Cody Leroy Bartlett - Licensed Embalmer, Licensed Funeral Director

Cody is a native of northern California and spent some time living in Hawaii after high school. After a myriad of jobs, Cody decided to satisfy a long standing curiosity about the mortuary industry. He was hired as a night clerk at East Lawn Mortuary In 2007 and immediately knew that he wanted to service the living by caring for the dead. Embalming became a passion and after graduating with a degree in Mortuary Science he was granted an apprenticeship at East Lawn Mortuary. After serving his apprenticeship Cody continued his employment with East Lawn until he stepped away for a short time to Embalm for the UC Davis Medical School. Cody is glad to be back working for East Lawn and serving his community. When not embalming Cody enjoys spending time with his family and American Bulldog. Cody lives an active lifestyle and takes pride in his year round garden.