Chita Castillo Fe Benito

Mar 3, 1957 - Apr 20, 2018



  • Rocio Olguin says:

    A Light Shining Bright

    She was a light shining bright
    Taken from us before her time
    So suddenly it was a crime
    For we hoped with all our might
    That she would one day beat
    The illness keeping her off her feet
    But which we hoped would fade
    And thus this dark moment evade

    A smile always on her face
    Even bad days she would embrace
    Seeing the good in all and not the bad
    Never once did I see her mad
    No even when times were fierce
    Did her strength ever pierce
    Her resolve ever more clear
    Never giving into any fear

    Her laughter always a sound to hear
    Every day to those most near
    Would always help pick up your day
    Keeping all negativity at bay
    Her humor one we will miss
    Nothing left now but an abyss
    We will somehow have to seal
    Once we can begin to heal

    Her exuberance no one could deny
    To do so would surely be a lie
    For in all she did she put her heart
    Something all of us should start
    No one showed more drive
    Every day when she would strive
    To do the best in all her deeds
    That one day her soul would feed

    She will always be in our hearts
    That sadly have seen her depart
    From this world into something new
    Even if it has left us nothing but blue
    But we hope it will be to a better place
    Even when she we could never replace
    All our love to her we will send
    As we all begin to mend

    by: Rocio Olguin – April 2018

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