Carmen Legaspi Apis

Nov 13, 1931 - Sep 27, 2022

East Lawn Elk Grove Memorial Park
9189 East Stockton Blvd.
Elk Grove , CA, 95624



  • Danielle Apis Leeb says:

    Mama, I miss you! I’m so glad I was able to spend my afternoons with you the past few weeks. I hope Papa was waiting for you. As promised Mama, I will keep you with me forever in my heart. Mahal kita Mama.

  • Carmel Apis Yee says:

    Hi Mom, I know your happy with Dad in heaven along with your mom & dad and siblings. I’m happy you got your moment when you left. Thank you for giving me life. You are the wind beneath my wings. How that song you dedicated to Dad is fitting to dedicate to you. I love you.
    Your daughter,

  • Remy says:

    Aloha mommy, I know that you are happy with our Lord in heaven. and maybe daddy, your mom and dad are with you now. thank you mommy for everything, it’s an honor for me to be a part of your family, I will never forget you and your family.Mahal na Mahal kita alam mo yan.

  • Rochelle Siquig says:

    I hope you are at peace now Auntie Carmen and joined with Uncle Nick and your siblings. Hug my dad for me. I’m thankful I was able to see you before you passed but regret doing it sooner and more often. But now that we have come together I hope to see the family more. May you rest in place and perpetual light shine upon you. God bless you always and forever. Love Rochelle (Legaspi) Siquig

  • Carie says:

    Dear sweet Carmen, I thank God for blessing me with knowing you. I keep memories of you in my heart and smile at the times we spent talking story and shopping for plants. I can’t wait to see you again in our Lord’s kingdom. Love, Carie Anderson

  • Myra Alcoran says:

    You had so many stories. I remember fondly our times of sitting down on the couch at Nix’s home, and you would tell me so many stories of your travels, your nursing, and other adventures.
    Rest now Auntie Carmen. Enjoy your wings!

  • Belinda maholline says:

    Hello auntie, it’s bel. I’m so sad that you left us. I was hoping you could have stayed to celebrate your bday. But I know your in God’s hands now & with uncle nick, mom & brothers & sisters & nieces & nephews. I’ll be missing you. Thank you for all the kindness & goodness that you showed us. I truly appreciated everything. You’re my best auntie that I knew & love. I love you always. Bel❤🙏


    Lola, May you rest in peace po. 🙏 Kahit po minsan lng kitang nksma s buong buhay ko, at nkita s personal nung highschool p po me, nramdman ko po s inyo ung kindnesss, love and generosity po ninyo. Lagi po kyong ikinukwento s akin ni mama Auring ku po, n kyo po daw ay super bait n lola. Kya dun s mga stories po ni mama ku po s inyo, lubos n po kitang nkilala. Npakapalad po nmin at may lola po kming ktulad po ninyo, ni minsan di po kyo nkalimot n may mga naiwan pamilya ang inyong kuya Eliong dito s Pilipinas. Syang nga lang po lola, at di n po ntupad ung nais po ninyo n pumunta dito s Tarlac, pra mkita po kmi. Pero, alam ku po lola, this is the plan of our Creator, nkilala ku po ang isng anak po ninyo n si Auntie Carmel, n ramdam ku rin po n ktulad po ninyo siyang mbait at loving. 💖❤💕
    Khit wla n po kyo physically dito s mundo, nandito po kayo lola s isip at puso po nmin. 💗💗💗
    Mahal n mhal nmin po kyo Lola. 💞💞💞
    May GOD be with you always po. 🙏


    Auntie, i miss you,😘 s tgal po ng ating communication, itong taon n ito, sna npasaya po kita. Lubos, po akong nagpapaslmat at nakausap po kita at nkita s video, s pamamagitan ng aking pamangkin n si Jenny Hart.
    Slmat po s lhat ng tulong mo s amin, magbuhat nung ako po ay nakpag asawa na. Di ko po mkklimutan ung mga lampin n pindla po ninyo nung sanggol po ang aking panganay n si Agnes.
    May the good LORD blesses and keep your family forever. 🙏
    May you rest in peace. 🙏
    I love you and your family. 💖💞💖

  • Drew Murphy says:

    I met you in Hawaii a short while after losing my Mom and your smile brought me so much comfort during that time. I will always cherish the laughter that erupted when you accompanied Carmel and I on our many adventures across Oahu.

    May your memories comfort your family and those equally as blessed to have met you,

  • Teressa Cook says:

    Mama, you will always be remembered for your intellect and graciousness. I will hold dear my memories of all the times you spent with me and the kids. I will pass on the many stories of your life experiences and words of wisdom with my children, as well as my students. In that, your spirit will continue to live on for ages to come. I love you dearly. I know you are now resting peacefully. ♥

  • Cindy Suzuki says:

    Dearest Carmel, Marvin and family. I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom had such a caring heart & contagious smile. I will remember talking with your mother at a party & she was so delightful. She was a truly special person. Love you! 💗

  • Leihulumāhiepihaikealohaana’ole Irvine says:

    Kau ke aloha pumehana i ka hāli’a aloha nō ‘oe i nā laule’a me ka ‘ohana.
    Moe aku i ka maluhia Grandma🌺

  • Leslie Parker says:

    Mama Carmen, you were one of the sweetest women I’ve known.., always so nice and hospitable.You treated my son like he was one of your own grandkids you and Nick both, I can truly say you will never be forgotten because that’s the kind of imprint you leave on people💜

  • Marvin Yee says:

    Mama, I was honored to be one of your favorite son in laws. I really enjoyed your many stories of your childhood. Over the past few years, I have really enjoyed spending time with you dropping and picking you up from daycare. You really enjoyed winning the prizes from the games you played there. You are truly a special person and I have been blessed to have you in my life.
    Love, Marvin

  • Larry & Victoria Sioxson says:

    Such a blessing to have known you, Auntie Carmen. We’ll always have fond memories of short visits where you showered us with warmth, fun stories, kindness, and love. Please say hi to my/our Papa Vicente Olmos in heaven for us. Thank you. We will miss you always.

