Bonnie Alexander - Receptionist East Lawn Elk Grove

East Lawn has been part of my working career since 1977 when I was employed as administrative assistant to the executive vice president of the Interment Association of California [now the Cemetery and Mortuary Association of California], the California Mortuary Alliance and the Western Cemetery Alliance. My working with the memberships, industry lobbyists, meeting planning and visitations to cemeteries and mortuaries throughout California and the western states made me appreciate the fact that East Lawn was, and continues to be, a respected leader in the industry. In 2006 Alan Fisher honored me with an invitation to participate in the newly formed East Lawn Advisory Board.

Because of family obligations, having the option of working on a part-time basis is especially gratifying for me. Three grandchildren, and of course their parents, are the joys of my life. Being part of an industry that is dedicated to caring for people in difficult, and often tragic, times is a rewarding experience. Working with the caring staff at East Lawn Elk Grove, sharing difficult circumstances while yet being able to laugh and embrace the good is such a blessing.