Dale Andrew Pyefinch

Jul 28, 1996 - Aug 19, 2019


On Monday, August 19th, 2019, Dale Andrew Pyefinch passed away due to injuries caused by an accident at the age of 23.
Dale was born in San Jose, California on July 28th 1996 and came into this world ready to defend his twin brother, Shawn Pyefinch from the start. Dale made sure the nurses understood not to mess with his twin as he cried loudly for Shawn with each poke or prod. This special bond followed them through life. He was incredibly proud of his “bad-ass soldier sister” (Melanie Pyefinch) and close with his Buddy Guy (sister Annie Pyefinch.
Dale was always a standout – and while not always the best student, he made his impressions with his sense of humor and ability to befriend everyone. Dale had many close relationships with teachers who were charmed by his mischievous ways. Due to his pride in his Canadian heritage, he chose Maple Magic as his rap name and spent many afternoons (both in and out of school) rapping with his friends. In addition to rapping, Dale was a skilled hockey player and while he didn’t quite achieve his NHL ambitions it was not due to any lack of proclamations that he just might make it. Little pond or big ocean – Dale would find the fish as he truly was a ‘fish whisperer’. One infamous Halloween – he even insisted his mother make him a Bass Fish costume and was the hit of the holiday. Dale shared this passion for fishing and mentored local scouts and would participate in annual scout camps as a fishing instructor. His excitement with each catch was expressed by his catch phrase he would excitedly shout, “10 pounder, 10 pounder!”. Dale’s gentle heart prompted him to help those he came into contact with. Even through his struggles he would give of himself. Dales smile and sense of humor endeared him to many as he was never a stranger to those he knew.
Dale will be greatly missed by his parents Michael J. Pyefinch and Melissa L. Porter, siblings Shawn M. Pyefinch, Melanie A. Pyefinch (Steven Venturino, fiancé) and Annie E. Pyefinch (Dale’s Buddy Guy). He is also survived by his Grandfather, Rob K. Porter and many aunts, uncles and cousins. He was proceeded by his Grandmothers Kristi A. Porter and Clara E. Townley and Grandfather James R. Pyefinch.

Funeral Services will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2019 at 11:00 AM at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints located at 8925 Vintage Park Dr, Sacramento, CA 95829. All are welcome.


  • Doris Heidingsfelder says:
  • Lorie David says:

    Although I didn’t have the good fortune to know Dale, I knew his parents and his Aunt Michelle who I could feel how much Dale and all their kids are so loved by them! My prayers are with you during this very difficult time. We never say goodbye, we say see you later. I love you guys❤️

  • Makenna says:

    I don’t even know where to begin! I first met Dale at church when I was in 7th grade. I had a huge crush on him and I always hoped to see him at church and other activities. I thought he had the best smile and a whole lot of charm. Fast forward a couple years, I had moved away for a year and I came back to visit California. Dale and I started messaging each other and got together during my trip. He was a great support to me while my family and I dealt with an abusive stepfather. When I moved back, he was always making me laugh and pushing me out of my comfort zone. I always played it on the safe side, but he helped me take more risks and enjoy life more. We would frequently meet up with one another to hang out, which sometimes required Dale to ride a semi-broken bike across town. He’d bring me food and other things just because he knew I enjoyed it. No matter what, he always found a way to make time and meet me somewhere so we could be together. Being young, you make a lot of mistakes and relationships don’t always work. It was a confusing time in my life when we parted ways, but even when we would communicate after long periods of time he was always kind to me. He was my first love, the first person that really left a huge imprint on me. He has a piece of me that I don’t think will ever be replaced. There’s no one that could replace him since he was very special. He was unlike anyone I had ever met. I’m going to miss his smile and his jokes. I’ll forever be wishing I stopped more often to say hello and see the man that taught me so much about life, love, relationships, and myself. He rapped for me plenty of times (which I enjoyed; his creativity was incredible), but the one time I convinced him to sing for me, he said “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” by the Eli Young Band. I feel it has a good message that speaks to me a lot, especially now. Ohhh, I can hear ’em playin’. I can hear the ringin’ of a beat up ol’ guitar. Ohhh, I can hear ’em singin’, “Keep on dreamin’, even if it breaks your heart.” It breaks my heart that he’s gone, but I’m hoping to be able to celebrate all that he was, and carry on his legacy through my own actions. I’ll work to be a little kinder, give a little more, and keep on dreaming. Thanks for everything Dale. I’ll miss you.

