Betty Louise Wicksted

Nov 26, 1930 - Jun 26, 2022

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Betty Louise Wicksted, 91, passed away peacefully in her sleep on June 26, 2022, in her apartment at Carlton Senior Living where she resided for 3 years. A Celebration of Life will be held at 10:00 a.m., August 29, 2022, at East Lawn Mortuary Chapel in Sacramento, CA. Inurnment will follow the services.  In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association or a Round Dance Association of your choice.

 Betty was born November 26, 1930, in Hays, Kansas, to Opal and Charlie Balls. She grew up with her younger sister. Betty married when she was 18 to Charles Ellsworth Carpenter. They were married 11 years. Betty and Charles had 3 daughters, Susan Elaine, Linda Kay, and Janet Lee. Betty also raised and accepted as her daughter, her sister Barbara’s daughter, Robin, after Barbara passed away.

Betty married Miles Robert (Bob) Dean in 1964. During their 31 years of marriage, Betty and Bob established “Dancing Demons” Round Dance club and taught Round Dancing beginning in 1964 and continued until Bob passed away in 1995. During that time, they were also leaders of the Silhouettes, a teen round dancing exhibition group, taking the group to many exhibitions around the country.

Betty married Glenn Elston in 2000.  Betty and Glenn met through Widowed Persons Group in Sacramento and together enjoyed round dancing, golf, and music of all kinds. They were happily married until Glenn passed away in May of 2005.

In 2007, Betty met the love of her life, Thomas Robert Wicksted.  They were married April 12, 2008.  Their marriage created a blended family that included Betty’s children and Tom’s three children: Michael, Janet, and Cathy. Betty and Tom loved to round dance, play bridge and golf, and to travel. They co-taught round dance classes in the Sacramento area.  Tom passed away in 2019.

Betty worked for PG&E for 35 years. She began in 1962 in a “one-clerk” customer service office in Central Valley and progressed through the company to the rank of District Manager then Division Manager. Throughout the years, she received many accolades and awards for her service and accomplishments.  In 1993, she received the California History Museum’s Women in History Award, in part for being the first woman to ever serve as a Division Manager and District Manager at PG&E. In recent years, Betty struggled with a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s that ultimately contributed to her passing. Betty was preceded in death by her parents, Opal and Charlie Balls, her daughter Janet (Colomb) Dean, step-daughter, Cathy (Kanoe) Wicksted, and husbands Bob Dean, Glenn Elston, and Tom Wicksted.

Betty was a proud and loving wife, mother, aunt, and grandmother. she is survived by her daughters Susan, Linda, Robin, step-son Michael Wicksted, and step-daughter Janet Vorwerck plus 23 grandchildren and 35 great-grandchildren, and 1 great-great-grandchild.  Betty would want to include her many nephews and nieces as surviving relatives.

Please go to the link below for a digital guest book link. Please share you love, messages, stories, condolences, pictures and or whatever your heart is feeling about Betty. It will all be printed into a beautiful hard bound book and delivered to the family. When the contributions are complete, all that have contributed will get an email offering an option to purchase one yourself.

Please go to the link below for a digital guest book link. Please share you love, messages, stories, condolences, pictures and or whatever your heart is feeling about Betty. It will all be printed into a beautiful hard bound book and delivered to the family. When the contributions are complete, all that have contributed will get an email offering an option to purchase one yourself.


  • Cathy Burt says:

    Betty and Tom taught my husband, Randy and myself to round dance. We became members of “Dancing Demons” Round Dance Club. She made round dancing fun and something we always looked forward to. We still round dance whenever we can and have fond memories of our times with Betty and Tom.

  • Jessica Rumley says:

    As You Dance Through a Field of Purple Flowers

    In tribute to Grandma Betty

    As i watch the sun peek in rays through the clouds,
    I cant stop a smile from forming,
    As the mockingbird sings with unheard of sounds,
    i cant stop that smile from growing,
    As the wind whistles past rustling the leaves,
    i cant help but whistle along,
    i can only hope to live my life half as bright
    As the dances you put into song

    As the rain falls in rhythm with a tip tap tip tap,
    i cant help but tip tap in time,
    As the writer hesitates, their sentence unwritten,
    I cant help but come up with rhymes,
    As the phone keeps ringing and the world keeps spinning,
    I know it will all be okay,
    Because you showed me how to get the stress out,
    With no more than a shimmy and shake,

    As you dance through a field of purple flowers,
    And the world keeps on spinning below,
    I know your soul will find happiness,
    In every dimension you go,
    One day soon we will be back together,
    But Ive still got some things left to do,
    I guess through the pain i just wanted to say,
    That Im glad to have ever met you.

