Agnes May Lundgren

May 31, 1928 - Dec 13, 2012


Agnes Lundgren Agnes enjoyed the simple things in life the most. She loved taking care of her family. Cooking a hearty meal, keeping a clean house, and talking to her husband Les and daughter Penny made her feel the most satisfied. She came from simple beginnings. Born on a farm in Nebraska with no indoor running water she and her brother Howard would play practical jokes on each other for fun. The onreness learned at this time would stay with her all thru her life. She learned how to raise chickens, tend a garden and sew clothes. Skills she would use well into to her adult life. Agnes enjoyed a good joke and would tell one from time to time, always a clean one. She loved playing cards. Solitaire, Race Horse, and I’ll Buy It were among her favorites. Cribbage, Rummy, and Hearts were also good games. Later after her grandsons Allen and Kevin were born she learned board games with them. Parcheesi being the one she liked best. She never cheated in any game. Ever. It was a hard rule for her, no exceptions. She said many times, “If you cheat and win, what have you won?” After the war Agnes meet Lester in Nebraska after an introduction by Les’s sister and Agnes’s best friend Edna. A short courtship followed. He telling her that he was moving to California and that if she wanted to join him there, she “best get on the stick and marry him.” She did. They enjoyed going to Saturday night dances with Les’s brothers and sisters. Rides in the rumble seat were always fun. Of course movies were on the list and even sneaking a beer sometime. After moving to a house on Power Inn Road and having Penny she became a devoted wife and mother but still found time to raise a large vegetable garden. But her pride and joy was her flower garden. The flowers she would grow on the corner of Power Inn were so big, cars would stop and people would ask her what her secret was. Agnes was very good at anything involving a needle and thread. Sewing Penny’s clothes, netting a blanket, crocheting dollies, or cross-stitching a picture, she could make look easy and do very fast. Her best meal was fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, learned from her farm days. She would spend a cold winter afternoon making chicken noodle soup from chickens that her and Les raised, hand made noodles with eggs from the chickens and herbs from the garden. After Les passed away she moved in with Penny and her husband Royal. They moved into a house in Cameron Park but still had a simple room and a window-box full of flowers. She spent her time working puzzles, reading, playing cards on the computer, and talking to Penny. She enjoyed coloring birds in a book, always the correct colors, and learned how to look up birds in a field guide book to be able to indentify them. She became quite the bird watcher. Agnes loved watching Judge Judy but never missed The Wheel of Fortune. Agnes truly loved the visits from her great-granddaughter Fiona in the spring time. Just watching her and listening to her made her very happy.


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