  • Dale was my brother. He wasn’t a friend, he wasn’t a best friend, that was my brother. Meeting him in geography class my freshman year was such a blessing. Me and this dude went through so much together. He kept me going when I was dealing with family stuff I had going on, had my back when nobody else did, protected me when situations got out of hand. The best years of my life consisted of hanging out with this guy specifically and just doing whatever it was the day called for. It really didn’t matter what we did because if there was anything to do, we would just kick on a beat and rap for hours. This guy got me rapping and even know I don’t put out any music, I use it as a way to express myself when I’m going through things and I will forever be grateful he gave me that. Dale showed love to my family like it was his own and we showed it back and that’s why we were able to bond so well. The way he respected everyone in my house showed the type of person he was. He wasn’t known for being the best in school, but this kid was so damn smart it blew me away because I knew what he could have been capable of if he could have put together the pieces to his life. I think god had dale on his own journey, and he has touched people in so many different ways and that was his purpose in life. Dale has taught me to never stop loving someone even when they are going through it hard. Always remind people you love them because sometimes that’s all they need to be reminded of to keep going. My brother will live on through his family and friends. I refuse to let his name die. People will know who he was, I will make sure of it. He will never be gone or forgotten. I love you maple magic. The bond we had will never be forgotten and I will hold it close to me as long as I live.

  • Andrea Perkins says:

    To the family how you guys I don’t know any of you guys probably by face but Dale I know him as blanket he was one of my favorite customers to build a relationship with him he was awesome he would talk to me anytime he saw me and I would give him the time and talk always enjoy to talk to him besides him being homeless I never paid attention to that we always have the bond that we were Leo’s his birthday be in the 28th of July and mines being August 15th I remember seeing Dale I seen the other day of his birthday at Circle K across the street on Bond and Elk Grove Florin and I was talking to him always promised him they were going to sit down and have lunch he always would talk to me call my lunch at the bus bus stop by my job at the Arco yes I’m you guys may know me I am the happy lady that’s always happy and love to talk to everybody when I met dale dale took my heart such a sweet young intelligent smart young man then he explained to me that he has a twin and he has a sister always will sit and we will talk and not even go past my lunch time just to talk to him but the last time I saw him was on my birthday 15th of August early in the morning me and my husband talk to him and see how he was doing he came in and got a cup of coffee in a breakfast sandwich like he always does I never thought that would be the last time that I will see I hear from him again I got the more I got them the news this morning that the person that was hit by the train was Dale who I know is blanket if there is anything that you guys need I am the young lady who works at the Arco on Bond and Elk Grove Florin my name is Andrea everybody knows me I’ve been here for 13 years and I never met anybody that is a sweet and caring in this wonderful as Dale blanket he will be missed I will try to make his service on Saturday if I can if you guys feel like you guys need anything I am always here I will miss his hugs and his beautiful smile that brighten my day I’m going to continue to try to work harder just for you Dale blanket this morning when I came to work I made sure I put a breakfast sandwich out for you and the a 24 oz coffee just but you loved at our favorite spot by the bus stop you may be gone but your heart and can still hear your spirit lives on you will forever be missed and dale save me spot okay it was great knowing you and I know that you will always be I know you will always be surrounding me thank you and it was awesome knowing you rest in paradise Dale blanket😪😣

  • Codi says:

    I didnt know dale for very long or very well, but learning of his passing breaks my heart… because he was one of just a couple of people that after my daughter was born, genuinely understood that I was going thru the hardest time I’ve ever dealt with in my life, my condolences… I understand what it feels like to lose a child and I hope wherever dale is, he can watch over his family and friends and maybe keep my daughter some company that way neither of them is alone.

