lola Jean Miller, daughter Dawn Miller, parents Samuel & Alcynetta Miller, brothers Dr. S. Walden “Wally” Miller, Irving “Butch” Miller Esq, and sister Charmaine Burrell.
He is survived by his wife Sharon Miller, children Darryl Scott-Miller (Darcell), Donna Miller, Nahshon Miller, Nikki Miller & Eric Miller. 10 grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren, a host of cousins, nieces, nephews, and close friends.

Services will be held
November 6, 2021 @ 2:00pm
Please join us via the Zoom Link Below




  • Lois Lewis says:

    Dear Miller Family. I called Norman my “Dear Cousin” and he called me “Little Cuz” all of our lives. Daniel Norman will be missed but will be kept in Jehovah’s Memory as we await the promised resurrection, here on earth, to a perfect life once again. Norman is now at peace with “no more suffering, no more pain, those former things have passed away.” Many heartfelt prayers to Family and friends as you grieve his loss.

  • Harolouuu says:

    Jbless. Yoi

  • Dianne Simmons Brooks says:

    My deepest condolences to the family and all that knew and loved Norman.

  • Virginia K Westbrook says:

    My dear cousin Norman, a delight to know. Many childhood memories of the Millers and Walden family gatherings. The Family reunions, etc. Glad I came to know everyone on a personally. Good, life-loving folks. Norman, always with a smile & a twinkle in his eye, our genealogy quests (never ending). You will truly be missed.

  • Marly Hansen says:

    Mr. Miller was a cherished member of our neighborhood, with an ever-present smile and kind word. He will be very much missed.
    Sharon, our deepest sympathy. We are here to support you.

  • Kim Gordon says:

    To the Miller family, the Gordon family truly are saddened by the death of our dear brother we’ve had some great times with Norman, a many conversations over the years. We would get together once or twice a year for our annual track meets either in Sacramento or Fresno California. Spending time talking track or either laughing at him and Chad Brice joking with one another and just having a fantastic time for some three days and on a couple of occasions we would even stop at his house on the way back before we actually went home and spend some time with him and his family my grandkids and sons enjoying the pool and myself along with tim and Donald throwing some ribs on the barbecue pit. These will always be cherish moments for all of us on behalf of the traveling track club Kim Gordon Tim Jenkins Donald Hasson Harvey Jt Jason Justin Chad Aaron lance and a couple more whose names have skipped my mind we look forward to seeing you dear brother in the new world and together all of us can run and jump through the fields of paradise.

  • Barbara Hamlin says:

    To Norm’s wife and family…my deepest condolences as Norman was truly a wonderful person to know. He will be missed and I look forward to seeing him again.

  • Bill and Marilyn Wong says:

    To Sharon and Family: Norm was a truly great person who always had a big smile and it made everyone comfortable. He cared about people and was interested in how they were doing. We will miss his wonderful qualities and joyful attitude and are looking forward to seeing him in paradise earth and share delightful stories.

  • Gayle Watkins says:

    First and foremost my deepest condolences to his wife and his children.
    I’ve known Norman for many years. We first met 60 years old, so our friendship goes a long way back.
    There was a few years we lost touch but when we met up again it seemed like time had not passed.
    Norman was a Great person with a winning personality and a uplifting smile. I cherished our friendship.
    Norman will be truly missed by all.

    Gayle Watkins

  • Micah Brumfield Sr says:

    Dear Miller family, here we are again at the loss of a dear friend. I met Norman when his daughter Dawn crossed our path. My wife and I reactivated Dawn through a study of the Bible. Dawn took sick and my wife and I were at the hospital with Norman, Dawn, Dayna and Desy. It was a tough time but we prayed through it and held onto our Bible based hope. Now it is needed again. Too bad my wife passed away and is no longer with me to express her thoughts and feelings. My prayers are with you family as we look forward to a better time and place. Norman, Dawn and my wife are in Jehovah’s memory and he longs for the works of his hand. We will see them in the resurrection. Keep on keeping on.

  • Angel and Michael Burciago says:

    Our hearts ache for the family. Where would we be without our amazing hope? I’m soo mad at Covid!! Had we not been on zoom, I would’ve seen my friend in the same seat he’d be in every year at the assembly in Fairfield. I always knew we’d find each other there and catch-up on life. Every now and then Norman would come visit me at Costco, with his big ol smile💜 How my family and I long for the day to be invited to his “welcome back” party! Lots of love and prays to you all. I love you Nikki 💜
    Romans 1:11,12

  • Vita Dowe says:

    Dear Sharon,
    We are deeply saddened about your loss. Just know that we the Dowe family of Virginia will definitely be praying that Jehovah will give you the comfort that you need and that soon Jehovah will remember Norman and bring him back in the New World. LOVE YOU❤❤🙏

  • Ingrid (Chandler) Little says:

    Dear Miller Family you have my deepest sympathy. I’ll always remember the warmth of his smile. The hospitality in the Miller home in San Francisco when I was a kid was bar none because you felt like immediate family. This left a lasting impression on me. I look forward to seeing both he and Lola in Paradise.
    Hosea 13:14

  • Alvin Barber says:

    Friends since the age of 13. You were my mother, Erma Carr’s, fourth son.

    You were my brother from a different mother. I know that you followed me into the Navy, but the bond of our friendship crossed generations and military service. I will always love ya!

    Forever you buddy, your running partner and your friend.

