Lori Osborne - Cemetery Counselor East Lawn Memorial Park

Lori Osborne started her career with East Lawn in 1994 after 20+ years in the retail industry. She began as an Administrative Assistant to the Vice President, then moved on to become a Pre-need Counselor. She assisted with job fairs and helped find outstanding people to join our profession and then assisted with their training. She is also well-versed in all three of our memorial parks but chose to work at our main location at 43rd & Folsom Blvd., location where she currently serves as a Family Service Counselor.

Lori stated, "I wasn't looking for a different career when I took a tour of the new mortuary that had been built in Elk Grove in 1994, but I soon found myself interviewing for one of the most rewarding jobs I ever imagined. I enjoy educating people about their choices for pre-arrangement services as well as for those who have an immediate family need. Even though 'the topic' is difficult to bring up, I enjoy the 'thank you's and hugs' when a family is leaving stating the relief they feel having it done."