  • Cheryl Myers says:

    My memory of Dale was playing Hockey for the Northstars. It was an underdog team and the Piefinches made up a large part of the team being that there were three of them. There were actually four of them but Annie played on an younger team. Melanie was the only girl on the PeeWee team and Dale and Shawn were on the same team. I absolutely loved that year for Ice Land was and Hockey was very precious and fun for me. My most intense loss was that of my father who died of a major heart attack after making the difference of win and as he skated off the ice at Ice Land. That was in 1997 about the time Dale was born. My son also was born in 1997 and I had to get him in hockey to pass on the love I had learned to have for hockey. I never was a great player but I learned hockey was equally fun for girls as it was for boys. Melanie was amazing as she played as the only girl on this all boys team. Annie was on a team with my youngest daughter who I did not want to leave out knowing how much she would love it as well. Dale’s Dad coached the team and although I am not sure he really liked it allowed me to participate in learning how to be a coach. I got to know Melissa as a hockey mom which is an incredible thing to be. Nothing like being a Hockey Mom. So I haven’t seen this family in quite a while now but I follow Melissa on facebook. I get to get little glimpses into their lives via social media. Learning that Dale passed away has really grabbed my attention and crushed my heart. This has to be so rough and life changing for all who are in this family and all who know them. I am sure we all just want to wake up and learn this was a bad dream. Hopefully Dale will meet my father in heaven for I am sure my Dad in spirit was at all those games and practices. There are a lot of incredible people who have passed and my only solace is knowing he is on the other side with other loved ones. And one day we will all make a transition to the other side at which time we will meet again. So with that background information as to how I know Dale my favorite memory was during a practice and all the boys were getting ancy and having a hard time staying focused. They were starting to get irritated and got worked up to the point where coach said he would let them fight it out if they just finished one more drill. Then they all went at it and thought it was the funnest thing. Where else can you have an outlet like that. It was truly a fond memory. Nothing like a good a fight. RIP Dale.

  • Lynette says:

    I met Dale only once, but I knew then that he was an awesome young man. He had this very special smile, and you could not love his very sweet way. He was a young man with a very special soul. Lynette Rojo

  • Laurie Rojo says:

    I met Dale about a year and a half ago. And from that very 1st day we talked we became friends. I would see him everyday. He truly is an amazing young man! We would talk about anything from fishing and this little bird he found to if I think he should cut his hair. I will miss you my friend, I will miss your infectious beautiful smile and how you would tell me you were just coming by to check on me! I’ll miss you walking by the window and giving me “hand hearts” and I’d give them back to you! Until we meet again my friend. ❤️❤️

  • Timothy Wells says:

    Dale always expressed sincere kindness with his great smile. I will miss his happiness that he carried with him no matter where he was.

  • Brandon ono says:

    Hi my name is brandon and me and Dale went to high school together we we’re best friends back in high school a year back me and him we’re just getting back in touch talking alot and tryna set up a bro fishing date. He was down to earth and when he talked to me he would go on for hours about what he wanted to do in this world and how proud he is of his sister and his brother, he loved you guys with all his heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family during this time. I’ll always remember him for the good times we shared you will always be in my heart brother like we said LA Familia stays forever🙏

  • Debbie Shields says:

    Not sure if this will get to the family but wanted to relay our deepest condolences to you. We just heard about Dale’s passing a couple of weeks ago. Diane, Cheryl, Bev and I were deeply saddened for your loss. Doesn’t matter how often we see you guys, we are family, love you dearly and would like to send our thoughts and prayers to you at this time. Love Debbie, Diane, Cheryl and Bev

  • Andrea says:

    Well hello blanket this is the ending of 2019 I just wanted to let you know there’s never a time that I don’t think about you I really miss your friendship and just talking to you and seeing your beautiful awesome smile I know going into this 2020 I lost an awesome friend but his smile and his spirit lives on so when I see the sun shining I know that’s you letting me know that you’re OK and then I can keep smiling so whenever when anybody ask why are you happy all the time This smile is for a special person name blanket so I will continue being awesome just the way our friendship was rest in paradise enjoy your wrapping and your awesome spirit save me a spot up there and I’ll see you soon always you’re awesome cashier Andrea

  • Marielen Baird says:

    I love you and miss you, forever. Marielen Eileen Baird

  • Alvin says:

    RIP Dale P. Aka SlowBuck$ . Dale was and forever will always be my best friend . I was with Dale at the end . Dale and I had each other and that kept us from falling to the streets . when the news went out someone got hit I looked for him for 2 days straight . I didnt wanna believe it could been him . when the name went out my heart was shattered into a million peices . I celebrate Dales Life everyday and I celebrate his death on the 19th of August every year . I will forever have my Brother Dale in my heart and he will never be forgotten . EVER ❤

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