  • Andrea "Cissy" Barber says:

    Dear Miller family,

    I met your father a few times and in each meeting he was so warm and inviting. I was always so amazed that he and my father (Alvin and his twin Melvin) were still connected after high school… and even through their 70’s.

    What a great testament to family, friends, and love.

    Sending deepest condolences to the Miller family. One day ….May you smile through the tears.

  • Tina Weaver says:

    My deepest condolences and empathy to the family and all that knew and loved Norman.

    Nikki you and family are in my prayers…

  • Larry & Pam Crossley & Family says:

    To the family we want you to know how sorry we are for your loss. Norm will be truly missed. He always had a ready smile and was a real sweetheart and always ready to help. I remember back the early 70’s when the Wards Whittles and Crossleys would all get together even if it wasn’t a family reunion. Those were great times. May he Rest In Peace. Much Love Pam & Larry Crossley

  • Condolence to the family although we never met. Norman and I were friends since our childhood days. We grew up just a few doors away. Many wonderful child hood memories. so glad when he became a Jehovah Witness. Looking forward to seeing him in Jehovah’s paradise world.
    Christina High

  • Adam Young says:

    To Sharon and the Miller family! We extend our sincerest condolences to you all during this time. This is a great loss and we will miss our dear friend. Dan or “Big Daddy” as we called was a great man, colleague and friend. He was a man of faith and family. Dan had an infectious smile and laugh. He had a zest for life and was always ready with a witty joke ti make those around laugh.
    Mr. Miller was a great friend whom my family has had the pleasure of knowing for many many years via the SF Fire Department and this relationship lasted long after both my Dad, Adam and Dan retired. My Dad (Adam) was his little Buddy, I was known as his secretary ever since I was a little girl and my Mom (Jean) was the original secretary or the general! lol Thank you all for sharing him with us over the years. We will miss him dearly and we are here for the family in whatever we can support you during this time. Dan’s memories will continue to live on with all of us. May he rest in peace. Much love and blessings, Adam, Jean & Alethea Young

  • Nicki Thompson says:

    My Heartfelt Condolences Sharon to you and the Family! I never had the pleasure of meeting Norman but if you married him and from other comments you all were Blessed with the years you had together… To know he is no longer suffering but have the hope of seeing him again in a New World without the Pain is a Blessing as well.. Can’t wait to meet him.. Until then Cherish the Memories! You and the Family remain in my Prayers! Love You Cousin.. Nicki

  • Danielle Barnett-Carpenter says:

    I have so many found memories of being around Uncle Norman, Auntie Lola, Donna, Dawn, Nikki, Nahshon and Daryl from being a little girl in San Francisco, to a teenager in Benicia and later a grandmother when they moved to rural Sacramento area.

    The memory that will always be a favorite is visiting and hanging out in the pool, while hearing auntie Lola say “Norman turn on the heat in the pool” more than one time. My grandson’s first pool experience was shared at this house, such fun memories

    Thankful for good times with family.

    Sending our deepest condolences and love.

    Dannie, Karche’, Jasmine , Jerroyn and Amari-Earl ❤️

  • Blondell Winston says:

    My sincere condolences to the family. Norman and I were friends for 69 years. He was 5 days older than me. I guess he was my big brother. I loved him and I will miss him. Rest in peace my dear friend.

  • Rhonda Mosley says:

    Dear Sharon,
    We are saddened to learn of the loss of your husband and we pray that the resurrection hope brings you comfort. Remember, Norman is only taking a nap, as his awakening is “Just around the corner.”
    Sending our love and prayers.
    Alfred & Rhonda Mosley
    Pembroke Congregation
    Virginia Beach, VA

  • Anita Ursua says:

    Always had a smile.

  • Kim Gouveia says:

    Like to meet him in paradise, when all things new. Sorry before your loss

  • Nikki Miller says:

    Thank you all for sharing such wonderful, rich memories of my dad and family. As I drove by his fire house in San Francisco as well as our house on Delta, the memories of over 40+ years made me smile and appreciate many of the same things you all have written! Many of you of course knew my dad before I was born.
    So while this time is very sad, we can hold tight to the hope of welcoming my dad, my mom as well as my sister back in the promised new system! John 5:28.
    We all truly appreciate your love, kindness and most important- your prayers. May Jehovah comfort all of us through this grief. 💜💜

  • Aaron &louise Gipson says:

    “Welcome Back” party, Looking forward to that as I know many are. This time I will let him keep his shoes. Our deepest condolences.

  • Dwight Oliver says:

    He was a friend and a good man.
    We will mis him.

  • Dwight Oliver says:

    By the way Dan
    I still have your boots!

  • Tiffany Domingo says:

    Just a little while longer and we will not have to deal with losing our precious family members. I have great memories of going to the house in Wilton and hanging out with the Miller family. Daniel and Lola Jean welcomed me as if I was their own. Good times, great advice and christian love was my experience. I can’t wait to see them both along with Dawn in the promised new system. It is bye for now but when we meet again everything from this wicked system will have passed away. I am grateful for that hope. Nikki, NaShon, Donna and Daryl you will always be my family. Love you all!

  • Angie Wilcots-Lucas says:

    Dearest Charmaine and Wally;
    On a home visit (Des Moines) I was informed of
    Norman’s passing.. So…very shocked and hurt Norman
    was very special to me and the gang. Please except me
    belated condolences with love.

    Angie Wilcots-Lucas

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