  • Rowena Robante says:

    Dear Grandma Carmen,
    You are now reunited with Grandpa Nick and all your siblings. I will always cherish the times I’ve spent with you. Rest in paradise, grandma. I love you dearly.
    Love, Rowena “Weng”

  • Adrianna Apis says:


    Being one of your many grandkids is such a blessing. You taught us so much about compassion and to always kill meanness with kindness. I’ll always remember your lessons and words of wisdom. I hope to pass them on to many more generations in your honor.

    I’m grateful for the years we had you earthside, enjoy your time above. ❤️

  • Carla Apis says:

    We miss you Mama. Thanks for being such a wonderful Mother In Law and I will always cherish our time together.
    I know you are finally free from all the pain and you’re happy now to be home with The Lord and your family. Love you always!

  • Mindy Perez says:

    To all, Carmen’s loving soul and spirit was full of kindness. We would talk after church and would have long conversations about family and faith. I have trully missed our talks and think of her often after mass. Church to her was to give thanks with greatful heart. Her faith in “God ” had a inspiration on her family, that she was proud of. I was blessed to have known Carmen and Your family was blessed to have her. Phillipians 4:6-7 admonishes us to throw our anxiety on our Heavenly Father he in turn will strengthen you and place peace upon your mind and heart. I hope you all are able to find comfort and heal during this sorrowful time. With sincerity and love. Mindy and Family.

  • Ruben Nicholas Apis Sioxson says:

    Thank you Mama Carmen for everything.
    Love Benny

  • Josephine says:

    We so enjoyed having Carmen with us at the daycare. She always participated in our activities and very knowledgeable. She was easy to talk to, loves singing karaoke and playing bingo. Thank you for being so kind. You will forever be missed💛

  • Jarod Apis says:

    I will always remember coming over to the house each weekend and getting to eat all the delicious food you’d make each time I’d come over, the memories made growing up and spending time with you will be ones that I will cherish forever. Miss you mama and I hope you and grandpa are loving life in paradise.

  • Yuki says:

    Thank you for welcoming us warmly and kindly when we met in Hawaii.

    Love Yuki, Hideya and Akari

  • Glenn Fajardo says:

    Grandma Carmen,

    I’m sad that you had to leave your family and loved ones for now but I’m happy you are not suffering any longer and that you are finally reunited with your husband in heaven. I want to say thank you for always being kind to me and my children in the short time we got to know you. Rest in eternal peace and Aloha until we see you again.


  • Ling Santos says:

    Hi Mama,
    Thank you for raising some of my favorite people, and for being so kind during the years I’ve known you. May you be at peace in heaven and know how much you’re loved and appreciated down here.

  • Taylor Apis Leeb says:

    Hey Mama, I just want to say that I miss you so much and remind you of the huge impact that you had on my life. I remember telling you this a couple weeks ago, but everything that I know to this day is from the help of you. All of the things you taught me when I would come over to your house after school and when I’d call you with my mom to check up on you. I carry all of those things with me daily in hopes that I’ll be just like you one day and increase the spread of the beautiful family you and Great Papa formed. I miss you and love you so much! Never forget.

    Love, Tay Tay

  • della rosales says:

    It was a blessing to have known you, it’s been a long while since we seen you but we always remember your kindness & your beautiful smile. Rest In Peace Carmen.

    To all the family we would like to send our deepest condolences.
    The Rosales Family

  • Leah cassar says:

    We love and miss you so much. Your love and affection made our day and will be forever missed. Love, Sean, Leah, Kaylyn, Brayden, Haley, Jackson, and Emma.

  • Marie olson says:

    Dear Auntie Carmen, I’m so glad I got to know you better after you moved up to Gig Harbor. You had the sweetest smile and gave the warmest hugs! I had so much fun with you at family dinners listening to your stories! I also loved how you were always up for fun, even dressing up and makeup for Halloween Bingo, you were the cutest kitten! Rest well in heaven auntie, love, Mar

  • Danielle Yee says:

    You always had the brightest smile and really enjoyed life. I will miss your stories and your hugs.

  • Nick Ryan says:

    Hey Mama,

    I miss you a lot. I miss our Costco mocha runs back in the day, when you lived with us. I miss the blueberry pancake breakfasts. See you soon.


  • Uakea says:

    Hi Grandma,

    The first time I met you, Carmel had driven you to our studio in Kaimuki and I remember how your smile lit up that parking lot. It was like you were the queen arriving in her white chariot and couldn’t be happier to be driven around by Carmel and meet her friend. I hope you were greeted with the same delight in heaven.

    I’m grateful to have met you and for raising such a wonderful daughter and grandchildren. Peace and love to you. God bless you.


  • Meagan, Eric, and Jaclyn says:

    Our thoughts are with you all. Your warm smile and kind eyes will always be remembered.

  • Ben (Belinda Legaspi’s son) says:

    Grandma Carmen was such a sweet, caring and joyful soul. I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed her mad or upset about anything. I always looked forward to the camping trips and family parties when we were kids. I will cherish your memory forever. Give Grandpa Nick and all your siblings a big hug for me up there and continue to watch over us. Rest In Paradise Grandma Carmen! We love you.

  • Joyce & Howard Fong says:

    We’re glad to have shared some family events together. We’ll always remember your great smile, kind nature and our wonderful chats!

    Love, Joyce & Howard Fong

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