Bryce Waiyaki Kavita Amiga

Feb 27, 2012 - Jul 26, 2012


 Bryce Waiyaki Kavita Amiga was born on 2/27/2012 at the Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento CA. He was born to Damaris Waiyaki and Harry Amiga. At birth the doctors found out he had Atrial Septic Defect (ASD or a hole in the heart), which according to the doctors, was supposed to heal (close by itself) as he grew. At the age of one month Bryce had his first hospitalization, and was treated for bronchiolitis, was discharged after four days. He had another hospitalization which the doctors diagnosed he had Complete Tracheal Rings (his breathing pipe was narrow) hence needing oxygen to help his lungs.  Bryce visited his cardiologist every two weeks for checkups on his ASD. On 6/11/2012 during his regular checks with the cardiologists, he was found to have Pulmonary Hypertension (high blood pressure in the lungs) and was referred to Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital at Stanford.

He had two surgeries on 6/29/2012, which repaired his heart and widened the trachea. The surgery was successful and all the team of doctors who attended him were all happy and excited, declaring him a new man. He was discharged from Lucile Packard Hospital on Monday 7/23/2012.

On the morning of 7/26/2012 Bryce was in breathing distress and was rushed to Kaiser South, where he was pronounced dead at 7.30 a.m.

On his good days, Bryce was a bright eyed little boy full of energy. He brought smiles and laughter to his doting family with his antics, attitude and seemed to always have something to say. He woke up always determined to fight another day. In the end, his creator wanted him home sooner. Bryce was a fighter.

May his name be Glorified.

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