Kao Saephanh - Pre-Need Counselor

Kao Saephanh was born in Laos and grew up in a refugee camp in Thailand. Kao and his family came to America in 1986 and since then he has lived in Richmond, California. Kao has two beautiful daughters with his wife, Koy. Kao loves music and outdoor adventures. He also has a passion for people. With his bilingual skills in Mien, Thai and Laotian, he reached out to different communities to provide services to families, especially those with language barriers. As an Advance Planning Advisor at East Lawn since 2010, Kao believes that his experience has taught him to be a strong support to families during the difficult time of loss. Kao also has a very tight connection with the Mien and Laotian communities in Sacramento and North Highlands. He really enjoys helping families design a plan for final arrangements because it brings them so much peace of mind. Kao can be reached at (510)375-4435 or by email at kcsaephanh@yahoo.com.