  • Camellia Domenigoni says:

    I took one of Betty’s classes and enjoyed it very much. I learned a lot.

  • patsy boddy says:

    Wonderful couple, enjoyed their classes and still wish I could dance some more!! RIP sweet lady….

  • Lisa and Martin Boon says:

    I was a girl of 12 when I first met Betty. She was recruiting for a new round dance exhibition group of young people. Martin started in the group about 4 years later. We both had various dance partners until Betty put us together. We danced together, taught together (I had become an instructor by that time emulating Betty’s techniques and styles), and Martin and I got married. We are still very happy 41 years later. We owe the initial meeting to Betty.

  • Justine Crossno Heartt says:

    Betty was a role model and mentor. Always very supportive of women and their goals. It was wonderful to be selected to teach beginners as Pre-Silhouettes and as a branch of the Dancing Demons. Betty had the best smile and hugs. She will be remembered fondly.

  • Joan Lutz says:

    I was one for the original Silhouettes along with my Sister Sherrie. We really enjoyed both Bob and Betty. I was asked by Betty to help guide the new guys by dancing with them. I was tall and strong enough to guide the new guys on how to lead their partner. I loved Round Dancing and was part of the Silhouettes from age 15 or 16 through 22. It was the best way to get through the teen years for many of us. It was a group that our parents were comfortable with and many of them were chaperons, like my parents.

  • Rachel Rodriguez says:

    I may not ever had the privilege to meet Betty however,round dance cuers are extremely sweet people!!!
    I am a round dancer & square dancer.
    This world will not be the same without Betty & please join in the heavenly round dance!!

  • Christina Tillisch says:

    Grandma was always a dancing sprite. She loved to dance all the time. I remember when she told me that anytime is a good time to dance. Grandma was an amazing woman and we are going to miss her but no matter how much we will miss her we will never forget all the things she taught us. I would love to share stories but there are too many to choose from so I will just say this that in honor of grandma we will dance in our house whenever we feel like dancing. Love you grandma and miss you but glad to know you are in heaven looking down on us and joining us when we dance.

  • Betty Dean was wonderful–and I was so grateful for her and Bob’s kindness to me when I was a Silhouette. I was shy, insecure, and a little awkward when I joined Silhouettes. She helped build my confidence and I treasure my short time as a Silhouette. I remember spending hours just practicing the two-step until we perfected our movements. I learned so much from Betty and have a huge amount of respect for her. She was a gift to the dancing world, and I’m so glad she danced happily through an amazing life.

  • Linda Carpenter Dean Feaser says:

    How do you list 69 years of lessons, support, activities, and memories? Not only did I share my life as her middle daughter, I danced with her as a Dancing Demon and a Silhouette. Her strong values and work ethics were lessons I have tried to carry with me throughout my adult life. I miss her so and look forward to seeing her in Heaven.

  • Debbie Malone says:

    My Grandma has always had a strong guiding influence in my life. She inspired us to do our best, work hard, follow our dreams, laugh often, be there for those you love, always show gratitude and love one another. I remember dancing with her in her dance room and playing card games. I miss our talks, she could always help me figure out a challenge in my life and never let me give up. She was always there to celebrate my accomplishments and was my biggest cheerleader. I miss her laugh, her hugs and I will miss her always. God be with you Grandma until we meet again. Love you

  • Deborah Vallia says:

    I’m so grateful for Aunt Betty and all the love she so freely gave to everyone she came in contact with. She showed that love to my brother and sisters after we lost our Mom, her sister Barbara and made each of us feel very special whenever we were able to be in her home. She always had an encouraging word when we faced a struggle and wanted us to know how very much we were loved.

  • James Rumley says:

    I met Betty after having the rare common sense to marry her niece whom she raised as a daughter, Robin. I was immediately impressed with her as a woman who expected those around her to exceed their own expectations and rise to a higher personal level. Because she combined her drive for excellence with a warm, loving heart and a generous spirit, her absence leaves a hole in the family and the community.

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